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The Devil's Triangle: Bermuda

Updated on September 11, 2017

Supernatural Phenomenon

The Bermuda Triangle, also known as the "Devil's Triangle", covers 3.9 million km². It is located between 30 ° and 40 ° North longitude. He is known for many unexplained disappearances of ships and planes. The Bermuda Triangle contains 150 small islands located in the east of the American coast in the Atlantic Ocean.

The boundaries of the Bermuda Triangle are most fluctuating. It is commonly believed that it is between Florida, Puerto Rico and Bermuda, but several stories extend its borders to such an extent that it is difficult to make a precise route. Anyway, it is all about a legend, a persistent myth which continues to fascinate paranormal lovers. However, many incidents have occurred in this area. The US Coast Guard had responded to many distress calls because of mysterious disappearances of many ships and planes.

Bermuda Triangle
Bermuda Triangle | Source

The USS Cyclops Disappearance

On the east coast of the United States, and, unfortunately, the USS Cyclops crosses the Triangle and suddenly disappears. All the research carried out has never found any debris. It is considered the most massive disappearance ever recorded (1918).

The Trislander

The latest incident was reported in 2008. A small plane took off from Santiago to New York, with 12 passengers on board. After about 35 minutes, the radar indicates that the aircraft is increasing in altitude until it becomes rather frightening. In fact, it finally came out of the radar screens to disappear in its turn without leaving the slightest trace.

The Trislander
The Trislander | Source

Japanese Stories

The throne of Satan, leader of the demons, is found in the middle of a sea. It is reported in a book that a Muslim Djinn have revealed to a Muslim exorcist that the Satan throne would be at the Bermuda Triangle in the middle of the sea and those of his sons in the Dragon Triangle

for a thousand years, the Japanese were aware of this dangerous zone. They called it "The Devil's Sea". For years, the sailors attributed the losses of repeated fishing boats to marine demons; dragons that rise to the surface of the ocean to pull boats as well as their crew members in the seabed.

The oldest stories speak of dragons which appear from the depths for swallowing ships or islands and which turn to the bottom of the sea without leaving a trace.

According to a Japanese legend, it exists under the "Sea of the Devil", a kingdom in which the spooky ships suddenly appear as if they rose from the depths to disappear after a moment.

The comparison started in the sixties when the Japanese started to connect the Dragon Triangle with the Bermuda Triangle. In Japan, of course, stories about the disappearances of ships in the area were very well known but rarely jumped to the international press.

Till now, the investigations have not produced scientific evidence of any unusual phenomena involved in the disappearances. So nothing has been proved. The mystery of the Bermuda triangle remains unexplained for the moment.

In the end, I want to say that no matter how much man progresses, he can never know enough to explain everything in scientific terms; the unknown and the unexplained still mysterious and only God knows the answer. The secret things belong to the LORD our God.


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