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The Devil's off spring.

Updated on July 16, 2016

The Devil's off spring.

The Devils off spring.

The Devils Off Spring.

The Earth.
God's Playground and mankind's evolution and self actualization.
The pilgrimage of wisdom on the footsteps of accumulated knowledge.

The decay of morality.

The rot of unfaithfulness, permiscuiety.

The ramifications of adultery.

Broken hearts.

Shattered trust, dreams and dis functional households.

Children who are raised without the presence of a father, tainted visions of what embodies a man, from childhood, youth and the conduct of a young adult.

Man is at war with himself.

Woman are born to be mothers yet their children are fathered by childish bustards who abandon responsibility.

Modern man his heart is cold, curious and filled with empty promises.

What is love, the ceremonious ‎union of a man and woman.Words and actions governed by loyalty. Chemistry the guardian of their feelings towards a life long commitment along this path and journey called life.

The birth of your first child.Regardless of the sex a boy is heritage.A daughter the symbol of grace revelled, priceless beauty.

The dreams we have for our children.

For them to respect our wishes obey our laws and practice the parents teachings.

In a perfect world, we can protect our children from the ills of society.The pressures of peer pressure and the jinx of picking up hazards earthly habits.

Drinking, smoking, having many sexual partners, children being born out of wedlock.Being rebellious not completing school, never bearing the fruits of a tertiary education.Stifling our own God given potential and growth, not having the means to meaningfully contribute to society.



Drugs and illicit sex.

Teenage pregnancies.

Broken dreams the cycle of poverty is fuelled by our impulsive nature lack of planning and mutation of informed choices.

What is going through a man's mind when he batters his wife? Has he lost his concious.Is he over whelmed ‎by jealousy and rage.

When a man pulls a trigger and kills a fellow human being in the name of self defence, war, or insanity.

What is murder?Are you still human after you take another man's life.

How does one rape a lady, how is she ever going to love again?What will she teach her children about the goodness of mankind?

Goodness and wickedness dwell in the heart of mankind.‎The question is aee you governed by light or darkness?

Is it worthy to suffer on earth?

Can you or does your soul rest in heaven?

What are to do with our gift of life?









Build a better tomorrow.

God's Poet Nkosi

Young Dillinger.

Lucifers Angel architect of Angel Music on God's magnificent earth.

Uncle Nathi.

Nkosinathi Renascence Me Ncala


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