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The 7 Supernatural Identities of Christians Who Conquer Darkness

Updated on October 17, 2022
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Stevie G. is a Life Coach, Educator and Researcher. He is the founder of Infinite Visionary Training Center in Minnesota.

The rapid spread of darkness across the United States of America as well as other parts of the world threatens to engulf the entire earth in a web of chaos and destruction. Wars and rumors of war, natural disasters, including earthquakes, hurricanes and super storms-the likes of which has never been seen before-are seemingly occurring on a daily basis.

Even Christians are falling victim to fear and oppression, due to the incidents that are happening in their surroundings. Because of these alarming incidents Christians have become ineffective in establishing the kingdom of God in their personal lives, their homes, workplaces and communities. However, in no way should the threats of darkness intimidate those who trust in the power of God to deliver them. In fact, Christians have been ordained to overcome the onslaught of darkness and bring light into the world wherever they go.

The only way Christians can halt the powers of darkness is to live up to the divine potential God had placed upon them. When believers are in constant awareness of their true identity, they will walk in the secret place of righteousness, joy and profound peace. Their Supernatural repertoire will rank beyond the imagination, allowing them to rule over the kingdom of darkness.

When believers are consistent in acknowledging and confessing the repertoire of their divine identities, their consciousness will become imbued with a faith and conviction that cannot be overpowered by the threatening illusions and intimidations of the satanic world system. Confessing the following truths are not an option if believers desire to grow in the awareness of who they are and fulfill the mission God has ordained for them. The Christian is a:

New Creatures

When an individual gives up his old nature and submits to the lordship of Jesus Christ, he becomes a new creature in thought, word and action. He is created in the righteousness of God. He no longer is a mere human being with limitations. He is a divine being, crowned in honor and glory, with infinite possibilities. Believers who acknowledge their new creature-hood are equipped to rise above every earthly problem and condition in the earth. Because believers are created in the glory of God’s own nature, the laws of the earth, including gravity, space and distance cannot stop them from establishing God’s kingdom on earth. Jesus and the Apostle Peter defied the law of gravity by walking on water. Jesus and the Apostle Paul defied the law of space by walking through walls. Jesus and Phillip defied the law of distance by appearing in y in places in split seconds, without the aid of man-made transportation. Christianity today has not reached this level of faith, but it is still possible when a believer honors the essence of his new creature-hood and confesses it.

Bond Servants

The soul of every believer becomes God’s treasure upon receiving salvation. Believers become God’s divine property. However, this ownership is not a negative state of bondage. Instead, it is a state of pure freedom and joy where grace and peace abound in the life of the Christian as he or she does the work of God without reservation. The constant awareness of being a bond servant pushes the believer to fulfill the will of God the Father. The will of God is the reason why Jesus Christ came to the earth in the first place. He had no other intention than to please God in every thought, action and emotion. A bond servant of Christ is a believer who forsakes his own popularity and success and submits himself to the prosperity of God’s kingdom. In exchange, God gives that believer a freedom that cannot be measured. Bond servants become the light of the world as they spread the gospel of Christ and demonstrate the supernatural power of God through miraculous exploits. Because the great prophets and apostles delighted in and acknowledged their bond sevanthood, God was able to demonstrate his glory upon earth.

How can a divine repertoire empower the believer?

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Supernatural conquerors

To be just a conqueror is magnificent in itself but to be more than a conqueror is more than we can imagine. A revelation of this truth makes an individual believer unstoppable against everything in his path. In essence, everywhere the believer goes upon the face of the earth is conquered territory. The reason that Christians are more than conquerors is that God has already won the battle of good and evil or light and darkness over two thousand years ago. When Christ died on the cross and arose, the kingdom of darkness was rendered powerless. Now Satan and his kingdom can only advance against the church due to the ignorance of this reality: the power of darkness has lost its sting. The only reason Satan and his demonic forces are creating so much destruction today is because the saints of God still believe that Satan and his kingdom has the authority to bring destruction in our nation, communities, neighborhoods and homes. Once the believer rise up and declare that he or she is more than a conqueror, the kingdom of darkness will have to retreat in to make room for God’s glory.

Peace Makers

Every believer has a responsibility of establishing peace in whatever place he chooses to live. The lack of peace in any environment represents the prevalence of the kingdom of darkness in that place. In order to shut down the power of darkness, the believer must attack it with the force of God’s word. God’s word is designed to destroy the works of demonic activities operating within any environment. Like a consuming fire, the word of God sweeps through the kingdom of darkness without reservation. Demons flee in every direction. To illustrate this concept, let’s say that an illuminated believer moves into a bad neighborhood where violence, crime and drugs are keeping the people in bondage. Divine demands would be placed upon that believer to take responsibility for establishing the peace of God’s kingdom within that place and set the inhabitants free. Such great exploit opens the door for the spread of the gospel of Christ.

Temples of God

The thought of being the temple of God is inconceivable. Every believer must come to the point of acknowledging that God and all His omnipotence, omniscience and omnipresence dwells in inside of them. Arm with such wisdom, the Christian is empowered to be unstoppable. It is impossible for any negative situation, condition or person to stand in the way of a believer’s progress in the kingdom of God because Greater is the God that dwells in the believer than anything that terrifies in the outer world. In the world we find the violence of nature, the violence of war and the violence of death. However, these natural threats to the destruction of mankind are a laughing matter when it comes to the sovereign of an indwelling, almighty God. Therefore, a believer must not run away from any illusion of challenge simply because the challenge has already been dealt with. The temple of God is always victorious.


Wherever the believer goes God goes with him, he or she represents the kingdom of God. Whether he or she goes on a mission to China or to an oppressive community on the streets of America, a believer’s purpose is to carry and offer the good news of the gospel to a lost and dying world, a world full of demonic wisdom and false gods on all levels of society. Without the knowledge of God, the world is in bondage to these gods. A person’s god can be anything from an obsession passion for McDonald’s hamburgers or a constant thirst for entertainment and achievement. The gods of the world are legion. To get delivered from the things that keep us in bondage requires a sacrifice of our ideal of happiness and the acceptance of God’s perspective on the abundant life: joy and peace of mind. An ambassador takes the thoughts and activities of God’s kingdom and introduces them to a foreign environment, whether it is within this country or overseas. Therefore, we must remember, whenever we are out and about performing our daily responsibilities, that we are first and foremost ambassadors.

Kings and Priest

God has ordained Christians to adopt the attitude of a king and priest. In the natural, a king rules over people and territories. He establishes peace in the kingdom and makes sure all his subjects are happy. In the spiritual world, we, as believers, are kings over our territory, which could be our home, workplace, our neighborhood or our community. Wherever God places the believer, it is his responsibility to bring spiritual rule and law to that environment. The word of God states that “My people will live in peaceable habitation, sure dwellings and quiet resting places.” It is for the ambassadors of Christ to make manifest the gospel of divine peace in every place they may venture into. In addition to adopting king mentality, the believer must also assume the responsibility of a priest. A priest takes the concerns of the people and submits them to God. He intercedes for the troubled heart of humanity. In comparison, each believer must intercede for the divine progress of his brothers and sisters in Christ. He must be very observant and concern about the brother who hasn’t been to church in weeks. He must watch and pray for the couple sitting in the back of the church who is not communicating with one another. He must pray for the entire congregation who appear to be tired, drained and uninspired Sunday upon Sunday. Such divine work is the mark of those believers who have adopted the attitude of the priest.

Understanding the Mind of God

The Body of Christ

The entire church is married to someone who is very dear to it: Christ Jesus. Marriage is an interesting thing: a contract is signed to stay together for better or worse. We as believers must stay faithful to Christ our Lord. When we run to other gods for peace, joy and pleasure, disappointment will always meet us. As children of God, we are designed to stay faithful to the one who brought us into marriage-hood. It is the only marriage that is ordained for eternal happiness. Understanding that we are the bride of Christ should make us think twice before we turn to the temporary enticements of other lovers.

Every believer must remind themselves daily of who they are in Christ as well as their responsibility for demonstrating the glory of God on earth. The constant confession of our divine repertoire of gifts and supernatural identities will empower us to fulfill our divine obligation. Surrendering our own opinion about ourselves in exchange for God’s perspective of us is the beginning of a dynamic transformation.

The degree of divine repertoire that we can confess goes beyond the scope of this paper. But the more of our identities we are aware of, the greater our impact will be in our surroundings, whether we are in the home, the workplace or in the community.


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