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The Divine discontent!

Updated on March 6, 2013

Jesus, Buddha and Gandhi!

Sufferings leads to Wisdom!

There is a simple equation about God and man. God+mind= Man. On the corollary, Man-mind=God. This is not a simple algebraic equation. It is the reality. Creation happens only when the mind element comes out of God and remains as a separate entity. God is immutable. He is not entangled in any action until the mind comes out of him. Then creation commences. When the creation is absorbed back, the mind merges in God. Mind is represented by thought. The first thought that arise in God is “I am alone, let me become many! This is how creation commences. Many may question the need for creation itself.

First of all, let us remember that God is Love. Love can be felt only when it is shared. How God will share the love is an important question. Before creation, there was nothing tangible. Then the formless entity has willed “I am alone, let me become many”. There was no second entity. Hence God himself has become all this, the creation and cosmos and the multitude of beings which fill the earth, ocean, sky, desert, hills and forests. First he created the five basic elements, the earth, air, water, fire and the sky (ether). Then he created the different species like the insects, aquatic creatures, birds, animals and the plant kingdom. But none could appreciate the work of God. Hence he created the human being and planted the knowledge in him so that he can appreciate God’s work. Since the created beings were part of him, now he could share his selfless love with all the created beings. And man alone has the ability to know and understand about the supreme power by focusing all his thoughts on the invisible God.

The formless God has assumed many forms for the sake of creation. In God every little thing exists and not otherwise. But in the conscious man, the supreme power is reflected as the Self or Atma. But, most of the human beings attach themselves to the external world through their senses and consider the world as real. They spend their entire life seeking the pleasures and comforts and they miss the real core of every being. When man turns his vision inside, he can understand the grandeur of the Self! He can realize his own identity with the eternal self. The body is just vesture worn by the Self. We are separated from God and we undergo sufferings and grief due to the separation. Until we merge back in God, we have to undergo the cycle of birth and deaths in this miserable life.

When man is lost in the miserable ocean of life, God sends prophets, saints and sages to educate man, the real purpose of his existence. Man undergoes many births and learns his lessons slowly after undergoing multitudes of experiences in each birth. When he is dejected due to the constant sufferings, he understands that worldly pleasures are like passing clouds and they have no reality in itself. Slowly he turns to some preceptor who guides him step by step to develop detachment to the world and cultivate attachment to the Self within. This is the Truth of our existence in this world. Even the most selfish and ego filled man will one day seek the Truth due to terrible discontent over the life itself!


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