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The Eigth House in Astrology

Updated on March 3, 2014

The 8th House

Ruled by Scorpio

The 8th House is ruled by the planets Pluto and Mars as well as Scorpio. The life themes of the 8th House includes healing, death, joint finances, intuition, transforming, emotional intensity, the shadows of the psyche, the occult, inheritance, taxes, secrets and sexuality. Any time you need money for a big idea to be funded, the chance you have for success falls under the 8th house. Also, this house would indicate the prosperous state of your partner.

The House of Regeneration

This house is one of mysteries that are hidden, with final transformation being death. It is where you find emotional wells that are intense, the soul's secrets that are unfolding throughout a life and renewal. Often, individuals fear what lies in the 8th house due to its transformation power. Primal entanglements, obsessions and compulsions are part of this house. Issues that have to do with this house are hard to resolve and since most folks feel that it is fated, these are issues that you feel are not in your control.


It is not easy to talk about this particular house. After all, who can really comfortably talk about their experience of sex, death and love outside of a personal, private conversation? The eighth house has to do with the house of secrets. It rules death, loss, debts, taxes and other people's money. It also rules sex. By this house, it is easy to be intimidated.

Commonly referred to as the Sex House, the Eight Zodiac house has to do with interactions with one another and relationships. It also has to do with how certain interactive aspects take on a nature that is communal. It talks about what your relationship will bring you and how you can maximize these. When it comes to the emphasis on sex with regard to this house, it is important to take note that the term for orgasm in French is 'the little death' or 'le petit mort.' When you reach a state of communion in a state that is exalted, you are leaving a little bit of yourself behind, which is not unlike dying a small death. You can of course think of this as a new beginning or growing and this can also be seen as the soul going through a re-birth or a gain for the relationship.

Equal Opportunity

Being a house of equal opportunity, this house places rebirth, death and sex on the same field of playing and acknowledge the importance and viability of all 3. As a part of life, each person does experience rebirth and death. New relationships stem from failed ones, changes in careers, a new style of hair are all a part of life. People become reborn and are regenerated with every new phase and this should be welcomed.


There is a highlight on rituals in keeping with this house's transforming nature. Each of the groups has its own methods of looking deeply and peering into the soul and into events that have passed, if only to get a true sense of who you are. Why do you keep secrets and what are they? How do you mange your rituals, relationships and interactions? Do your rituals take on qualities or states of metamorphoses or exalted states? The way in which you tend to manage your rituals, relationships and interactions is of importance to the Eighth House. Are you responsible, effective and honest? Will the group benefit from the riches that your relationship generates? The key to this house are your legacies, which include how this plays out for all time and how you conduct yourself at the moment, in the present time.

Shared Resources

Also within the Eighth house are shared resources. This includes support from others, insurance, taxes, alimony and inheritance. Support that is financial as well as support that is physical, emotional and spiritual are under this house as well. While the relationship of most people share many things such as these, there are also inner growth and dynamics. People grow through sexuality as well as from other means that are more tangible. With this in mind, as much as you have an expansive relationship, you also have specific constraints, most of which are imposed by society. Keep in mind that this includes the joint nature of assets, alimony and taxes. With every of the opportunities you have, you could face restrictions with its. Again, this brings to mind rebirth after death.


All kinds of transformations and gifts are included in this house, aside from reproduction and sex. Keep in mind that in astrology, love is in the 5th house, marriage is in the 7th house and sex is in the 8th house. Often found in this house are psychic experiences, highly intuitive moments or spiritual experiences.

Financial Merging

Other kinds of merging are also involved int his house. You will find out about how the wealth of your partner undermines or adds to your own wealth. Stuff like money, possessions and inheritance also have to do with this house. In the past, this house has to do with the house of taxes, death and sex. Lessons of Pluto are somewhat like this and defy explaining why things that are inevitable are the way they are. It is a mystery that needs to be accepted and condoned by those who are alive, even if you don't truly understand this.


It is not always bad to go through a transformation. This house describes sexual limitations that are important. It can also have to do with financial inheritance or a settlement of insurance. In addition, your first house, loan approval and bank account are also under this house. Just like the seventh house, this house also has to do with 'others.' In this house you can be rocked by your relationship into greed, insecurity or equality. When others get through to this house, they end up with power over you whether it is sexual partners, the IRS, our parents or the bank. It can also be strangers that happen to know which buttons of your to push.


This is a rich house that is related to the occult. Simply, this has to do with things that are hidden. It covers stuff such as control, jealousy, revenge, dirty tricks, bad karma, crime and dark psychology. It is the house of the power of the shadow and the transforming of the complexity that is rich into your character's bedrock.


In the eighth house what is dangerously unconscious plays out, including the struggles of power you sometimes go through with other people. It is the emotional soul stability life sphere which takes courage. This house has to do with facing fears, such as getting to the core of issues of control. This healing comes from probing deep in the currents underlying that feed your personal demons, and becoming free from these.

Soul Level Changes

Also involved in the eighth house is the level of soul changes you go through in your life. The many transformative deaths as well as planetary actions of life's critical turning points are all found here. The life points that transform you from the old you to the new you is what is represented by this house.

A Kind of Death

Again, the 8th house has to do with the issue of sexuality. When you merge with someone else, it is like a type of death, as you surrender to primal energies. In the sex act, this merging with someone else is trans-formative and causes you to release energy from your absolute core. In this house, you will find out about how this is significant to your life that evolves.


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