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The Eleventh House in Astrology

Updated on April 21, 2014

In astrology, the 11th house represents your chances of getting born with a silver spoon, your sense of being human, your wishes, hopes and inner self. Located on your birth chart next to the tenth house, the 11th house moves toward the anti-clockwise direction. It is believed that when a favourable planet rules this house there is good status that is attained by the person. The ruling planet is ruled by Uranus and Aquarius.

The Planet Uranus

The planet Uranus rules the 11th house as well as the Aquarium sign. This rules business profits, career, group activities and friends. It also rules step children, fears, hopes, the money you make from hobbies, counselling and mentors. Sudden change is also ruled by this house which can either produce a gripping feeling of fear or one of hope. It describes the conditions your friendships happen to be in and if you have a tendency towards gangs, cliques, joining forces or togetherness. Impersonal friendships are also part of this house while the seventh house rules close personal friendship.


This house also has to do with the way people support each other where friendship is concerned. The way people support one another as they work towards making a lot of progress in the wide world is indicated by the 11th house. While the 5th house is regarding creativity emerging from yourself, the 11th house aspect is towards collaboration and teamwork. Here, friendship undergoes nurturing through the cultivation of various projects, contributing to the support of others as they go about reaching for their dreams as well. In the overwhelming, vast field of potentials, this house aligns you with other people who happen to be reaching for achievements that are not unlike yours. This all helps you feel like you are part of a support web that helps your own goals become stabilized.

Collective Ambitions

The 11thhous is where your goals and mind sets merge with others. Your aspirations personally are fed by the collective power. In the same line, the rest gains from your learning passionately. The planets and signs in this how indicate what type of kinship group you form out of your immediate family. These may be loose networks, clubs, professional associations or networks. When you align with like-minded people, you become part of an entity that is unseen. This is connected with the use of thoughts. This house indicates the way you manifest with the use of your thinking as well as the visioning process of the group. Even activity is included in this house where everyone contributes efforts towards one goal. This could be a knitting circle, writer’s union, theater ensemble, political action group or a hobby club.

Life Themes

The themes of the 11th house include affinity ties, shared ideals, collectively, kindred spirits, networking, common goals and aspirations.

House of Gains

Areas governed by this house include higher studies, health, writing, litigation, speculation and foreign collaborations. If one has something to do in litigation when planets are running in conjoined periods, the native could expect great outcomes. In other words, even if he has a weak case, he could reach a compromise. This house stands for lasting friendship and gain. The eleventh house is referred to commonly as the house of gains.


It is through the 11th house that every accumulation type occurs. The natives’ incoming wealth is taken care of in this house. One may likely earn with their own effort. The self acquisition aspects are something that this house indicates. Earning could be made through agencies, younger brothers or short writings. Funds received through treasure, immovable property, vehicles and mother figures are part of this house.

Often Misunderstood

This house is often misunderstood. It is related to gain such as gaining of articles and objects. Simultaneously, it is also related to punishment and the manifestations of being punished. There are explanations that the 2 extremes require.

This house stands for disease, marriage, desires, the fulfillment of desires, wishes, ambitions, freedom from misery, recovery from illness, community, society, trade, ears, discharge from hospitals, speculations, litigation, elections, success in undertakings, aspirations, wishes, hopes, friends, in laws, gain from fathers in law, longevity of mothers, elevations of husband, wealth, elder sister or brother, knowledge and money as well as other types of gain.


In this house fall all your platonic relationships and friendships, as do any type of group memberships or clubs. Even attending theme parks or trade shows as well as being in congregations of persons that share one interest does make up an activity of the 11th house. In the same regard, even contacts that are casual, networking efforts and associations come into play here. In this house, actions can reveal the financial reality of your employers and leave clues about it. This can show you were you having more of likelihood to create a profit margin. Governed by this house are actions that reveal clues about the financial reality of your employers. The 11th house also governs any efforts to correct social injustices and social ills. Finally, this house is one of wishes and hopes where dreams and higher aspirations come true. While this might sound like it is overblown, you might just be pleasantly surprised to find an important aspect in your own chart at the 11th house. After all, the idiosyncratic Aquarius and the scientific Uranus rule this house.

Desire Fulfilment

If desires are found in the 7th house, the fulfilment of these is found in the 11th. The future of these desires, whether they are to be denied or fulfilled are also part of this house. Such fulfilments are thought of as a native’s gain. The eleventh house people indicate those you make attempts to fulfil your desire with and those who do support your future dreams. Some desires or hopes are no auspicious an may cause others harm while making attempts to reap the fruit of your desires. This house also acts as a natural house of obstructions to account for our misdeeds.

Placement Matters

The 11th House placements needs to be determined to determine how natives will do in financial and social situations, whether there are going to be achievements in these aspects. This house shows the native’s attitudes towards the community as a whole and his interest towards the advantages of a group. This is more than attaining his personal ambitions and goals. This house is also indicative of unconventional and reformative activities. The eleventh house tends to the native’s sister or brother and this is why there should be attention paid to the eleventh house to comprehend the effects of the associations.


The 11th house presides over pleasurable aspects such as progress, profit, pleasure and prosperity. Progress arises from each attempt you make to create it. After aspirations have been realized, peace comes as well as permanent bonds of friendship. The desires to go from reunions are something that the 11th house indicates. This is the reason one should do investigations of the house aspects to understand the types of attachments the native will have in terms of emotions.

The Return of Capital

Great signification aspects are affected by this house. The return of capital is signified by this house as well as a person’s interest by the people who have taken a loan of money on the same planes. The planets’ favourable aspects to the planets are beneficially connected to the 5th house which connotes the native pays this amount back to the lender along with interest.


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