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The Evolution of Crop Circles

Updated on March 19, 2011

"Suddenly, I heard a popping sound. It seemed as if something pushed down the wheat. That night the air was completely still. I took a look around. The moon just appeared, shining brightly. In front of my eyes I could see a big circle taking form. Wheat was forced down in an inverted U in the clockwise direction."

This is the testimony of Bryce Bond and Arthur Shuttlewood, the first witnesses of Modern Crop Circles in Warminster, the night of August 12, 1972. Thus, in the shape of a circle,  wheat, pressed down  about 30 feet in diameter--in England began the study of crop circles in our era.

More than two decades later, Crop Circles have grown complex mathematical fractals, in lengths of three quarters of a mile, with large areas   covering 200,000 square feet.

Crop circles or Agriglyphs (Agroramas) can now be found in most countries around the globe. Since then, hundreds of simple events, sporadically, have appeared around the world since1890,andseveral cases even at the time of Newton.

Initially, the phenomenon was attributed to the vortex of wind. But they create such perfect shapes in crop fields this was something without explanation, after all, vortices of windand tornadoes usually tear, or tear things off the ground in a random way.

It is very important to establish the cause of crop circles, under which a person who tried to do a perfect design in wheat, would have had to levitate to do so.

Another suggestion is that they could be made through a balloon, but no one has satisfactorily explained how a balloon could be kept at a distance of four feet from the ground perfectly still, and around a wooden dowel that probably would allow a person to support outside basket as he moves over the wheat in a perfect spiral, without harming the plants and leaving no hole in the middle. And all this in the middle of the night.

The debate continued and there were all sorts of theories for these mysterious circles: the swirling wind, the little green men, impoverished land, and the most popular of all, the theory of the eddies, or spheres of plasma.

But it was in 1980 that the phenomenon has of more interest for everyone. Suddenly there were two circles in a field, symmetrically lying next to each other. Advocates that proposed that they were  "due to the strange conditions of nature" were disappearing.

The following year, were demonstrated signs of intelligence when a circle of 52 feet was flanked by two smaller circles exactly half its size, totally aligned North / South. in Cheesefoot, England. This was also the first to seriously attract the media.

In time, dozens of circular formations, single, double and triple, were documented, showing a spiral motion all perfect, undamaged plants in circles engraved with surgical precision between the standing crop.

Then in 1983 the first design appeared five times, a circle c e n t ral large surrounded by four smaller circles inside the standing crop,
Then in 1983 the first design appeared five times, a circle c e n t ral large surrounded by four smaller circles inside the standing crop,

Then in 1983 the first design appeared five times, a large central circle, surrounded by four smaller circles inside the standing crop, aligned to the four cardinal points.

Four of the circles were in the clockwise direction,the fifth in a counter-clockwise. Now even the military was devoting time to these events seriously, considering it as something that happened  and was absolutely inexplicableble.

Weird anomalies

Weird anomalies seem to accompany the patterns, the dogs in the neighborhood barked continually 2:00 a.m. to 4:00 a.m.,(ie just hours before a crop circle was formed), and the animals that ventured close to the new formations vomited, as well were seen orange balls of light, strange whispering noises as electricity, was heard and recorded, and reports of UFOs preceding the onset of the circles.

By 1988, hundreds of crop circles had been documented and investigated.

And every year they have appeared multiplying exponentially, always developing and split into more complex structures to make us think they are speaking in some kind (mathematical? geometrical?) of language.

Over the years, progressing as the research teams were discovering subtle clues, the circles were developing from a simple ring, the double rings, then, the Celtic crosses, where the four circles of the satellite were connected by a thin line , so close that even a child could not go through without disrupting the wheat.

In 1988, during a BBC interview in a new formation, the chirping of cricket-like sound which was heard several times over the years, was captured. Later the sound was analyzed by the Jet Propulsion Laboratory of NASA, which reported that the sound was measured as 100 bpm, at a frequency of 5.2 kHz, and was a mechanical sound, so was not from a bird or insect .

More formations began to appear in the vicinity of the Ancient Monuments, for example in Silbury Hill (the so-called European Pyramid), was formed of about forty circles.

In a rare case in Corhampton, there were three circles centered , in a ratio to display a diatonic musical radio. Moreover, their physical traits were extraordinary.

Usually the circles were previously seen forming with flattened stems, but now as the stems were raised in a selective manner, in three separate groups.

In the first group, the plants were bent at the node nearest land. In the second plant was bent in the middle of the  stem node, and plants in the third group was bent at the point closest to the head. Seen from the air, they had grown into a model consisting of seven concentric rings and forty-eight rays.

The Mayan Wheel Crop Circle : Silbury Hill, Wiltshire

The circle obsession began to become more popular. Even the Queen put the book: "Evidence of Circles" on her reading list. 305 had already appeared and these were becoming more complicated, some even with groups like a coda with appendices.

Then on August 12, 1989, came the final pattern which affected the meteorological theory, with the Swastika,at Winterbourne Stoke, they took a quantum leap into the language of crop circles. This was a formation whose stems were twisted into four squares, exactly aligned with the magnetic compass. At the edges, another thin line in the direction of rotating clockwise with intertwined stems above and below the central squares.

As a joke or deception they were impossible,  and they began to be seriously considered as a force of Extraterrestrial origin. But nothing had prepared us for the surprises to come in 1990.

Celtic Crosses in Bishops Cannings

The 1990 season began with a surprise in Bishops Cannings.

Two designs of Celtic cross, with three rings, thin as pencils, were next to each other in the wheat crop. Incredibly, a fourth ring developed intercepted another formation.The addition of such elements also began to occur in other formationss.

Watchdog groups began to organize the fields in an effort to find the Circle Makers in situ. Ther was observed once a bright object shooting over a field then holding still, as several red lights emanating from it. They operated on the harvest slowly and disappeared at a phenomenal rate when they were approached. Wherever these phenomena were seen, small circles appeared around the crops.

The next surprise was a major step in the formation of Chilcomb Farm, two circles were connected by a straight line and flanked by four rectangular boxes, thus was born a crop circle pictogram. This was the norm in the next month while similar designs appeared one after another.

Soon they developed rings, many of which were recognized as variations of symbols of the sun god in ancient cultures throughout the world. The Creators of circles appeared to be calling all the cultures of the human race.

Alton Barnes England

Then came the really sensational.

On the night of July 10, 1990, the inhabitants of the village of Alton Barnes, heard a peculiar buzzing sound that caused all the village dogs barking continuously throughout the night. When the morning light bathed the valley of Pewsey, a pictogram of 603 feet (205 mts.) was lying majestically in the wheat. It consisted of nine circles in a row, five individual circles and two rings, flanked by two quadrangular shapes and wearing a three-fingered claw.

The Effect of Being Drugged

Just a few miles away, had materialized almost identical patterns. Photos of Alton Barnes pictogram appeared as the centerfold of the world's press.Thousands of visitors flocked to the area, almost with a sense of pilgrimage.

In viewing them, people behaved as if they were influenced by drugs, there was a sense of lightheadedness, LIKE A FAMILY SEPARATED and meeting again after  A LONG TIME--stranger talked to each other, smiled, even skipping along the path of the patterns.


Since 1970, some eighty eyewitnesses from distant lands such as British Columbia and Australia have reported seeing the formation of circles in less than twenty seconds, the cases are often accompanied by vision of incandescent ball brightly colored light, rays of light.

Serious attention was paid to the simple circles in 1980 in Southern England. The formations appeared primarily as simple circles, circles with rings, and variations of the Celtic Cross in the 1980s. Then came the straight lines, with creations of pictograms, not petroglyfos as those found along the world's sacred sites.

After 1990 the circles were developed exponentially in complexity, and today is not unusual to find the crop glyphs mimicking COMPUTER fractalsand elements that relate to processes of the Fourth Dimension of Quantum Physics.

Their sizes have also increased, some occupying areas as large as 200,000 square feet. To date, more than 10,000 reported crop circles are recorded around the world, with about 90% appeared in the South of England. While many go unreported each year, the visibility of the phenomenon in the global media and Internet, has allowed more information to be submitted.

The crop circles are sometimes accompanied by sounds, and these were captured on tape and analyzed by NASA as artificial in origin, with a harmonic component of 5.2 kHz.

The detection of electromagnetism also differentiates genuine formations from  imitations. This natural energy found in ancient sites such as stone circles, long barrows, tumuli, dolmens and menhirs, and in churches and cathedrals that were built on these sites.

The crop circles, sacred sites and other places of worship, are at the cutting points along the invisible Power Grid of the Earth, and the size and shape of a crop circle is typically determined by the area of these nodes.

The frequencies of this energy are associated with changes in brain wave patterns, they also affect the rhythm of the biophysical body, so it is common to find reports of people experiencing high levels of knowledge states. People may also experience dizziness, disorientation and nausea. All these effects can be caused by prolonged exposure to both infrasound or microwaves.

Biophysical Evidence

Biophysical evidence includes the widespread epidermal  distortions of the seed embryo.

In genuine formations there is also a breakdown of the crystal structure of the plant. Moreover, IN ALL CASES, THE PLANTS ARE NOT HURT and continue  to grow and ripen if they are left intact. 

This would not be possible if they had been trampled by force.

The genuine crop circles are plants that create a gently swirling floor with mathematical proportions similar to those of natural law--patterns found in  the  bodies of shells, sunflowers, the spatial relationship of the bones in the hand human, and even in the galaxies.

The soil in the crop circles can have up to five layers all woven between the fallen plants  in opposite directions, with each seed head intact and placed next to each other as if they were arranged in a glass case of a museum

The genuine crop circles are not perfectly round but slightly elliptical (a hoax using a required fixed central rope, can not achieve this adequately). Its edges are defined curling in the flattened crop as if they had been drawn with a compass and cut with surgical precision. The fraud cases  however, have a stylistic resemblance to tufts of greasy hair, unkempt and, of course, like all plants have been trampled, bruised and have been crushed.

Other anomalies indicate an increase in infrared detection in and around a new formation, indicating they affected both the internal heat of the plants and layers of groundwater in the area. There is even evidence unnatural as the short life of radioactive isotopes in the soil inside the circles (which dissipate after three or four hours), and the land around them appears as if it had been cooked.

Mathematically, genuine crop circles are encoded in obscure theorems based on Euclid's geometry and unalterable principles of sacred geometry. They have the ability to alter the local electromagnetic field so that compasses can not locate north; cameras, cell phones and batteries cannot operate, and aircraft equipment fails while you are flying over them.

There are levels of radiation around 300% above normal, radio frequencies falling dramatically or rising dramatically within their perimeters, and animals in local farms avoiding that particular area and / or act agitated just hours before one materializes , and car batteries in entire villages fail to operate the morning after the apparition. In some of the major events, entire towns had no power for hours.

Since the genuine crop circles materialize at cross points along the flow of electromagnetic energy from the Earth, they are influencing the energy pattern of local prehistoric sites.

Some research has enabled the possibility of using  the Crop Circles as a healing force, and they are already substantially used in dowsing, flower essences and resonance therapy around the world, both for individuals and for places undergoing natural disasters.

The 2012 Mayan Crop Circle : Wayland's Smithy, Oxfordshire 9th August 2005

On the 14th of June 2009, a crop circle that closely resembles the 'Aztec Spirit Bird' suddenly appeared in the fields at Barbury Castle near Wroughton, Wiltshire. The formation also bears a likeness to the 'Mayan Thunderbird' and the 'Egyptian Phoenix' also known as the 'Bennu Bird'. Bennu comes from the verb Weben which means 'to rise brilliantly' or 'to shine' ... In Egyptian mythology Bennu also means 'The Ascending One' or 'Lord Of The Jubilees' symbolizing the spirit of the Sun God Ra.

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