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The Power of Your Family

Updated on February 3, 2019
avorodisa profile image

Avorodisa writes to her pleasure and always will. She is a native Russian speaker who adores English.

Generations of love and laughter
Generations of love and laughter | Source

One Special Ability

There is a special kind of power innate to human beings, and not only human beings but all the living things on the Earth. It's the family power.

Many revelations of this force still remain mysterious. By solving this mystery we can change the life scenario that was written probably many centuries before our birth.

The Chain of Generations

The keepers of the family are the ancestors, and the successors are the children. That's the real power. Every person is a link in the chain of many generations, the bearer of the generations' memory and special soul memory. We get messages and attitudes, but very often we do not know how to use them correctly, and we loose our energy. This information is encoded in our behaviour, emotional state, and even proverbs and sayings used in the family. We absorb these things with our mother's milk. We do not usually think how they influence us: they bring some people to fame, others to material wealth, and some to solitude.

"Every man makes his own luck", - a mother transmits to her daughter. And the girl doesn't go desperate in any difficult situation because she knows that a lot depends on her own efforts regardless of the circumstances.

Vice versa, somebody who often heard "You can't fight fate" would cede under pressure.

The Skeleton in the Cupboard

The events that took place in our ancestors' lives leave marks on the energy of the whole family. Many inherited programs can be witnessed when it comes to life cycles of many families: the anniversary syndrome (for example, men die at the age of 37), the unconscious repetitions (a divorce initiated by a woman)...

Some problematic events are kept secret. These can be adulteries, hidden money savings. They are "cast out" from the conscious memory into subconscious souvenirs of the family.

And these skeletons in the cupboard keep on living, even though they are not spoken of, and have impact on the lives of successors.

How Far Do You Know Your Family Tree?

Are you interested in your genealogy?

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Portrait of an unidentified young woman
Portrait of an unidentified young woman | Source

Family Outcast

People, who do not know their parents, can be orphans, and they are involuntary outcasts from their family. Thus they lose the support of their kin. But there are people who leave their family on purpose, thus disconnecting from the power of their kin. This affects their personal power, too. There is an interesting irrational tradition to call upon the help of the ancestors in difficult situations.

Is there a way of correction of your negative kin karma? Yes, and not the only one. Choose the one you prefer.

Good Luck Program

Personal bad luck, chronical illness, financial difficulties can be the consequences of the negative karmic programming. Here is medical statistics: 80% of people have spine problems. This is the first sign of the bad energy circulation (the spine is our energy axis) because of the disconnexion with family programs.

To improve your family program, you need to remember and understand what happened to your ancestors and how they lived, what their aspirations were. Talk to your mother and father, ask them about your ancestors. Remember all your relatives. Maybe there is one who is no longer here but you can still hear his or her words.

Common Thread

Sit down, close your eyes and try to see the image of your ancestor. If there is a negative trait of character that bothers you, imagine it as a thin thread connecting you to your ancestor. Now cut it.

Tune yourself to another relative. For example, you had an aunt who had six children. Ask her to help you have a baby. Or you had a great grandfather who was a lucky tradesman. Ask him to help you build your business. Look for people in your kin who coped with problems similar to yours easily. Ask them for help.

A New Character

If you cannot think of any lucky and successful relative, imagine somebody very advanced, fortunate and helping, a prospering businessman or a beautiful and happily married woman. Now connect him or her to your family. With your mind's eye link yourself to your real ancestors and introduce your imaginary hero. Imagine a large field of white light in which you and all your family members reside. Let the new character join you. Now you have a new helping hand.

Stay Connected

It all depends on you how strong the relationship of your family generations will be.

The more relatives you include in your circle, the stronger you will become. You will feel a new energy flow.

Compose a family album. Put old and new photos in it. Make children help you. By doing this you switch on the generations' power.

Keep in touch with your living relatives. Communicate with them as often as possible. These blood ties give us the most powerful and kind energy.

Remember your ancestors. Talk about your ancestors, tell stories about them, remember their positive traits. Thus you stay connected to your kin's past.

Talk to your children. Tell them a lot of stories of success. Your children are the successors of your family, and a lot depends on your relationship with them, how close and nice you are to each other. It can change the future of your children, too, and their children as well.

Spend more time in the place you were born, even if there is nobody who lives there, even if there is no house in that place anymore. The land itself gives you energy. This is your motherland.

People who keep the memory of their kin, the heroes of the family, are stronger and feel more confident. They can survive difficult times and situations more easily. The feeling of belonging to a family improves one's self-esteem and enhances one's pride. People around perceive such a person as successful.

The one who doesn't feel connected to a family loses the support and cannot rise as high.

Your Family Tree Explained

© 2018 Anna Sidorova


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    • efemk profile image

      François Clement 

      11 months ago from France

      Your article is very interesting, Anna. We can also tell that historical events also impact families and genealogy. Siblings, entire families sometimes have been decimated either by war, revolution or epidemic. Descendants can be impacted - that events can be experienced as a curse by succeeding generations. This is the case, for example, with genocides. The impact and remembrance are such that two descending generations may have printed in their subconscious collective memory, elements experienced in an episode that they themselves did not experience. Descendants of deportees hear trains in their dreams, some express words in Turkish or German in their early ages (Armenians and Jew). But these events can also be tragedies in genealogical research. The destructive will of the revolutions led to breaks in the family chains by the destruction of the registers and archives (revolutions Russian, French and Chinese for example).


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