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The Forgotten Missionary

Updated on July 3, 2017

Who is this forgotten Missionary?

Have you ever heard His name,

Or of His acclaimed fame?

Was He a teacher, preacher, builder?

A Maker, Planter Lover, Author, Sanctifier?

What did He do, encourage or inspire?

Did He really set the world on fire?

Oh yes! And so much much more,

These are just the 1st steps into the heart's door!

His work not forceful in an aggressive form,

But forceful as a flame in a torch born.

So sweet, amiable, tender and kind,

Like no other will you ever find.

No human tongue can ever adequately say,

What this Missionary did so well everyday.

He gave His perfect empowering gifts to men forlorn,

So much so that by them many saints were born.

The mystery of this Missionary gave such life and grace,

For it was He who finishes in Christ's place.

In our tedious dangerous militant career,

No one but He could be nearer.

No Missionary has ever come that perfectly set fire the human heart,

Giving so much grace that you of the Holy Trinity's Life could take part.

He pours out the very Charity of God the Father,

And no greater Love could He offer.

Secret movements in the Heart,

Sweet whispers is His art.

Excess of great Love,

Exhilaration from above!

No Missionary has ever Loved as He,

Yet, do we know Thee?

He was there at our very Baptism,

And again when each of us received the Holy Chrism.

He is present when we pray,

As He enkindles Love as the Son's Ray!

It is He Who procures the Divine Union,

In our reception of Holy Communion!

When we are in grace he dwells in our very core,

Yet, how often do we inwardly this Guest adore?

Oh how He restores man's soul to such dignity,

By filling it with such grace and benignity!

As the SUPREME HUNTER He's in pursuit of our hearts,

But He only wounds us with His sweetest darts

This Missionary was and is the SUPREME GIFT,

And souls with Pure Divine Love doth He lift!

He is SUPREME LOVE alas,

And is the Power in the Holy Mass!

In the soul CHARITY is His special mark,

But only holy and just souls can take part.

This CHARITY--True Love is the ultimate gravitation,

And it is the only sure sign of sanctification.

For CHARITY is the Life of the Soul,

And CHARITY is our supreme goal!

This LOVE He pours with such profusion,

Love, Love LOVE, Himself, there is no confusion.

Urging us by profound grace

Upsurping the evil face.

Planting in us the holiest desires,

Perfectly lifting us from evil fires.

Breathing the supernatural life into our soul,

Blossoming the most beautiful flowers is His goal.

Propelling us to a higher more perfect sense of Love,

Purifying our own weak and lower sense of love.

Can one hear the Beatings of such a Heart?

Without a heart can a life really start?


The gentlest CONQUISTADOR you'll ever hear of!

Let our hearts and souls not be filled with grime,

Nor let us ever say to him, "I have no time."

Let us not abandon or forget our Sacred Guest,

Who's whole Love is for our conquest!

Let us in His sweet presence ravish,

Taking delight in the Love He doth lavish!

"Come, HOLY GHOST, Creator blest,
and in our souls take up Thy rest;
come with Thy grace and heavenly aid
to fill the hearts which Thou hast made.
O COMFORTER, to Thee we cry,
O HEAVENLY GIFT of God Most High,
and SWEET ANOINTING from above." Amen!

Just as we don't hear or even think of the beatings of our own heart, that is how secret and forgotten the dwelling of the Holy Ghost in our souls can be. In the Sign of the Cross we use His name, but we don't go any further. It is He who is our Helper, Sanctifier, Consoler, Counselor, and so much more! He is LOVE Itself! Nothing is more lovable than Love Itself! Any and every good deed and Love itself is from Him. Yet where is our awareness of it, our gratitude at being such a blessed receiver? Do we offend this Great Benefactor? Do we rightly use His Gifts? "Know you not that you are temples of God, and that the Spirit of God dwelleth in you?" Let us strive to be worthy and humbly ask for His Light, Love, Strength, Consolation and Holiness. Let us beg for true contrition and conversion of our hearts and for the forgiveness of our sins. Oh Divine Illuminator! Oh Best Consoler! Oh Great Lover of our souls! It is You, Oh Holy Ghost, that is that Forgotten Missionary!

© 2017 Alexandra Clark


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    • profile image

      Dugitron9001 6 months ago

      Lost for a time, never forgotten.

    • Paul K Francis profile image

      Paul K Francis 6 months ago from east coast,USA

      Beautiful thoughts. Thanks.