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The Four Arc Angels in Astrology

Updated on January 30, 2019
Joseph Leal profile image

I have been initiatied into OAK tradition. I have been introduced to advanced Freemasonic empowering information through magical initiation

Plant Life
Plant Life
Animal Life
Animal Life

There are first four types of cellular life. These were each created from one of the four parts of sine wave energy. These four types are known as the four fixed signs of Ezekiel. The first type of life was vegetable life, the second animal life, the third reptile life and the final type of cell formed the origins of insect life. The evolution of these animals are driven by a photon energy driven system. Meaning this energy system is continuously evolving striving for advancement. The human race is composed of all of these energies combined into one. The human race is the dominant species above all other life. We are animal nature, but learning to be divine above alll things. In living organisms these form the basis of the respiratory system or plant species, the circulatory system or animal order, the nervous system or reptile breed, and the digestive system or insect life. These four types of life are symbolized as the four archangels that stand before the throne of God. Each one of us has a soul that is correlated from one of these four Archetypes. All souls on Earth have originated from one point and place in this universe. But all souls do not originate from only Earth. Souls that do originate from Earth will have lived life in all the 4 first stages of cellular life in each unique spectrum. We learn to breathe as plant life. We learn what it means to be alive as animal life. We learn survival and gain intelligence as reptilian life. We learn to adapt and gain an inclusive diversity with insect life.

Taurus (Plant)- Simplicity, beauty, flowers, the breath of Life, and being as is makes up the most basic of life’s intelligence. How beautiful the diversity of the plant kingdom is. Harmony is most apparent within plant life in our nature. The fruits and vegetables is what sustains life. The many different flowers, trees, and leaves. These are a representation of different types of beauty. Beauty is dependent on the the specific mind that clothes the form. My beauty is different from yours, but both are necessary and profound. Beauty is unique, diverse, and is found in fertility in the body/mind of stillness. Learning and yearning for expansion of life becone’s as easy as breathing.

Leo (Animal)- Animated Life, right Movement, blood, heart, love, self Awareness, and being alive is enough for the warm heart to develop proper individuality. The consistent rush of blood circulating through the veins will soon through time develop the humane and selfless aspect of nature. The heart is the souls highest awareness and love is its most prized intention. Life is sacred. Having a heart is most sacred. Here we gain indentity of just who we are and of what we are suppose to do.

Scorpio (Reptilian)- Fear, survival, snake shedding skin, intelligence, fight or flight, transformation, intensity, are all complex behaviors for devloping the shadow or animal instinct. Reptilians are survivors. This cold blooded species represents that there is an unconscious control at play always in life. This plays a bigger factor in understanding who we are until we learn to integrate the shadow. Learning through death, rebirth, and how to adapt the nervous channels and vehicle of body so continual progression occurs. This is survival of the fittest. The snake sheds skin when it out grows its old self. A lizard barley escapes a life threatening situation. But the reptile loses its tail. The lizard regenerates it rapidly and continues on unscathed.

Aquarius (Insect)- Metamorphosis, Butterfly, Diversity, Adaptation, Bees. The Source of life that sustains the plan of life as life reaches critical chaotic points. Bees will maintain Earths balance even if pollination is all they really know. A butterfly will hatch from its cocoon and will become reborn anew. Society will always adapt and change. Progression is always on its way, and never stagnant. It’s the law of life. The law of god. Spontaneous changes will always occur as a system changes into another type of energy system. Every single time a quantum link is made, there will be remarkabe changes taking place that make the previous entity almost unrecognizable.

Reptile Life
Reptile Life
Insect Life
Insect Life

Quiz on the four fixed signs.

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