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The Fundamental Atheist

Updated on January 16, 2014

Before I begin my commentary allow me to make two things very clear. Firstly, I’m not speaking to all atheists, and only to those fundamentalists who spend their lives spreading hate on anti God forums, groups and to the public. Secondly, I myself am not devout of any religion or particular God so my argument is not about if God exists or not. My opinion has no goal to defend one sect, organization or ideology over another.

Personally, the notion of atheism perhaps makes more sense to the logical side of my brain rather than a religion that is based on tales. However, do I have the right to take away someone’s joy in tales that bring them peace? Say that the existence of God was real or not, is it too much for me to bare to see someone content in their faith? Am I that selfish that I get off on seeing another person lose hope in something that brings them joy? Is my world where there is no afterlife more satisfying? Is it that much of a crime to have hope of seeing a dead loved one someday? Ask your self this question dear atheists, do you really want to convert someone into a world of nothingness?

So religion and God may not make a lot of sense to me personally, and many atheist arguments ring true. On the other hand, would I like to have faith? Of course. Have I tried? Definitely. Why you may ask. Well because throughout my life I have encountered both people of faith and atheists, and what I couldn't overlook was that the people of faith always had this glittering light in their eyes, as though they were on a drug called hope. So why wouldn't I want a bit of that for myself? At the same time, I remember talking to a friend a long time ago who was an atheist and he confessed to me that the most depressing day of his life was the day that he realized that there was no God. So this is why it makes me angry each time I encounter one of these soul destroying Atheists who take great joy in their attempt to take people to a world of doubt. The atheist may argue and say, “but we are helping them out of their delusional fairytale” Well let me tell you this kind atheist, sometimes delusions and fairy tales are good for the soul, it brings people hope, and pulls them out of darkness. To even go further, a prominent psychologist once told me this “There are some patients living in their positive delusions that I would never want to cure, as their fantasy lives are way better than the ones they lead. I really believe them coming back to reality will surely kill them.”

Many atheist’s will also argue the following to why they need to lash out, “We have been persecuted and burned at the stake for centuries?” “ What about the crusades?” “What about the paedophile priests?” To answer your questions, have you heard of the term sociopath? Well let me inform you that a sociopaths is someone who hides behind the robe of many different organizations that have access to the weak and vulnerable, whether it’s social work, politics, teaching, health care and law enforcement.

Then there are these other types of Atheists who make belittling statements such as these (The following quotes are from a real live forum here on hubpages)

  • “Do you know how ridiculous your beliefs are?”
  • “Keep living in a world of make belief and goblins”
  • “Your religion is full of bigotry”
  • "You keep your irrational beliefs to yourself and I promise not to tell you how silly they are”
  • "Believers are just little children who need to believe in fairy tales"
  • “If you believe garbage - that is your business"
  • “Only people with minds riddled with paranoia would allow themselves to be terrified by such primitive and make belief"
  • “To those adult, I urge you to please grow up. How embarrassing”

Some of you may argue, what about freedom of speech? I’m all for freedom of speech, however what ever happened to stating your arguments using facts without personal attacks?

Now let’s talk about this new trend of fanatical atheism emerging into society. You will find these radicals on forums, face to face groups and universities. One example of this is Macquarie University in Sydney Australia, where a whole group of students are spray painting the campus floors with “Your God doesn't exist” and “Your God is evil” I even personally have a very good friend whose only goal is spreading atheism to young people, that he has already succeeded in deconverting at least 5 people in the past two years. What is his goal you may ask. Well he told me that he wanted them to stop being sheep and that it was an enjoyable challenge for him. I have another friend who used to be a missionary preaching all over Spain and telling people ‘Jesus loves you’ One day he woke up and decided that there is no God. So does that give him the right now based on the changes in his model of the world once again to preach, but this time tell us that ‘Jesus in fact doesn't love us?’ Just because he has now being overcome with sudden enlightenment and believes that this molecule of an opinion really matters in the bigger scheme of things. Well let me tell you, this so called individual does preach on a regular basis to anyone who would listen and often hijacks religious people’s posts on facebook telling them about how their God is evil, their God Isn't real, their God is a murderer. He also calls those who believe in him the following, delusional, stupid, unintelligent. Just because this individual gave up God, he now magically expects the majority to follow.

Characteristics of a Fundamental Atheist

1) They are so obsessed with God that they find satisfaction dedicating their entire lives on forums talking about him

2) Some are rude, angry and hateful. They use insulting and belittling language to describe believers, such as describing them as stupid, delusional, childish, and enforcing their own hateful views in a rude manner

3) They take satisfaction in deconverting people, taking away any hope they may have through their faith

4) There are those with such a grandiose view of themselves that their so called superior intellect and ego won’t allow them to open their minds and ponder that just perhaps there could be a presence larger than themselves in the bigger scheme of things

5) They seem to rave on and on about this egotistical God and how offended they are about being threatened by the hell fire. What is so offensive about something you claim not to believe in? It’s like me getting upset about the God Zeus threatening to blast me down with a lightning bolt

6) Those who have joined atheist organizations and spend their hours in meetings scheming of likely ways they are able to spread to the world that God is a delusion. I would actually call these groups more like fundamental cults full of haters. What we need to worry about next is if some day a sicko like Hitler decides to lead one of these groups

7) They spend their days handing out anti God/Jesus literature, preaching to anyone who would listen about the evils of God and spray painting public walls with “Your God is dead”

8) Those that have a nasty habit of feeling superior in intellect to those who believe in God. They mock, downgrade and overlook any good idea a person of faith may have since no such great ideas could possibly come from “Sheep who follow blindly”

I can understand that there is another side to my argument. Atheism may be a lonely place in some countries and even communities. Family members and friends may disown an atheists and many do live out their lives as closet atheists in order to fit in and keep relationships. Some atheist feel so strongly about this egoistical all powerful God that is described in all the Abrahamic religions that they may want to wage a full on war with him. There are other atheists that have had enough of bible bashers and preachers ramming religion down their throats. And of course there is nothing wrong with having a healthy debate with someone who is challenging an atheist and there is definitely no harm if an atheist is outspoken and proud about their beliefs in a respectable and open minded manner. As well, I personally know some of the most charitable good hearted atheists who give and expect no heaven for their good deeds in return.

Don’t get me wrong this is not even about defending religious people, as there are many who irritate me.

1) The overly annoying Christians who ruin my Sunday mornings knocking on my door

2) Those crazies on microphones screaming at you about Jesus and God. In fact I actually feel sorry for them as it’s quite obvious that they have escaped from a mental asylum

3)These fundamental religious freaks who use religion to persecute minorities? They should be hung. I personally think anyone that kills in the name of religion actually lacks a belief or fear in a God

4)These holier than thou self righteous Christians that believe that they are special because Jesus Christ lives inside them.

In conclusion, my discontent is not with the atheist as the individual, and it’s not even with those who are seeking out support groups. Neither is my argument with those who defend their right and beliefs when being attacked. My issue is with the fanatics, who seem to have to go out of their way to let us all know about their hatred for a God, who they actually don’t believe exists. They reek of pent up aggression, they mock, belittle and spread hate to those who have faith. Some may seek revenge for bad experiences they have had growing up in religious households. Then there are those who in my opinion could be the most dangerous of all, they simply take pride in deconverting a person who finds solace in their faith. I would have to say that they are similar to a cult, just as dangerous as extreme Christianity, Islam or Judaism and are no better than those fanatical crazies calling out on microphones. The only difference is one is calling out “Jesus Loves You” while the other is shouting back “God hates you”


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