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The Gamecock loss to Kentucky Was my Fault

Updated on November 2, 2010
Beyond Time
Beyond Time

A time Travel novel by Rob Buck


I feel as if a strange peace has taken hold of my life today.

It’s almost like a veil of self effort has been sliced and a view beyond is being experienced. A view of a life desperately dependant.

The burden of keeping health and provision, the maintenance of things and even passions of my heart in perfect balance has been lifted, if even for a moment.

Oh how these cares have muffled the enjoyments of life!

As I sit in the morning warmth of the autumn sun, my senses seem oddly heightened. Have the sounds of birds in all directions and the rustling, swaying of the trees suddenly increased?

The cool breeze carries with it a hint of drying leaves, but I am surrounded by towering trees still deeply green against the pastel blue sky.

Has my self focus really distracted me this much?

As is my tendency, I want to capture the joys of these moments so that they can be repeated. But deep within I know this is how life is intended to be lived. A life lived in a stream of present moments where striving and initiating give way to resting and yielding.

Even if these moments are brief and fleeting, they will be firmly etched in my memories. In outlandish trust and  brilliant hope, a child of God is told to abide, to linger in a love too marvelous to describe and a forgiveness so complete that not a speck of soil remains.

So is this life  – a stream of awareness and joy – steeped in God’s presence with the light hearted delight of a little child.

May these moments become my life!

Would I have experienced these magical moments if life had turned out like I wanted it to?

I doubt it.

I think I would be focused on what rank my football team would be after a win instead of a loss, on reading about how my baseball team extended its playoff winning streak. I would see no need to pray for the healing of diabetes and how God would provide for tomorrow.

If things worked out the way I wanted them to, those I love would not be facing trials and pains.

My conclusion, the Gamecocks loss to Kentucky was my fault. I needed a morning free of life’s victories to experience something far richer.

I am sorry about that, Gamecock fans.



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