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Spirits of the Material World: The Genius of Sting

Updated on January 22, 2012

Sting is most well known for being the front man for the rock group, The Police. However, I think his contribution to music is more important than we actually give him credit for. His lyrics speak of philosophy and spirituality that enriches our lives.

“We Work the Black Seam” is about the dangers of nuclear war. It is a very powerful song. I’m always moved when I listen to it:

"One day in a nuclear age

They may understand our rage

They build machines that they can’t control

And bury the waste in a great big hole

Power was to become cheap and clean

Grimy faces were never seen

But deadly for twelve thousand years is carbon fourteen

We work the black seam together"

In the chorus of the song, “Spirits in the Material World,” Stings shares a very powerful message about us: “We are spirits in the material world.” This is a statement that holds monumental truth in regards to who we really are. We are a three part being that consists of a mind, body, and soul. The soul, or spirit, is immortal. It does not die. It merely changes form. If you look to Eastern philosophy, you will see that they understand this quite well. When we so-call die, the spirit is released from the body.

Stephen Covey also shines some light on the subject: “We are not human beings on a spiritual journey. We are spiritual beings on a human journey.”

It is amazing how we get so caught up in materialism that we forget about our precious soul. We think if we buy the latest gadgets that these superficial things will bring us happiness. These things are only temporary fixes. True happiness comes from within.

In another song, “Let your Soul be Your Pilot” Sting shares the importance of following your soul. I believe our soul is our connection to God. Many wise people tell us to follow our hearts. I believe the heart and soul are connected. The common message of the heart and soul is love. Now, what does that have in common with God?

God is love.


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