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The Ghost Of Ernest Hemingway

Updated on July 3, 2012
Above is a photo of Ernest Hemingway shortly before his suicide.
Above is a photo of Ernest Hemingway shortly before his suicide. | Source

Ernest Hemingway was one of the most famous writers of our time. He wrote many books and traveled all over the world. Hemingway won the Pulitzer Prize for literature in 1953 and in 1954 he won the Noble prize for literature. Hemingway was born in 1899 in Chicago and he served in World War I after graduating from High School.

It is his time in the First World War and his world wide travels that many people credit with making Hemingway into the kind of writer he was. He loved to travel and he traveled all over the world and worked on his books all over the world.  

The Ernest Hemingway Home In Key West Florida. It is said that Ernest Hemingway was the most happy ever in Key West.
The Ernest Hemingway Home In Key West Florida. It is said that Ernest Hemingway was the most happy ever in Key West. | Source

Ernest Hemingway is said to have been the happiest in his life while living in Key West. He lived there for nine years from 1931 through 1940. He spent his time in Key West writing , fishing , and visiting his favorite bar down the street at Sloppy Joe's Bar.

At his Key West home Hemingway is often spotted by tourist on his upstairs balcony and people have claimed you can hear the sounds of him typing on his typewriter. Other people claim to see Hemingway walking in the yard and people have claimed to see him every where from his yard to the street in front of the house.

Its interesting to note that Hemingway told many people that his home was already haunted when he first moved there in 1931. He told of seeing an old black lady in little more than rags working in the house and a smartly dressed young man in the yard out back. Human remains were un covered when Hemingway lived there but investigations revealed they were most likely several hundred years old and probably the remains were those of early American Indians who had lived in the area. Until Hemingway left the house he kept one of the skulls on his desk in the house. It is not known what happened to the skull but it is likely Hemingway gave it away to a friend.

Sloppy Joes Bar In Key West was another place Hemingway loved to visit. While in Key West Hemingway did basically three things write , fish , and drink. And Sloppy Joes was where he went to drink.
Sloppy Joes Bar In Key West was another place Hemingway loved to visit. While in Key West Hemingway did basically three things write , fish , and drink. And Sloppy Joes was where he went to drink. | Source

The Ghost Of Ernest Hemingway

Sloppy Joes Bar was a favorite place of Ernest Hemingway while he was in Key West. He spent most evenings and sometimes most of the night there before he would walk home. It is at Sloppy Joes that he is spotted often. He has even ordered many people off his favorite bar stool. It is said that when the bar stool was replaced with a more modern one a few years ago the bar staff reported the new stool would often be ripped from the floor and thrown over to one side. It seems Hemingway did not like them changing his bar stool.

Hemingway is quite often spotted at or near the Southern Most Point Marker and people who see him think they are seeing a famous live person but they often just can't remember who he is. Most of the time by the time they remember who they are seeing Hemingway has walked away or vanished. During the time Hemingway lived on the island of Key West he would often fish at night near this location.

It was later in his life that Hemingway developed high blood pressure , liver problems , and severe paranoia. In 1961 at his home in Ketchum Idaho Hemingway committed the act of suicide by shooting himself in the head. It is interesting to note here that years earlier Hemingway's father had also committed suicide in a similar manner over financial difficulties. Hemingway learned of his fathers suicide by telegram and he was devastated by it. He had often asked friends and family members how could anyone do that to their family but on July 2 1961 Hemingway ended his life the same way. National Suicide Prevention Lifeline at 1-800-273-8255

Shortly after his death Hemingway's ghost started to show up at his home in Key West and at various other places around the island of Key West. It would seem that Hemingway returned to where he was the most happy.

What do you think about the ghost of Ernest Hemingway. Please post your comments or questions below and thanks for reading my Hub Page on the Ghost of Ernest Hemingway.

Thanks for reading my hub page about the ghost of Ernest Hemingway and please post your comments or questions now,

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    • crazyhorsesghost profile imageAUTHOR

      Thomas Byers 

      6 years ago from East Coast , United States

      Never post any links here as they will never be approved.

    • profile image


      7 years ago

      i was at Sloppy Joes on friday night 11/4/11 and was sitting on a bar stool near the side wall when i was "whipped" on my butt. I turned around quickly and there was no one there. My butt was burning! My sister was sitting next to me and I said I just felt a stinging, burning sensation as if I had been whipped and she told me that a few minutes prior to that, she too had felt a similar sensation. She was sitting with her back to the wall, so obviously, there was no one there who could have touched her! We were sitting right below a large photo of Hemingway!

    • angel115707 profile image

      Angel Ward 

      8 years ago from Galveston, TX

      I love this Hub,I think Edgar A. Poe is still roaming, weird things happen almost every time I read his poems out loud....


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