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The Ghost That Haunts the Abbeville Opera House

Updated on April 14, 2016
A marker Abbeville Opera House -
100 Court Square, Abbeville, SC 29620, USA
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Theatre has been a part of the American culture since the Native Americans used theater and dance in their rituals. Early European settlers first shunned this practice but it grew on them and become an entertaining past time.

In October 1908, the Abbeville Opera House opened with its first performance of the melodramatic play, The Great Divide.

The theater is old enough to have a negro section. The second floor balconies, also referred to as the nose bleed section, used for the lesser patrons, such as African Americans, but today they are used by the theater crew to run lighting and such for the shows.

In one of the second floor balconies, there is a chair that has been left untouched and unmoved for decades due to superstitions. You know, I'm sure, how performers never say "good luck" but say "break a leg" instead before every show due to the fear of bad luck happening during the show. That sort of superstition is the reason why the cast and crew refuse to remove that chair.

Many performers, audience members, and crew members claim to have saw a ghost in that chair. There are two legends that date back to the mid 1900s surrounding that chair.

Legend 1: The Traveling Actress

Many of the first performers to perform at the Abbeville Opera House were part of a traveling performance group.

Allegedly, one of those performers was a woman, an actress, who after a performance at the theater got sick and died in the theater.

This supposedly happened in the 1920s.

Legend 2: The Black Stalker

Legend has it that a black man fell in love with one of the white female actresses at the theater. They say that he would attend everyone of her shows and watch her from the same seat on that second floor balcony.

His devotion turned into obsessive stalking.

Many didn't like him watching the young beautiful actress so they killed him. Legend has it that they hung him from the second floor balcony.

To this day, people have claimed to see him on that balcony.

Which ghost story do you think most likely occurred?

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