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The Ghost Whisperer As Theory to Life After Death

Updated on November 20, 2009

 You know the routine. A person dies and their soul vanishes in a light. Crossing over to heaven, hell or another dimension. Most feel this is rather instantaneous and happens in a blink of an eye. Of course, nobody knows and until someone does die, say, for days and then returns to life to tell us about the "other side", it will remain open to conjecture cemented in one's personal beliefs.

The TV show, The Ghost Whisper, starring Jennifer Love Hewitt, is all about this in an entertaining yet serious manner. Sure, it's a drama and after a four year run has been cancelled. Its early shows from season one and two are already on TV. Most of the shows tend to explore the life after death issue from a logical perspective. In all shows, there are ghosts (souls) that have not been able to crossover to the "light" and remain earthbound until there is resolution of some issue about them while they had been alive. Sometimes, the show's theme is about souls that do not wish to crossover and want to return to life by stealing another's body. Still other times, it is about a soul that is drawn to another still living, even though the soul has yet to leave a dying body. Very entertaining and thought provoking. It can be a blessing and horror being able to see and talk to ghosts.

It is a show that after watched leaves a hint of residue in you about the whole subject. Perhaps the concept of Hell is really just leaving the soul earthbound unable to crossover into another place. It would be Hell for such a soul because of their inability to communicate, feel touch, love in a way they are use to while they were alive. It would be tormenting being around loved ones yet unable to do anything buy see them. If Hell is eternity, then , any soul going there would be quite tormented. Hell might also mean that you will not see loved ones at anytime, unlike those who crossover to the light with them. The concept of Hell being of "brim and fire" is interesting. Why fire? a soul has no physical presence, so how would fire bother it?

What about a soul wanting to die because the phyisical body is so sick, in pain, or damaged? Some call it a "will to live". Yet, the miracles of medicene will not allow this to happen. In this case, the doctor has no logical reason why a person died when medically it should not have happened. And, what happens when one is in a coma? Perhaps, what is really happening is that person is seeing their life flash before them, every moment of every day and at the end of the review some sort of judgment is passed. When the review is over, some reawaken to say their last words or sip the last drink. They are at peace. They know it is okay to die. Maybe an angel guides them through this and tells them that their time on earth is over. Maybe those that enter a coma do not wish to return and are ready to go, yet, it is medical technology that pulls them back into life, even for a few more hours or days until the technology can no longer work.

The ghosts maybe just lost souls unhappy about death and they are just having issues dealing with it and play games with the living until the tantrum wears off and they pass into light. Maybe they do need to make amends with loved ones which must be done before moving on. Even the most nasty human being tends to be shocked when they die and they see themselves from a distance. Disbelief and anger turns to bewilderment and fear until the soul is guided to wherever they go.


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    • profile image

      Ghost Whisperer 8 years ago

      WEll I hope it is not cancelled I enjoy watching it every friday I thought it was going up in ranking?

      Jennifer Love Hewitt is my favorite celeb and Ghost Whisperer is my favorite show

      -crossing fingers-