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The Gift and Calling of Marriage

Updated on April 17, 2022
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Received her Master in Education from De La Salle University - Manila. A volunteer teacher for Value Instruction Class Ministry.

Marriage is a gift and calling

Not all women are called to marriage. Marriage is a gift and calling. There are certain women who are called to marry to fulfill God’s special purposes. If you do not have the gift and calling of marriage, do not insist on marrying, for you will just have a difficult life since this is not your calling. Those women blessed with the gift of marriage are also blessed with patience and perseverance to endure the difficulties of a married life. Many women got married only to be divorced because probably this is not their calling. Then they married again only to be divorced again because they insisted on marrying even though they are not called to marriage.

Once there was a very lovely actress who graced the movie industry. Her angelic face is considered as one of the most beautiful face of all time. Her beauty is really flawless. She was really adored by men. Although with such a very lovely face, her first marriage did fail and got married the second time but only to fail again. She married several times but only to fail again and again. She did claim the gift of marriage but it was not meant for her. It takes more than a lovely face to succeed in marriage, you must have the gift and calling of marriage,

Those who are called to marriage are blessed with perseverance to endure and be faithful to their marriage vows. For better or for worse, a woman with the gift of marriage will stick to her husband in spite of extreme poverty and sufferings. One must consider marriage only if it is a part of God’s plan for her life and this marriage will bring great glory to God.

Many people in this world are very quick to get married only to file for a divorce or annulment after a few years of being together as a couple. Don’t readily claim marriage unless you are hundred percent sure that you are called to it. Always be reminded of what the beloved Apostle Paul says, each one of us has his own calling and gift,

And if marriage is indeed your calling, you need not take so much initiative in finding it, it will surely come your way. You may seek marriage even though it is not your calling, you may have it but only as a permissive will.

The best partner for you is the one who will help you fulfill the destiny and mission God has prepared for you.

You should not marry just for the sake of marrying in order to please your parent or friends. You should not simply marry just the way the rest of the folks in this world do. More than finding a romance or a lifetime companion, you should marry the man who will help you fulfill the mission and destiny God has prepared for you even before you were born. As a child of God, He has prepared in advance your mission and destiny.

The main task in life is to first find your calling and mission. Once you discover your mission and calling, you can very well discern who could be the best partner for you. He must be someone who shares the same calling and mission with you. Find the man who will help you fulfill God’s purposes in your life.

My friend Glei married the man who shares the same calling and mission with her. She and her husband have a very good partnership in their counseling profession. As counselors they were able to help a lot of people experiencing various psychological disturbances. Glei is indeed very happy in her married life for she found the man who just complements her and help her fulfill her mission and calling in life. This is indeed one of the great purposes of marriage, to be partners in carrying out God’s purposes and plan.

We are not here to marry just to have a lifetime companion, we must always have God’s plan and purposes in our priority list. More than having a lifetime companion, he must be the man who will help us carry out God’s purposes in our life to give God the greatest glory.

Marriage is Partnership - A wife is her husband’s helpmate

Eve was created by God to be a helpmate of Adam not the other way around for Adam was created first before Eve. Marriage is also partnership in many ways. First, it is partnership in building a godly home and godly offsprings. A husband and his wife must go hand in hand in bringing up their children. So a husband and a wife must never live apart from each other. They must always stay together to be able to raise a godly and righteous family. A wife should assist her husband in managing the affairs of their household and in giving discipline to their children. A wife must also be willing to assist her husband in providing for their children’s needs.

Marriage is also partnership in serving the Lord. A husband and his wife must share the same calling as servants of the Lord. The married couple must belong to the same ministry to be more effective in carrying out the tasks of this ministry. It is also good that they share the same heartbeat and vision for their calling. I have a great missionary friend from New Tribes Mission, ate Virgie, who waited too long for the coming of her lifetime partner because she needed someone who will be a partner in her mission work. She became a bride at age sixty, a year after she found the right man for her , a fellow missionary and church planter . She never settled anything for less but God’s best, although it took her about thirty years to wait since in the first place she has a clear concept of what marriage is, which is partnership in serving the Lord.

Marriage is also partnership in serving your community. Marriage is also partnership in doing services to your community. It is good that both husband and his wife share the same burden for people in their community. They must join hand in hand in doing volunteer works that are beneficial to the underprivileged people. It must be clear from the very start to the wife that whatever endeavor or advocate her husband engages himself, she must also be willing to embrace also. A woman before marrying must always be reminded that in marrying her fiancé , she is marrying also his mission and vision. Every couple must fully realize the importance of sharing the same mission and vision in this life.


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