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The Gift of Old Age and Parkinson's

Updated on June 25, 2019
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Carol attended University of Calif, at Davis, San Francisco Art Institute & Graduated SD State.She has written and illustrated several books

Becoming As A Little Child

All who live on this earth will eventually die—-and most will be old when they die —as a little child once noticed—“God must love old people best—-because he takes so many back to heaven.” But the great thing ,I believe about being old, are the things we learn from it.

The bible tells us -that except we become as a little child-we cannot enter into the kingdom of heaven.

What are some of the things that are different about children?

1. They are humble and not vain

2. The forgive easily

3. They don't judge you

4. They are learning how to do new things

5. They find joy in little accomplishments

6. They are loving

7. They are thankful for all they are given

How Does Getting Old Teach Us These Things?

I used to be young and slim and looked great in a swim suit—-now l have a hard time finding one to fit me—let alone have the ability to pull it on. Not only does everything sag and fall out of place—but in spite of the ads that promise great results for wrinkles and droopy skin -eventually you have to face the fact that they just don’t work when you're really old—-So We can learn the lesson of humility and overcoming vanity—(or become crabby and a grumbler).

I used to have a great brain and in school—I could memorize long passages and countless speeches. Old age, however has greatly lessened my memorization ability—Im lucky to remember my daughters home address or all the children’s birthdays—-but, on the bright side, with age that is—-I also am quick to forgive others that might have offended me —past or present—because I no longer remember it. Once when my daughter apologized for saying something unkind to me—I honestly didn’t even remember hearing her saying anything—due either to old age or hearing loss (in old age).

Now that I'm old i find that I don’t tend to judge others as I did when I was younger—I realize that for all the years of making mistakes-- if totaled—I have probably made far more than most of the younger people around me—so how can I judge them—-another blessed realization of old age!

In spite of old age, we can still learn how to do new things—-I am especially grateful to grand children that have taught me—-Like how to built a traveling fortress with legos or how how to throw a curveball in Pokemon (still working on that one)—-but how great that we can relate now better to their age group, and they actually love to be with us.

Learning New Things

The Gift of Parkinson's

With my Parkinson’s now —-it is always an adventure in dining—I dread menus with very little finger food . My right hand no longer works and is shaky—-so I must do most things with my slightly unsteady left hand——finding your mouth can sometimes be a challenge!

I used to love ordering salads but now—after trying to stab the lettuce 4 or more times with my fork and missing—I usually find it difficult to finish and politely give up—-Cutting meat is also a challenge—I hate to see it fly across the table while trying to cut it in pieces—especially with company sitting there.

This is where I feel grateful to even be allowed to eat with other adults—and grateful for the accomplishment of actually finishing a whole meal!

I really empathize with my 1 year old grandson —watching him try to eat with silverware, and use his fork—-He sometimes, out of frustration, just gives up and uses his hands and picks his food up—I certainly identify with him—and wish sometimes I could do the same when no one is watching.

Obviously I've changed my favorite meal from salads and steak to veggie burgers and zucchini fries.

Lastly, I am especially grateful for my loving children that put up - or ignore my extra challenges and strange ways of old age and my Parkinson's and still love me the way I am—and especially a loving Heavenly Father for His comfort and love that I feel each time I fail or fall—-and is always there for me. They have taught me greater gratitude and love.

So ——as I see it now—-old age is only practical preparation to enter the Kingdom of Heaven as a little child!


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