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The God I See

Updated on November 4, 2020

Looking at God

The God that I envision does not go under any particular religion but rather that he is the Holy Father of all living creatures of our Universe. No matter what our shape, colour, or financial status none of these matters in the eyes of our Holy Father. As he loves us all equally and unconditionally as we are all God's children. He is not only the father of men but all living creatures that inhabit planet earth and know it as "home sweet homeland". Humans are the worst species for showing total disregard for other living beings, and the earth itself! Continuing to destroy natural habitats around the world thus pushing many species closer to extinction. Also, causing so much destruction that we are literally destroying our own home planet with the negative practices we continue day in and day out! Doing so with little to no regard or concern for those that are being affected in a negative way even life-threatening! This still does not stop the greedy people of the world--seeking monetary gain at any cost--even if that is the life of an innocent victim human or other species!

I can't imagine the horror God must feel when he looks down to see us killing our own species as well as others with total disregard for life in general. Many have killed in the name of their so-called religious beliefs; covering their dirty deeds in a cloak stained with the blood of many innocent victims. Many were condemned to death for practising their religious beliefs within certain societies where their particular religious beliefs had been banned or forbidden to practice.

I have always been amazed by people who on one hand are praying to their god or gods and the next they are off to kill some heathens! Many of these dreaded acts were done all in the name of their holy leaders or leader. I am sure the Holy Father is appalled by the horrors we are inflicting not only on each other but also towards other creatures and plants that share our home (Planet Earth).

We are starting to come apart at the seams with natural disasters; wars amongst ourselves; we are running out of time! Maybe all the natural disasters are happening because God is venting his discontent with us. I'm sure he is not happy at the total disregard we seem to have towards each other and the world we live in.

We must really try to start uniting as one; finding ways to fix our world before there is nothing left to fix. I believe the Holy Father would rather see us giving each other a hand in trying to restore some of the damage we have done; rather than in hand-to-hand combat all in the name of religion! Instead of lifting swords or weapons of battle up against one another, we should be wrapping our arms around each other offering love, comfort, and a helping hand.

I was raised in the Roman Catholic faith but when I became an adult I chose my own way of expressing my belief in God. I chose to express my love and belief in God in my own way rather than the rituals of a good Roman Catholic. I try to live my life in a fairly simple manner--trying to treat others how I want to be treated--with kindness and respect.

Religion is man-made it is also well known that there is big money in religion. I am not saying that all use their religious choice as a way of making a profit or financial gain. Unfortunately, there are many that do use the cloak of religion to acquire their ill-gotten gains.

I believe God wants us to treat others the way we want to be treated. I know this sounds pretty simple but it works for me! I know God loves me no matter where or how I pray to him. I think if we live our lives in a way that we are not intentionally trying to harm or disregard others that we share our world with, then our heavenly father would be content. We need to become more connected with each other in this uncertain world we live in today. People need to get more back to the basics of learning how to make an extra effort in doing more face-to-face communications. Getting involved in events that will make our world a better place to live for all creatures that inhabit it. Not only should we respect and show compassion towards fellow humans but also other species that share our mother earth--homeland!

God Our Savior!

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