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The God of Battle Is Also the God of Success

Updated on March 28, 2020
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Emmanuel is a Nurse, Christian leader, prolific writer and a medical researcher. His qualifications are RN, RM, BNSc, MPH.

The God of Success

The fact that the God of battle (Jerem 51: 20) is the same God of success is a not a matter to quibble on. In his mandate unto the house of Naoscm,(National Association Of Osun State Christian Movement) there was never a point of doubt or anticipation of failure in His wood; they were so certain and real “thou art my battle axe and weapons of war; for with thee will I break in pieces the Nation …..” it was never a statement of probability but that of certainty. He never had a room for failure!

Brethren, have you seen a farmer who has a big farm, possesses certain farming equipments and never cares about the state and well being of the farming tools, well I have not. Abraham Lincoln said “if I have 8 hours to chop a tree, I spend 6 hours sharpening my axe”. Before He sets out for farm, the farmer takes out his tools, assesses it from the top to bottom. Checks for any indentation, checks for rusting, checks for any deformation, checks if it has become blunt. He carries out a thorough survey of his farming tool and makes the necessary amendments. See what the unjust farmers do; if ye then being evil know how to do this………… how much more would your heavenly father (the husbandman)……….

He Cares!

In as much as you belong to this movement. HE cares so much about you; this does not only apply to your spiritual well being. Of a truth, He must work on you spiritually but HE also cares about every facet of your life. The hairs on your head are numbered, HE sees each tears that rolls down your cheek, HE knows the details of your life, HE knows what you are passing through, “ we have not an high priest that cannot be moved with the feelings of our infirmities”. HE feels what you feel so he cannot afford you to weep, HE can afford you to fail, HE can afford you to miss it in any aspect of your life but our problem is that we do not acknowledge him, we have told HIM and we do not allow HIM.

Mind you this act most times is not in words but in our deeds or better still, in the way we do our things. We have often thought ourselves to be alone in this wide world. We usually think we can do things without involving him and then later cross leg waiting to see him intervene in that same matter especially when it is sure to fail! God is a God of impossibilities, in case you have a dream or a goal that you could not share with your fellow humans and that you feel no one will understand you or most people will misunderstand you. You can share it with him, I assure you it is the best thing to do because the inspiration of the dream in your heart in the first place was his handiwork!

Gleans from Loretta P. Burns

Loretta p. burns has rightly said it “As children brought broken toys with tears for us to mend I brought my broken dream to God because He is my friend but then instead of leaving him in peace to work alone I hung around and tried to help with ways that were my own, at last I snatched then back and cried how can be so slow? My child He said what could I do… you never did let it go" Brethren Keep your self from sin, stay in His presence and believe His word.

Christ is the living spring. Christ is all we need in this life, give all to him and enter his rest.

Hymn (My Father Knows)


He knows the bitter, weary way

The endless striving day by day

The soul that weep, the souls that pray

My father knows, my father knows


He knows when faint and worn we sink,

How deep the pain, how near the brink

Of dark despair we pause and shrink:

My father knows, my father knows


He knows how hard the fight has been,

The cloud that come our lives between,

The wounds the world has never seen;

My father knows, my father knows


He knows! O heart, take up thy cross

And know earth’s treasures are but dross,

And all will prove as gain, not loss;

My father knows, my father knows

Heureuse noel et bon anee en avance

© 2010 Emmanuel O ADESUYI


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