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The Gopher Tree Versus The Christmas Tree

Updated on January 29, 2019


When purpose is lost, abuse is inevitable!

It has often been said that a party is the madness of many for the gain of few. Men would never stop to amaze me – a man will build a magnificent house, and choose to sleep in expensive hotels because of his status as a rich man! A man will leave his beautiful wife at home and choose to run after a stripper just for the lust of it! A man will load his refrigerator with drinks, only to follow his friends to the club house for drinks at unholy hours of the day!

Many times, men do not know or understand why they are doing what they are doing. Sociologists say that man is a social animal. This is the very reason why advertisement companies and industries are exploring the fact that man is truly a social animal. Men would go all the way to buy things that they do not need. In the dungeon of their darkness, men would buy and drink a poison, if it is well advertised!

In collaboration with the gentile Church, the business world came out with the idea of Christmas tree to be sold to the people of God. When goodly idea gets to godly hands, it becomes a phenomenon. This is the story of the Christmas tree which comes with the endorsement of the gentile Church.

However, as far as God is concerned, He only told Noah to make an Ark out of a Gopher tree (wood). This was what God told Noah:

‘Make a ship of gopher wood. You shall make rooms in the ship, and shall seal it inside and outside with pitch. This is how you shall make it. The length of the ship shall be three hundred cubits, its width fifty cubits, and its height thirty cubits.’Genesis 6:14 – 15

From the above verses of the Bible, God intend to use the gopher tree as a medium to save mankind from the flood. As a matter of fact, it was God’s Ark made by Noah, and not Noah’s ark as commonly called. Noah was only the contractor, God owned the Ark.

What took place in most Old Testament scenes were shadows to the substances in the New Testament. The Old Testament concealed the New Testament, and the New Testament revealed the Old Testament. The Ark of God was also a shadow of salvation in the New Testament.

The dimensions of the Ark speak volume to us as indicators or factors of Salvation:

The length of the Ark was to be three hundred cubits; three hundred being the number of deliverance!

The width of the Ark was to be fifty cubits; fifty being the number of Pentecost!

The height of the Ark was to be thirty cubits; thirty being the number of maturity!

So we can relate these numbers to Salvation today, where once you are saved, you are delivered from satanic oppressions. Once you are saved you are to yield to the Holy Spirit which came down on the day of Pentecost. Once you are truly saved, you are to come into maturity and enter into service.

Gopher Tree versus The Christmas Tree

1.The gopher tree was used to make Noah’s Ark – a type of Jesus’ Cross!

Although beautiful in appearance, the Christmas tree has nothing to do with salvation.

2. People came to Noah’s Ark, and are still coming to the Cross of Jesus Christ without an asking price,

The Christmas tree comes to your house with a price on it – it is merely commercial.

3. The Ark of Noah made from the gopher tree or the Cross of Jesus Christ had no room for decorations which we called cosmetic Christianity.

The Christmas tree allows many decorations; with each decoration from different company.

4. The gopher tree was the choice of God.

The Christmas tree was the choice of man.

5. The gopher tree which represents Noah’s Ark – a type of Jesus’ Cross is an everyday issue that borders on Salvation.

The Christmas tree is seasonal – it has no relevance outside its season.

6.The Ark or the Cross of Jesus are heavy in weight – they represent a serious issue of life and death.

The Christmas tree is light and fanciful, easy to carry about.

7.The world is ignoring the gopher tree and all that it stands for – Salvation!

The world has idolized the Christmas tree, with every home with its Christmas tree – an indirect idolatry.

The Christmas tree is a product of adultery between business and religion, although it is meant to be a decoration, but it has become a religious giant in the world. Although many will be offended by this, but the truth is that there is nothing associating or connecting Jesus Christ with the Christmas tree!

Many non – Christian are into the business of producing the Christmas tree every year, just for the money it involves, and not because of Jesus Christ or His work of Salvation.

We have nothing against the Christmas tree; it just an ordinary decoration, but the gopher tree is portrays the Cross of Jesus with its message of Salvation worthy to be observed every day.

We can do nothing against the truth, but for the truth (2 Corinthians 13:8)

Preparing the Bride,

Segun Tewogbola


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