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The Great Poet Isaiah A Prophet of the Lord

Updated on August 10, 2008

The Poet Isaiah

There are few poets in history that can compare with the majestic style of the prophet Isaiah. His entire book of writings can be taken as a whole and seen as one complete work of poetry, yet each verse individually can be extracted and stand alone as beautiful prose. The intricacy in his style of composing verse is unmatched by any. His use of introverted parallelism or "chiasmus" throughout his prophetic writings suggests the possibility that pure revelation is received in this structured form.

Isaiah by Michelangelo

Raised in Judah

Born about 770 BC, very little is recorded about Isaiah's boyhood or his family life. He was raised in the Southern kingdom; know as Judah in the city of Jerusalem. It was here that he married and raised his two sons. When the prophet was a boy Judah was a strong nation, enjoying a season of prosperity. Throughout his lifetime Isaiah becomes a witness to the eventual financial ruin and political captivity of this great nation.

The Temple

Isaiah was highly educated and spent his entire life connected with the social exchange in, and around, the temple. It was on these very temple grounds that he received his prophetic call from the Lord.

The Coming of the Messiah

As a prophet Isaiah is timeless. His council and warnings were not only for the people who lived during his own lifetime but for the profit of the people living throughout all ages, and especially for the people of today. His prophetic warnings cover a span of about three thousand years of Israelite history. They not only foretell of the first coming of the Messiah, but also of the second coming as well. He teaches of the scattering of Israel and of its eventual gathering through the restoration of the gospel. His writings are fraught with events surrounding the Millennium and tell of events that occur before, during, and after the event.

Artist Harry Anderson

Unique and Unsurpassed

Isaiah as a poet is unparalleled in world literature. His mastery of this form of artistic expression reveals messages of both spiritual and intellectual sophistication. His vocabulary extends beyond that of any other of the Old Testament prophets, as he shows a profound knowledge of the Hebrew tongue and poetic manner of expression. Other writers may reach similar heights of expression but none come anywhere close to the vast amount of his writings and consistency shown in his style. His style is unique and unsurpassed; utilizing the divinely inspired skills he was given and developed to near perfection

Poetic and Timeless

Isaiah's ministry was varied. Oral tradition was the style of the day, however, much of Isaiah's words were recorded on scrolls to be used for future generations. His discourses are, without a doubt, some of the most important prophetic writings contained in the Old Testament. He is quoted more in the New Testament than any other Old Testament prophet. His words are poetic and timeless at the same time.

Why Study Isaiah

By studying Isaiah's beautiful prose we can come to understand many great and important things about the Lord Jesus Christ and His purpose concerning the Father's plan for us. As we apply the council he gives we can move closer to our Savior and become as He would have us be, like Him. It is for our own profit and learning to study and "liken" the words of Isaiah to ourselves and our situation.


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