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The Haunts of Woodson Latreal Road

Updated on July 14, 2015

Some places ghosts seem to gravitate to. Not haunted by one spirit.Or two. But maybe dozens. Places as such as Woodson Lateral Road. Naturally spooky, "flanked by tall " trees son both side, overhanging Highway 365. A cemetery is located off to one side and pentagrams periodically show up, spray painted on the black top . At night, the road just seems to go on and on...
The "road is established along a baseline and is perfectly straight and very long." Along this long stretch are stories about a haunted abandoned barn, the ghost of an owl that sits in the middle of the street before simply vanishing and the apparition of a woman that appears after you stand on a bridge and call out her name. Susan Johnson!


The Vanishing Hitchiker

Every state in America has their own version of the hitchhiking ghost. In Arkansas ours can be picked up on a stretch of blacktop named Woodson Lateral Road, near the small town of Woodson. Highway 365.


Described as a young woman, wearing a torn, bloodstained white gown. He face "bruised and battered...with a cut on her forehead." If the night is rainy, she holds a newspaper over her head. Drivers report that the girls tells them she lives in Woodson, her name is Mary Smith and just wants to get home and asks to sit in the back seat.. "It isn't far" she tells them. "I will be fine once I get home". They say when they arrive at the home she directs them to, once they get out to assist the injured girl and open the door, the seat is empty. The damp newspaper left behind, dated May 1973.
When the helpful, but confused, driver goes up the door of the house and knocks. The owner tells them the ghost is their dead daughter, who died on this night in 1973. She and her boyfriend were on the way to prom, when the boyfriend lost control of his car on the on slicked road and crashed, killing them both.

One story tells of a man who lent the woman his jacket, a barrier against the chilly evening. As he approaches a large house, she tells him to stop; that this her house. She thanks him for the lift and gets out of the car. As the man drives away, he realizes she left with his jacket. He drives back to the aforementioned house and knocks on the door, An elderly woman answers and tells him the story about the car accident many years before. He also finds out the girls name and the cemetery where she is buried. He goes to the grave sight and there," neatly folded", on the gravestone is his jacket.


The vanishing hitchhiker has been spotted as far north as Little Rock and as far south as Hensley, Ar.

Spook Lights

As you drive the long stretch of road, the lights of a motorcycle appear and you can even hear the engine as it approaches. One witness describes it as "You're out and you're driving and you can see the front light of his motorcycle ...then it kind of passes over your car and you look in your rear view mirror and then you can see the red light of the back of it, but it's not really anything there. It just dissipates." Locals report steeling the lights over and over again.
Phantom headlights will appear behind your car and follow you, sometimes for miles. The lights are sometimes mistaken for the lights of a cop car and the pulls over, only to have the lights vanish.
One legend says it's the ghost of Mary Smiths boyfriend, looking for her.


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