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The Healthy & Spiritual Benefits of Fasting Ramadan

Updated on June 7, 2016

Fasting Ramadan!

Ramadan: A month of Fasting!

Ramadan is a month of fasting for all Muslims around the world. Also, it’s a month full of blessing, giving, and piousness and self-training. Indeed, the essence of fasting Ramadan is spiritual. Nevertheless, this holy month offers a number of benefits for both the mind and body. There is intense spiritual meaning to Ramadan for those who fast. Muslims practice generosity by being charitable, family-bonding by gathering around the iftar table, spirituality by praying, and self-control by practicing good manners.
All these habits build a feeling of peace, tranquility and self-satisfaction. Prophet Mohammed said ( soomo tasehho), which means fast and be healthy. Fasting daily for one month, starts from down to sunset, by avoiding food, water, sex and vulgar talk during the fasting period. Fasting reminds us of the poor people who can't find food, and help them. Fasting is not only in Ramadan month, you can fast at any time of the year, and take fasting as a diet, because of its healthy benefits on the body.

If any negative effects were seen at all, it was in those who over-indulge in food at iftar or do not sleep well at night. You should also keep in mind that if fasting will be dangerous to your health, such as in Type 1 Diabetics, you are not recommended to fast as your medical condition may worsen. For those of you who can fast,read and learn about some of the incredible health benefits about fasting in this artical.

Ramadan Around the World!

The Benefits of Fasting:

  1. Fasting removes toxins that accumulate in the human body, which can not be removed and disposed of only by refraining from food and drink.
  2. Fasting leads to the stability of the psychological status of the fasting person; it provides a break for the brain and brain cells.
  3. It purifies the blood, and rids of toxins, and when the blood goes to the brain it would be clean, and improve thinking.
  4. Get rid of the weak and diseased cells.

Fasting is Diet!

Calories consumption is overall decreased in Ramadan. If you maintain your usual eating habits, you are very likely to eat less amounts of food and lose weight. This is especially true in Ramadan, when your source of Energy during your fast is mainly fat. Trying to stay lightly active during the day can promote even more fat break-down.


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