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The High Places

Updated on March 17, 2013

The High Places are where we are destined for,

To live with our Lord forevermore,

For it’s there at His Throne we can humbly seek,

To give Him our hearts and all that is weak,

And out of this time we can stand and say,

That our homecoming isn’t that far away.

For He’s coming again on the clouds, trumpet blasting,

And we’ll be caught up into His everlasting,

When that time comes my prayer is that you,

Are ready to meet Him, staying faithful and true,

The key is to daily seek His Holy face,

And to know that we’re here because of His grace.


For His grace is a free gift that He loves to pour out

And it’s fully sufficient to wipe away doubts,

It’s the great over comer that requires surrender

For it’s there in your weakness that grace is your defender

God knew from the start that you’d need it each day,

So cry

‘Grace, more grace, and Your Shalom Lord, we pray.’

Oh precious, sweet Saviour and Lord of all lords,

May Your coming be quick for You are our reward,

Our hearts earnestly seek for the time we can be,

In Your arms safe and sound for Eternity,

Ruling and reigning right by Your Side,

As Your spotless and blameless, glorious Bride.

Until that time comes we have much work to do,

So fill us afresh Lord, overflowing in You,

Then our mouths will ring out of Your love that abounds,

Till the harvest is reaped here on earthly ground,

But we’ll stop time to time so that we can meet,

And we’ll thankfully worship and sit at Your feet.

©J.M.Smith 2008


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    • Morningwings profile image

      J M Smith 4 years ago from United Kingdom

      Hi Beth, truly appreciate you. Pray He pours out His strength in and through you this day. Blessings and grace abounding to you and yours.

    • profile image

      Beth37 4 years ago

      So true. We're all so weary. Come Lord.