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The Hilarity of the Alternative Universe of Sanyasa

Updated on July 19, 2016

Everything including us is abstract and yet, we look for well rounded definitions, figures, truths and absolutes. No wonder we are fighting an endless and confusing battle but are there any other ways to it? Is sanyasa the only option? Moreover, isn’t sanyasa unfair to your own family members? Isn’t it selfish? Isn’t it easier to abandon your responsibilities than to take them up? Sanyasa in the old age is impossible as by then, most of us are unfit. But what does it actually mean? Isn’t it simply a way to attain peace?

Yes, there are problems which keep us away from peace but asceticism will only ensure that you run away from your problems and not solve them. Which then is the right course to take? Moreover, is the right course necessary? While some of us attain to absolve into the almighty, some others question and seek answers to the existence of the almighty. Wouldn’t life be easier if one didn’t mock the other?

After all, everything is difficult in its own manner. The blankness of the mind, the fulfilment of feelings or the systematic existence of the body, nothing can be explained. It is hard to live no matter what course you take but it is harder to die with the consciousness of life. Is it possible to lose this consciousness? Moreover, the loss of this consciousness isn’t going to help you live or die. Then again, don’t we all exist in-between anyway?

The oxford comma, that’s what we all are. Pauses for until there is a full stop... Who poses the best in the pause doesn’t matter because the best pose ends up in school text books and is then the subject of choicest of curses. Irrespective of the pause, our body at least mixes with nature and our soul depending upon religion attains heaven, hell, nirvana or rebirth. It is funny that different things should happen to different souls. Obviously, there is a missing link here.

Yet, we don’t know too many things. It is impossible to know everything. Even if it were possible, is it necessary? One might choose to excel in their chosen field but then again, there is a better world outside the field. For how long is one going to enjoy a field day? If you’d seen Ganguly’s team, fielding isn’t India’s forte you’d say. Honestly, isn’t. Follow your forefathers without questioning is India’s forte.

Sadly, it is unsettling for those who have been educated in the British ways of logic and reason and that is whole of India. Some people are annoying and some of these annoying people have a public platform to needle the hell out of everyone.

You can’t escape these; they keep distracting you. Distraction is good once in a while but not all the time. Why am I writing these things? Why shouldn’t I? If someone can uproot your entire understanding by discovering an alternate universe with three suns (the plural of the Sun didn’t exist until now and hence, my grammar checker shows an error), then why can’t I ramble a few lines?


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