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The Hill Abduction

Updated on January 3, 2014

The Hills


The Hill Abduction

Also called the Zeti Reticuli incident, the Hill incident was the first documented case of alien abduction, in the United States. Since then, thousands upon thousands of people have come forward to have their stories of abduction documented. With the advent of the internet, stories of abduction and ufo sightings are found on blogs, such as this well-known alien abduction blog

Still, the Hills started the trend, and though their tale wasn't neccessarily original, it was the first of its kind. This is their story. 

Niagara Falls

The Hills' Encounter

The Hills were returning from a Vacation at Niagara Falls on the night of September 19th. As they were passing through the Vermont wilderness, they noticed an odd light in the sky, which seemed to be moving and following them, even going so far as to get closer.

Betty's sister had reported a few years back, that she thought she had seen a flying saucer. Betty decided to pull the car over, as to let the dog out to use the bathroom, but she also got some binoculars out, and tried to get a closer peek at the object. It seemed like a disc with many multi-colored lights.

Barney eventually watched as the strange craft moved closer to them up the way on the road, forcing him to pull over. He exited the vehicle with his pistol and binoculars, and approached the craft, looking through the binoculars. He reported having seen 6 beings inside the craft. As the craft started to come closer to them, Barney ran away hysterical, returning to the car, and speeding away. 

They made it home, a little bit later than usual, but felt compelled to clean themselves, check their luggage, and a few other details.

The Hills Portrait


After they reported their encounter to the US Air Force, the two tried to return to a normal life. However, Betty would have very realistic dreams, almost always in the early morning, telling of some sort of abduction that happened the night of the encounter, to include a medical examination by men in blue cadet uniforms.

This led them, eventually, to a regressive hypnosis scenario. During the session, both revealed that after driving away from the UFO, Barney abruptly turned off on a dirt road, and brought the car to a stop near six small human-like figures.

Barney remembered that he was so anxious and scared that he kept his eyes closed the majority of the time. As the encounter wore on, whenever he would look at the creatures, all he could recollect was the large black, emptyness of their eyes. It had a profound impact on him.

Betty's account of the tale was far less energetic. She noted that she could speak with the creatures in English, and that they showed her some sort of star map while on-board the ship.

The Hill Hypnosis


Are we to believe that a significantly advanced alien species came to Earth, to gather information about us by abducting specimens. Certainly, we do abduct specimens from creatures we consider lesser, without their consent, and sometimes do horrible things to them. It is so hard to imagine that an advanced civilization might be so far advanced of our technology to have to return to some of these basic ideas?

What other reason could they have for abducting people? What purpose? Are these events even occurring, and if not, how do we explain the very uniform narrative of abduction?

Or is it possible that this is one massive collective delusion? We are interested to see the scary film, and we slow as we pass the wreck on the side of the road. Maybe this is something of a cautionary tale mixed with a moralistic story? "Don't trust strange lights." Not everything that shines is gold, as they say.


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    • profile image

      nythawk 5 years ago

      Some people have theorized that these were human beings that used some sort of psychological agent to make them think they had been abducted by extraterrestrials. It was done as a disinformation event. There was even some stories that Betty Hill knew someone well versed in astronomy. Since they are dead now I doubt if the real truth will ever be known.