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The Holographic multiverse and consciousness

Updated on September 13, 2012

Performing magick requires an altered state of consciousness.  In “The Field” Lynne McTaggart notes the speculation that consciousness, like matter at the quantum level  can either be localised, the normal state for most of us, living inside our bodies, or non-local, where we feel like we are everywhere and connected to everything. She calls these aspects particle and wave aspects of consciousness respectively, then reviews evidence that the non-local or wave aspect is associated with  PSI phenomena and suggests that  in the wave state we are  in phase with the Zero Point Field (ZPF) and can thereby extract information or manipulate matter remotely through the field.

I find the idea of the Zero Point Field intriguing and plausible, because I am familiar, as a software developer, with computer frameworks, complex programs that allow apparently unconnected  software components to interact through the framework – last year I was involved in writing a simple framework and in using others. In this analogy the framework corresponds to the ZPF and the communicating programs to individual organisms.

However I am sure things are not  that simple. Shamanic drumming and rattling allow the Shaman to enter a world where they communicate with beings like Rabbit and Raven, who  may be considered some sort of Archetype while In his book “Supernatural” Graham Hancock shows that various drugs apparently give entry to different spirit worlds.

So I wonder is  the ZPF  particles popping in  and out of nothing  or leaking between our universe and another universe. We may be another universe's ZPF. The notion that everything that happens or will happen is recorded in the ZPF may mean that our universe is some other universe's memory.  

Now consider the hypothesis, that data is stored in the ZPF as a hologram. The interesting thing about holographic storage is that, the  same plate can be used to store multiple images which appear when the hologram is viewed at different angles. 

It seems that  there are multiple altered states of consciousness that allow consciousness to enter different worlds. The world entered via Peyote is not the world entered with LSD is not the world entered by drumming or dancing, and none of these are the world of the alcoholic  with its pink elephants and purple giraffes.  It seems plausible to consider the multiverse as a hologram in which each state of consciousness corresponds to an “angle” and is entered by achieving the right state of consciousness. If the worlds “overlap”  magick may correspond  to performing a simple  action in one world that  is  mirrored by a result that is inexplicable in  our normal world. For example shamans claim that by interacting with spirits in the unseen world they  can  see, foresee or influence events in this world in ways not possible  from this world. And that is magick.   By entering  the right mode of consciousness  one may be able to influence  remote events or extract otherwise inaccessible  information, while  the use of other techniques allows access to different spirit worlds by viewing the hologram  that is the multiverse from different angles.

The idea  that  information is stored in the ZPF as a hologram led to the idea of the multiverse as a hologram with  the angle at which the hologram is viewed corresponding to  different states of consciousness and the possibility that simple actions in one world may be mirrored by inexplicable results in another.  At this stage this is purely speculation, but in the spirit of Chaos Magick may be a useful tool for generating results.

The bottom line is that magick requires an altered state of consciousness, and an altered state of consciousness may also be needed for transition between different spirit worlds, with each state of consciousness  being the key to  a different universe.

But again things are not so simple. The universe you end in depends on more than the state of consciousness you adopt. The same technique can be used to meditate on the Tarot or the Runes but the worlds you enter are very different. LSD can  take you to Heaven or Hell. Where you  end up is influenced by  what you want  and what you expect. Physics indicates there is an observer independent reality but  does not exclude the possibility that this reality is very susceptible to  our unconscious belief.  I will deal with this in a future article


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    • AlexK2009 profile image

      AlexK2009 6 years ago from Edinburgh, Scotland

      Interesting notion Kiriu, maybe we switch between universes unconscious of the change.

    • profile image

      Kirui 6 years ago

      Infact even the huge memory of man can actually be stored in ZPF. my intuition tells me that memory is invinsible. remembering is like some objective but unique experience.

      Consider time quantisation and compare it with the computer technique of time multiplexing. now consciousness is being switch on and off naturally due to time quantisation. perhaps this may anable parallel realities to be experienced like the way time multiplexing allows different data to pass through the same conductor simulteniously.

    • AlexK2009 profile image

      AlexK2009 7 years ago from Edinburgh, Scotland

      Thank you. I make great efforts to think outside various boxes. Sometimes I succeed

    • Kori Lee F.P. profile image

      Kori Lee F.P. 7 years ago from Northern Arizona

      Awsome hub- finally someone who writes something worthy- I agree in all parts of your philosophy!!! Keep breaking the status quo!!!!