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The Human Aura in Daylight and in Darkness

Updated on August 10, 2008

It is important to master the faculty of seeing the magnetic aura in the daylight, because more complete details can thus be eventually obtained than in the dark, and this is the only way to learn how to perceive the human aura.

For the purpose of trying one's vision in broad daylight, take a good horseshoe magnet and hold it perpendicularly in front of you, - either against the background of an open outside light, such as can be obtained from looking out from the inside of a room through an open window, or against a near inside background, - for instance a white or dark wall, according to the nature of the light.

Then look at the edge of the magnet with one eye only and gradually approach it or slide it away from you, until you obtain the best focus of vision. Look steadily along the same poiot, until it dawns on you that a kind of a quivering, narrow band of mist or vapour is flowing from the metal and prevents your sight from freely perceiving the object back of it, producing, in fact, a sort of bending of your visual rays.

As soon as you realize the presence on the edge of the magnet, of this current of vaporous mist, - which may be compared to the appearance of the heated air which arises in summertime from hot fields, - the first psychic visual victory has been obtained, and the perception of the other phenomena connected with the aura will only need time, perseverance and practice: and, once the magnet is conquered, one may expect to speedily obtain the sight of the beautiful and intricate currents on the human body.


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