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The Importance of Christian Baptism are you Born Again?

Updated on May 28, 2012
Scriptural: Full Immersion Baptism
Scriptural: Full Immersion Baptism | Source

The importance of Christian baptism.

To Begin, Christian Baptism Is Commanded by Christ for all believers as a Part of the Great Commission (Mat 28:19). In obedience we are Commanded to Teach (Evangelize) then Baptize (Immersion) the new Believers, and then to continue to teach them… and to complete their education in the Christian faith.

Baptism (Scriptural Baptism) Is Post Salvation and Pre-Church Membership. (Acts 2:38-47)

Baptism is "Not to wash away Sin" as some people suppose... Baptism is an Ordinance of the Church much like the Lords Supper which is also a Memorial (not Literal). 1Peter 3:21 "The like figure whereunto even baptism doth also now save us (not the putting away of the filth of the flesh, but the answer of a good conscience toward God,) by the resurrection of Jesus Christ:

(It is "the Answer of a Good Conscience toward God"... that is... "Belief"... and "Faith" that saves you through the work of Christ.)

Baptism can also be looked at as "a First Act of Obedience for a New Believer."


Baptism is an open display of a persons Conversion to the cause of Christ. And that they have Died to their former life of sin apart from God… Been buried with Christ and have arisen to live in Newness of Life with the risen Savior. (Romans 6. Col 2:12, 1 Peter 3:21)


Thirdly: (Much like the Second point above) Baptism is a Picture that is being shown to the rest of the world… to everyone who views the Baptism and to everyone to whom it is explained, That Jesus Died on the Cross, (for our sins) was Buried and Resurrected for our Justification.


Fourthly: When a Person Submits to the Ordinance of Baptism they are making a conclusive decision to Die to this present life and allow their old sinful life to be buried with Christ… and making the commitment to “Walk in Newness of Life”.

Scriptural Baptism:  The Commitment of Believers.
Scriptural Baptism: The Commitment of Believers. | Source


Lastly: It should be noted that a study of Church History at this point will show that Baptism is one of the most Critical Doctrines showing how closely a Church chooses to either follow the Bible (God’s Word) -OR- Whether they choose to place their own opinions above God’s Word and do it their own way IN SPITE of what was commanded by Christ and taught to his apostles.

This is the Doctrine that has caused countless millions of Christians to be martyred and brutally killed for their stand on proper Baptism.. and for Refusing to accept anything less than Proper Scriptural Believers Baptism.

If you are a Born Again Believer in the Lord Jesus Christ… you need to submit to proper Scriptural Baptism, and you need know and understand the importance of it.

For more information on this subject, you may read the book “The trail of Blood” by J.M. Carrol and also freely search the internet about “the importance of Believers Baptism”. (You may also read some of my other blogs dealing with the Church and its history)


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    • MrMaranatha profile image

      MrMaranatha 5 years ago from Somewhere in the third world.

      Peace of the Lord my friend Kaleem, It is good to see you... Keep up the battle my brother...

    • profile image

      kaleem 5 years ago

      It is my advice to all Christians, Time is near. There is need to work in Harvest, Holy Bible says "Harvest is truly great, but laborers are few". BE A LABOR , if you want to get "CROWN OF LIFE". Blessings +