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The Importance of Grace

Updated on September 5, 2012
From the Heart of Jesus flows Divine Graces
From the Heart of Jesus flows Divine Graces
The Mystery of the Trinity
The Mystery of the Trinity
As a flower turned to the SON
As a flower turned to the SON
Our Lady of Grace
Our Lady of Grace
Heart of my heart
Heart of my heart

The Importance of Grace and Filling Oneself with It

When we clean the inside of the cup and sin erase,

We must fill it with Divine Grace,

From the Triune Love’s embrace.

For if we leave it empty and void

We will never be a heart overjoyed,

And be a ray of Light unswayed!

What is a heart worth if it is not filled with Love

Grace is given in abundance from Above,

He sent His Love in form of a Dove.

Yet we seek elsewhere to reap some reward and find some happiness

But our hearts are actless,

Hence we are nothing but abominableness.

Like a flower that refuses to look to the light

We have lost our sight and failed to ignite,

For our heart was not contrite.

It failed to gather and grow

It failed to let Graces flow,

It failed to set itself aglow.

Oh Holy Spirit set our hearts on fire

So that our hearts not be dead or sunk in the mire,

This is our deepest heart’s desire.

We must not just clean the cup

But must also fill it up,

From the Sacred Heart must we sup.

Drink His most Precious Blood so sweet

And eat His Sacred Body of finest wheat,

Jesus, is what makes our hearts beat.

It is the most Blessed Trinity

And Mary of pure virginity,

Who form us into divinity.

All our actions and works

Are to make us more than mere sparks

For the Trinity, Grace imparts.

So let’s gain as much as we can

And be the fighting man

So we can say the Good Race we ran.

That will be the day of great joy

And our happiness no one can destroy

One will we be with LOVE-JOY!

Heart of my heart

Never to depart

This is the start.

For all infinity

We will dwell in the Divinity

In the Love of the Holy Trinity!!!


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    • profile image

      Ericka-Maria 5 years ago

      My Beautiful sister in Christ!

      I am so overjoyed of the overflowing of the Holy Spirit in your life. He has poured out so many graces that, He even had to put it on pen and paper. Even then He uses that to pour out on to your readers. Thank you for your Fiat my amazing sister!

      Your in my prayers

      In Jesus, our life,