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The Incredible Story of God's Amazing Love - Introduction

Updated on March 15, 2010

Lord of All Creation!

Awesome God!

Amazing Love!

Power of Your Love


What's the very worst thing that can happen to us?

There are a lot of bad things to choose from.  We can become ill, lose our friends, family members, or pets, lose our jobs, our homes, all our money, or be victims of crime or natural disasters - but, by far the very worst that can happen is to lose our life forever, to cease to exist and to be no more.

No one really wants to die. To die means that our hopes, dreams, aspirations, our physical bodies, our appearance, our families, pets, talents, emotions, our struggles, have all been for nothing. What a waste, and what a shame, to lose it all forever!

But the fact remains:  We will all die as a result of sin.

"For the wages of sin is death; but the gift of God is eternal life through Jesus Christ our Lord." Rom 6:23

Eternal death is the consequence of breaking God's Law.There is no getting around this.

"For all have sinned, and come short of the glory of God;" Rom 3:23

We have "all sinned and come short of the glory of God". This eternal death is not really a "punishment from God", but is the direct result and consequence of the damage done by the violation of the Ten Commandments (The Law of Love) and the entrance of sin into a once sinless and perfect world.

God's Commandments are inviolate and immutable forever. They can not be changed nor added to by "one jot nor by one tittle". This is clearly stated in the Bible:

"For verily I say unto you, Till heaven and earth pass, one jot or one tittle shall in no wise pass from the law, till all be fulfilled." Mat 5:18

The reason Jesus Himself had to die to redeem us from death, was because the Ten Commandments are eternally valid as the Law of the Universe, and can not ever be altered nor done away with. This Law is the law that binds all of God's creation together in perfect sense and harmony. Without the structure of this Law and its guiding principles, there can be only chaos, cruelty, sickness, depravity, murder, destruction, and death. The breaking of this Law perverts the order of life and results in certain death.

Satan's biggest lie is that we will not die if we violate God's Commandments. He has attempted to mislead us constantly all through history into believing that if we break the Commandments, nothing will happen and we won't die, despite God's warning that if we sin, we will surely die. He wants us to think that death is not absolute, and that we are able to speak, act, or participate in what goes on in the world after we are dead. He can cause the dead to seem to "speak" to us through mediums, the "apparitions" of dead people, statues of saints "crying", and etc., by using the many supernatural powers at his disposal. This is all Satanic trickery, as God's truth says that the dead "are sleeping and no longer take part in anything that goes on under the sun".

This "Great Controversy" between God and Satan began in Heaven, when Satan was cast out because of his rebellion against God's kingdom of love, and then came to make war on His children by speaking through the serpent (which was his first supernatural manifestation), assuring Adam and Eve that if they disobeyed God, they would not die - even though God told them that they would die if they violated the precepts of love. His purpose is to separate us from God's love and the salvation and eternal life now available to us through Jesus.

Satan hates us because God loves us. He loves nothing better than to see our suffering, death and destruction. Hurting and destroying us satisfies his desire to rebel against God Himself. He is constantly working to cause doubt, fear, and lack of faith in God's children. He unceasingly points out our deficiencies to God and strives endlessly to lead us into sin and away from Jesus and His love and saving grace. He wants us to believe that God is a cruel and exacting taskmaster instead of the loving and tender Father that He truly is. He wants us to think that God is the cause of all the woes and suffering in the world, when actually it is Satan who causes all this pain and destruction.

According to biblical prophecy, which is God's own word, we are now living in the "End Times". The Second Coming of Jesus and our salvation is imminent - "at the very door". Satan presently has at his disposal the use of "all powers and principalities" to deceive us and lead us into eternal death and destruction. He is "roaring up and down the earth like a lion, seeking whom he might devour", and evil and chaos are rampant under his direction. But, though it may not seem like it, there are still many who have love in their hearts, and who resist evil, and it is intended that they be saved. (You, yourself, may be one of those people!)

Remember this: If you were the only person who would accept God's love and salvation, Jesus would have died on the cross just for YOU! You are not unknown to Him; He loves you, and He wants life for you, not eternal death! God is always near and hears every prayer, even those unspoken ones. And he hears yours, too. He is waiting for you with great yearning and with outstretched arms. When one soul receives Jesus, there is great rejoicing in Heaven.

We need all the truth of God's word to avoid being deceived and tricked into eternal death. All need to learn the path that God in His mercy has provided, to guide us to Him and His Salvation, in these perilous and evil times. The ultimate deception of Satan will be his impersonation of Jesus himself, in his last and supreme effort to mislead God's children away from salvation, and to recruit followers to wage battle against God in the Final Conflict (Armageddon). We must be prepared, and put on the "whole armour of God" to withstand these attacks, to keep from being deceived, and to be able to stand blameless in the sight of God at the end of this world.

It is my intention to reveal God's Plan as it is explained by Himself in the Bible, in a simple and "true to our times" way, so that all can understand the truth of God's love for us, and the beauty of His plan to save us from death and give us eternal life.

Questions That Will Be Answered In These Pages:

1. Who is God? No, really... Who or what is He? Does He really exist? How can we know the answer to this question? What is His true character? And what does He want from us?

2. Who is responsible for all this mess here on earth? Why does everyone have to die? Why is there so much pain and suffering, and what is the purpose of it? Why are people so cruel, and why is it allowed to continue?

3. What is the true purpose of our lives and what is the true goal of our sojourn here on earth? How did we get here and who are we?

4. What is the "Law of Love" and why is it so important as the force that keeps everything in the Universe together in peace and harmony?

5. Is the Bible really God's own word? Or is it a bunch of fairy tales made up by impractical dreamers? How can we know what is truth and what is not?

6. What is our relationship to God? And what is our relationship to Jesus? What is the relationship between God and Jesus?

7. Who is Jesus? Was He just some nice guy that lived a long time ago? Or is He God? How can he be God and God's son at the same time? Why is He so important?

8. Why have events in our world deteriorated so badly in these times we live in, and what is the meaning of this? What will happen next? What will be the final destiny of our world?

9. Are churches following God's word these days? Or all they all full of fakes and liars? Can you find God in a church? Should you even go to church? How can you know if what they are doing in a church is what God wants them to be doing?

10. What is the meaning of the prophecies in the Bible? Are they indecipherable Are they indecipherable mysteries, or can they be understood? What will be the final events of this world?

Times and customs have changed greatly over the course of our human history, but God's plan for us and His Word will never change. God's truth is eternally valid and applies to all times, most especially the ones we are now living in. God has not become "less powerful", nor has His ability to save been lessened. His power and love are eternal...

My Prayer For This Book:

"Lord, may the words that I write, and the thoughts of my heart, be acceptable in your sight, and may your Truth touch the hearts of my readers and lead them to a knowledge of your eternal love and salvation. Let me be an instrument of your peace, and let your love be reflected through me. May these writings be the vehicle through which many are led to accept You as Lord of Lords and King of Kings, and to choose the love of Jesus and eternal life over the rewards of this world, which are empty and lead to eternal death."

"Precious Father in Heaven: Please help me follow the advice that I give to others, and to be a good example, instead of being headstrong and following my own ways..."

"Lord, please give me the words to explain the prophecies of the end times so that others can understand them and come to a full realization of their significance, and of the imminence of Jesus' Second Coming. Help us to be ready for your coming so we can live with you forever."

"Maranatha - please come soon, Lord Jesus, to put an end to all the pain and suffering in the world which has been caused by sin, and to establish your righteous and loving order once again in our world forever. Amen."

"The Incredible Story of God's Amazing Love" - Index

 1. The True Nature of God

 2. The Beauty of God's Creation
 3. The Law of Love

 4. The Seal of God
 5. How Sin Entered The World
 6. The Wages of Sin & Its Results
 7. The Word of God

 8. The Great Controversy
 9. Satan's Deceptions
10. God's Perfect Plan of Salvation
11. Jesus in Prophecy
12. The Desire of Ages
13. The Advent and Life of Jesus
14. The Miracles
15. Parables of Jesus
16. The Sermon on the Mount

17. Christ's Object Lessons
18. The Resurrection
19. Jesus Is Our Savior
20. The Miracle of Salvation by Grace
21. Steps to Christ
22. Accepting God's Grace
23. The Washing of Sins
24. Living in Christ
25. Reflecting Jesus
26. The Power of Prayer
27. God's Promises
28. The Holy Spirit ("The Comforter")
29. Healthy Living By God's Word
30. Blessed Are the Peacemakers...
31. Refining By Fire
32. Jacob's Trouble
33. The Work of Jesus in the Holy Temple
34. Living by Faith
35. The Bride of Jesus
36. God's Prophets
37. Daniel and The Revelation
38. God's Final Warning
(The Message of the 3 Angels)
39. The Abomination of Desolation
40. Doctrines of Devils
41. The Mark of the Beast
42. The Great Tribulation
43. "What Will Be the Signs of the End?"
44. The End of Probation
45. No More Forgiveness
46. God's Children in the End Times
47. Preparing for the Second Coming
48. The Second Coming of Jesus
49. The Holy City
50. Resurrection and Judgement
51. The Milennium
52. Armageddon (The Final Conflict)
53. The Final Judgement
54. The New Earth

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  • jesusmyjoy profile image

    Betty Bolden 6 years ago from Bucyrus Ohio


  • htodd profile image

    htodd 6 years ago from United States

    Thanks for the soccerluver...

  • soccerluver87 profile image

    soccerluver87 7 years ago

    Thank you so much! that was amazing

  • fred allen profile image

    fred allen 7 years ago from Myrtle Beach SC

    I am glad I found you on hubpages! You have a heart for God and the Holy Spirit is working strong in your writing. I look forward to reading all you write about our Father and His plan.

  • MagicStarER profile image

    MagicStarER 8 years ago from Western Kentucky

    I am smiling ear to ear! Thank you for your kind words. You made my day! But it is not really me that is writing this one. :) Don't worry if people think you are "out to lunch" - if you are eating lunch with Jesus, then being out to lunch is a very good thing!

  • skye2day profile image

    skye2day 8 years ago from Rocky Mountains

    Greetings Magicstar, I love your pen name. I would say you have Holy Spirit Power in you, on you, around and above you. Your work is amazing. You have a drive in you that is truly a God sent. Yes you need about 12 more hands. I can relate with you. Working for Christ is a most wonderful gift. I love to be in his presence and he is everywhere. There was no mistake you landed on my hub page. God is too cool. I love your Angelina Dancer site. Precious. You are a giver my friend and God is going to raise you up in a big way. We do reap what we sow. The wealth of info you give others to help and encourage them is a true joy. You are a beautiful, precious child of God. Thank You. I would purchase your book and share the good news as well. I am working on a book. Wowzer. Christ has laid the title on my heart and taken me each step. The evil one has tried to get in my face but I laugh him off. He does not want any new books out there for the Savior. I am so grateful we have the tools and he must flee. If I shared how this book is going to unfold most would think I was 'out to lunch' Ridiculous stuff in the 'world' of things make miracles in Heavenly Places. One day we will have to share. I am in your club now. I am honored and thankful we have met. I look forward to a friendship. Praise The Lord sister. Thank you for your awesome comment by the way. Did you hear the video? Edward John from Norway, wow he is awesome. He is my new fav. I love your music videos very nice touch. You do go all out. In Love Peace and Joy + + + Hillsong is awesome they are all amazing. Hugs

  • MagicStarER profile image

    MagicStarER 8 years ago from Western Kentucky

    Thanks for reading. I am compelled to write it. I am glad that someone has understood it. The world has forgotten how it got here and needs to be reminded. Because the Second Coming of Jesus is imminent. It's time to wake up.

  • Alexander Mark profile image

    Alexander Silvius 8 years ago from Portland, Oregon

    Fantastic! You said it right MagicStarER. God does not cause pain and suffering and does not want to see us go to hell, but he is the one who wants to save us from it! Thanks for finding me and becoming a fan, because I am going to enjoy your hubs for sure. You're an excellent writer to boot as your Hubpages introduction kept me captivated till the end. I am glad you are turning this into a book, exactly what we need for our times: discipleship. Saving is the first right and necessary step, but there are even fewer who teach. I can't stop praising your work here so I'll stop, (and thank God even more).