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Our Inner Sense

Updated on March 24, 2010

The Metric of Inner Sense

Our Minds Can Reach even Unto the Ends of the Universe
Our Minds Can Reach even Unto the Ends of the Universe
That Which We Find From Within    by My Son Joe Balestrino
That Which We Find From Within by My Son Joe Balestrino

The Mertrics of our Inner Sense

Our Inner most sense, is far more complex than our Common sense, actually it’s partially what feeds it. The Strongest way for one to access unconscientiously our inner self is through as we saw in the creators concept of the movie Hulk or if we want to access our other most inner sense we'd turn to Meditation, and once we place ourselves into lowest level of conscientiousness, were in touch with our most inner self, and just as we have a level of senses on the surface of our being, like feeling, smell, taste, and vibrations, as we live our daily lives, there are a group of sub senses which lie, deep within our subconscious, but the one that we access through Meditation lie just beneath our Dream state. If you were to desire communication with the spiritual forces around you, you would go to that Sub-Level state, like having a desire to talk with our Creator, by spiritually calling upon Jesus. We would also go to the spiritual state when wishing to communicate with a love one that has passed on, Of course only if we were once, apart of their daily life while they traveled with us through the same era of time, and we were able to have an interchange of aura's with one another [Our Subtle Sensory Stimulus] A personal Cosmos of self, if we can except that manner of thought. This is why mediums are limited; they have to go into a trance in hopes to feed off your aura to reach them. The strongest force that we carry besides are own are those we carried with us, like a mother carrying her child, or spending years caring for her child, or a spouse's which sleeps along side one another for years. Is during these times that the atoms from one another's aura intermingle with the others thus connecting them for years to come.

Well I'm primarily interested in keeping us focused with the spiritual even though there are allot of others levels to focus on like, Logic, Sense of being, and common sense. Ok. Now that we see, that there is an order to even our senses, and that they play a very important part of the choices or paths that we follow in our everyday lives and even in after life. I have either intrigued people over the years or caused them to back away, because of things that would swarm my thoughts at times when I would go deep into Meditation. Especially on the spiritual side. I believe those that fear the unknown, deprive them selves the opportunity to ponder, know one should ever take anything as fact, unless everything with in you says to, because that which is fact has been studied, and all that your inner self’s agrees with, SEEM LIKE A SENSIBLE PLAN most likely it is. That’s called gut instinct...

Well I'd like to try one of those messages or Visions of understanding; I picked up years ago, where we go when we die. Well actually we have choices, the first is the light, everyone knows about that one, but only a few talks about the doors, but those who choose the light can only experience once, because it takes you into the next stage of life, going with the flow as I call it. When our body expires and our essence arises from it, we would find ourselves to be nothing more than a cloud of gases an astronomical force of energy, which nothing hear on earth can break up. Actually our DNA is structured from the same physiology force, of course I'd recommend you talk with a physiologist, to better understand, So lets continue, this gaseous state can move on its own will well your past and present conscienceless, like a asterism of sorts, ok , I know! Get to the point. Well your looking for is a group of life cells that eggs, similar to a woman, but one might assume that the major focus is a woman, carrying a fertile egg, so to bring a sole within its pre-existing life force, prior to the hosting mother spiritually having created a formalization of her own. Ok, before some over react, realize millions on earth, just get pregnant and don't really think allot about the process, they focus on the simpler things, like what will I name him or her, I wonder what'll be like, will John want a baby, act. So Lets consider the dilemma of our creator, when we come together at the preordained promise in at the millennium and there are trillions to walk among. Surely we have evolved to where we might reason long side of our lord with certain logics he might have consider in the earlier stages of his creational designs away to which there wouldn't be such a mass. So to me this has some common sense to consider

Well, I believe that’s between you and him, not something meant for me to address, well not yet at least. Now I'm not implying at all, he just carry’s on with me, but rather that I'm for what ever reason receiving these thoughts or why me. This is why for years I just tried them out on t family then friends at first, then strangers and now you. I can say if everyone would have left me isolated in psycho Ward, I'd know not to tell anyone else, but seeing that your reading this means that there’s this slight possibility if for know other reason that there's always a possibility he wants us to always expand our inner reasoning and consider all possibilities. But sense my first audience is made up of the greatest sensitivity of socialites’ voice and collective thoughts; I figured if it’s just babble and has no metric it will perish here. But actually I believe sense I've been caring all this around awhile I have this most inner sense that there is something in this message that obviously far wiser than what I alone could have conjure this all up by myself.

Well the rest of this message is much easier, If your really interested in becoming apart of the cure with what plaques the mind of those who have brought destruction and kaous on to this world, than I'd recommend that you search with in your own inner sense, far deeper than the common sense we all seem to rely on, and share with us all what messages you might encounter, and heck if everyone find peace and silence then, we should rejoice, and consider that the worst is over and all my worries were in vane, and I can go fishing and enjoy the country side, maybe even pet a few squirrels. Thank you for at least reading this Hub, would love to have everyone response, you never know who else might be listening.

Thoughts to Consider before Meditation

Well I always start out by doing breathing exercises first, by breathing in through my nose till the count of 7, then hold it in, till I say sending oxygen to my lower back 6 times, then exhaling slowly through my mouth. Now once I've sent oxygen to what ever area's I feel stress or pain, so to bring my body to it most comfortable state. Then I just allow my subconscious slowly pull me down, you'll get this slight dropping feeling, if it affects you as it does me.

Now once I usually get there, I see a color, and after doing this a number of times I find that each color represents the mode in which your natural sense wish you to go in. note (this doesn't necessarily mean you have to, just means there something in your subconscious is apparently bothering you) See the inner sense controls us for the most part, not us controlling it. Just as we can't lie to ourselves, we can't mislead our senses, they try diligently to guide us through our common sense, but do to addictions, habits, and negative programming we find that our inner sense soon become inoperable, until we recognize the culprits that have created the road blocks, So in the meditation we clean house, untangle the wires and repaint the rooms. Till we can walk through everything with out any concerns.

Ok once we have basically emptied the house lets refurnish each room just as we want it to make us feel, witty, intelligent, musical, artistic, popular, ect then go out side and work on your yard, and design your neighbor. Now don't get confused here, I'm not being funny, this is real, lets consider this first, how many times have you had these realistic dreams, or fantasy’s where you wake and kind of remember a bit about it. Or what about the times you were in a dream, and someone or something was waking you up, and this dream was so nice you were getting a bit upset on the fact you were going to have to leave it. Now think how real and perfect everything was in that dream, real as life right! Ok having said that and reminding you that are creator designed us in his own image, thus telling us that his true desire was to have us to evolve closer to his level of mind so that we might fellowship with him one day, thus it's obvious that he just creates the universe we so love by pure thought. Now if I can only stress for a moment the words "Pure Thought"

Pure Thought is what we're striving for in meditation, a reasoning power, the power to image or bring forth conception, so if we live in pure thought, we would have pure beliefs and principles. So one must become absorbed in thought to meditate. Which mean careful reasoned thinking. . Ah were almost there, what about Pure, (unmixed with any other matter. I am that I m, the beginning and end of all things (matter the element in the universe that of all things which exist only potentially and upon which form acts to produce realities) thus the purer our thoughts the pure our life will be, just as we are what we eat, we act as we think and we think by matter of facts)

So If I haven’t confused you, we are a total make up of what we have come to think. So beliefs, are based on thinking, then what are feelings based on? How about instinct, a natural aptitude, impulse or Capacity. Ah now consider who designed us! And we then understand that are most inner self is a complex and largely hereditary and unalterable, does not involve reason and has as its goal the removal of somatic tension. Which is behavior that is mediated by reactions below the coconscious level?

Well I hope I given you the reasoning behind Meditation and whys, how come it works. But honestly everyone that take meditation serious, will tell you, that each of us have created our own gate ways, through deviation and devotion, to wanting to better ourselves. And for many a desire to draw closer to our creator. Serious Prayer is form of meditation actually allows you to sense a form of utopia (an imaginary and indefinitely remote place) a place of Ideal perfection in laws the laws of life and the pursuit of happiness. A government for which all should stand for. As well as for social conditions, which we should except nothing less for all that live and shall live. So help us God. We must except and trust God! So fear not to ask

Does God keep His promises and commitments even when humans fail to abide by theirs? God's character and values never change. Therefore He could never have abandoned His promises to ancient Israel. Through the mouth of one of His prophets He exclaimed to Israel: "For I am the LORD, I do not change; therefore you are not consumed, O sons of Jacob. Yet from the days of your fathers you have gone away from my ordinances and have not kept them. Return to me, and I will return to you..." (Malachi 3:6-7).

Through the prophet Jeremiah, God promised that Israel as a nation would continue to exist as long as the sun, moon and stars continued to shine (Jeremiah 31:35-36). He promises to protect and guide the destiny of all the descendants of ancient Israel until they—including those known as Jews and those among the lost 10 tribe Please Note --- restored as one nation at Christ's return.

God has made wonderful promises—some to individuals, some to nations and some to all of mankind. If He ever abandoned any promise and commitment to Abraham, Isaac, Jacob and their descendants, the Israelites, how could we ever believe He would keep His promises to us?

Our faith rests on the premise that God means what He says. It is because He is faithful to all of His commitments that we have a solid basis for trusting Him to keep His promises.

We see, then, that God's promises to ancient Israel are vitally important to us personally. The truthfulness of the Bible itself would collapse if God failed to fulfill His commitments to those exiled people. This is another reason for studying this subject. Either these so-called lost tribes still exist or God was not faithful to His promises.

By confirming God's continual involvement in the past, present and future of the children of Israel, we validate His unwavering commitment to keep His word. Such confirmation gives us a solid basis for our faith that God will keep His promises to us.

By fulfilling His promises to all of the tribes of Israel, God will also, at the return of Christ, prove to scoffers and doubters that He is trustworthy. He will demonstrate to all nations that He stands behind every word He has ever spoken through His prophets. He will confirm that He has the power to direct history as He desires.

As Jesus said of God, "Your word is truth" (John 17:17).


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    • Amez profile imageAUTHOR


      8 years ago from Houston, Texas

      Glassvisage, Prettydarkhorse and Katyzzz I must share with ya,that you each seemly have the gift of inspration and are truly make up the kindling light to HubPages, I can't tell you how many times I go back to ya'll remarks to re-light my drive to finsh my daily projects so I don't lose sight of where I want to take them. For this I give you 11 Hugs each. ED

    • katyzzz profile image


      8 years ago from Sydney, Australia

      I've tried and done it several times with good results, but mostly I'm just too lazy, but my brother absolutely loves it.

    • prettydarkhorse profile image


      8 years ago from US

      your article is nice, inspirational and I agree with what you said about the gut feeling, thank you and night, Maita

    • glassvisage profile image


      8 years ago from Northern California

      Wow. There is a lot of practicality but also a huge amount of insight and beauty in your words. What you write is a great contribution to HubPages. Thank you for sharing your thoughts.

    • profile image

      Calling Crow 

      8 years ago

      I like your hub. I am glad that you felt the need to share your experience with us. I have been on a similar pilgramage of my own and have met with "things" and had experiences that have so completely changed my life. But these things I haven't even spoken to family about as I come from a predominently Catholic family. No, this doesn't mean that I was taught the ways of God and Jesus, I had to meet them on my own only recently, but they (my family) are still stuck in thier old ways even though they never practice any of it anymore, which makes them incapable of accepting a "new" way. I have a great friend base, but have reasons for not trusting them with my beliefs, sadly. I am hoping that I will find the courage to share my experiences here. I think that is the reason I found this neat little community.

      I'm glad you wrote this. I think it brings me one step closer to telling my own story. :)

    • Lady_E profile image


      8 years ago from London, UK

      His Word is Yeah and Amen

      Very interesting and inpsiring article. Everyone's faith dips (a bit) at one point - it's nice to read articles like this. :)


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