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Joyce Meyer Sermon My Review Do Unto Others

Updated on September 17, 2011

Joyce Meyer

I was flipping through the channels this morning as I was tearfully drinking my cup of coffee. I am worried. I am worried about losing my home, I worry about the future of my children and I as the economy has destroyed me. I was flipping the channels and found hope.

Joyce Meyer spoke of Making a Trade With God.

I heard her words about trusting in God and trading my worries for his protection and care. I must admit that I rolled my eyes as I have never been a truly religious person and have constantly believed in my own higher power, not the 'written' God. But I remembered my church upbringing and thought to myself, hmmm, I was always taught not to bargain with God. You never ask for favors or financial help, your supposed to -well- just believe?.

I was so wrong in what I was thinking. Joyce doesn't want me to ask for things, she says that;

"God really does want to take care of us, but in order to let Him, we've got to stop trying to take care of ourselves and worrying about every little thing we can't control."

Can't control? Let my worries go ?

Oh my goodness, too hard to do. I am a control freak, if I can't make it happen, it doesn't! How do I let go and leave someone- something- that I have no proof of detect my life and happenings?

"God will give us peace, but we must first give Him our worries."

Okay, so I give all my worries onto God. How can I trust in this and know things will be okay? It's kinda a risky trade isn't it?

Joyce continues to say; "We give God our worries by trusting that He can and will take care of us. By trusting God, we're able to rest in Him, knowing that He has the situation well under control. Worry, on the other hand, is the opposite of trust. Worry steals our peace, wears us out physically, and can even make us sick. If we're worrying, we're not fully trusting God, and we'll never be able to experience His peace."

Joyce Meyer Sermon

Joyce is talking right to me, I think to myself, as everything she is speaking of relates to my situation. She tells me that anxiety is like wearing a heavy coat on a summers day. It weighs me down, making me feel tired and worn out.

By she is so right. I am tired all the time. I wake with a knot in my stomach and go to sleep feeling hopeless. It is a repetitive cycle that continues from day to day.

Basically her message is to make decisions for today. Follow life's road and listen for the directions from God. When we ignore the signs (directions) along the road, it gets bumpy or we even get lost. And boy am I lost. I remember not long ago a little voice in my head not to do something. I remember it so well because that was the decision that left me in this mess. Was that a sign along the side of the road I chose to ignore?

In her sermon I heard that to remain on the right road, listen to the signs. Let worries fall on Gods shoulders and think about today and today only. Yesterday cannot be changed and tomorrow has yet to arrive. No sense worrying about those days, I have no control over them. Oh my, did I just say I have no control?

Maybe Joyce is onto something. I watched a half an hour program and I feel empowered! Is it God or Gods word? Is it just that she spoke in such a way that I felt it was just her and I? Whatever it was, I am a new fan of Joyce Meyer and her teachings.

Who knows, maybe through Joyce and her ministry I can find my way back to Religion.


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