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The Knock-Out!!!

Updated on January 25, 2019

You can win this fight also

In the BLUE corner, weighing 2012 Pounds, saved by grace, born to win the race, prepared by heaven's pace, a Champion with the Faith mace and favoured to unleash disgrace on the enemy, the one and only blood-bought CHRISTAIN - A.K.A. Born Again!!!

And in the RED corner, pretending to roar like a lion, weighing eternal pounds, former heavy weight champion of heaven's choir, former terror of this world and usurper, former heavy weight champion of deceit and unfair treatment, roaming the earth seeking whom to devour, the once-for-all defeated SATAN - A.K.A. Devil, Deceiver, Impostor, Angel of Light, etc. etc.


Given the antecedents that are prevalent and evident, it is pertinent to deduce with confidence that the devil's defeat is imminent and, believe me, I am a proponent and not a dissident of the fact that HEAVEN"S PRESIDENT is on the side of EARTH'S RESIDENT and at the risk of sounding impudent, I dare say (being found to be eloquent) that Satan's defeat is not transient but PERMANENT.

If you agree with me, say: I HEAR YOU!

As the battle unfolds, and the opponents come to blows, I propose a toast to those who won their bouts unopposed and who closed the “maws” of the supposed tyrant who posed as Heaven’s Nemesis and who goes all over God’s earth (pretending to be king) - I suppose!!!

There is the first knockout of this bout as first the mouth and then the snout takes a blow to arrange a pout of petulant arrogance preceding a glorious rout emphasizing Heaven’s ability to continually rout the devil with this product of its scout Academy…

Oh! No! There is the second knock-down and this time, a big frown on the face of the clown called Hell’s renown and the victory gown prepared for him just turned brown because right about now, the referee is counting down.

Whhhoooomp!!!!! Strike three!!! And he’s out cold, oh my word, so bold will it be told was the earth resident’s hold on the trophy of old—his darling soul for which heaven stands and applauds—JEHOVAHLYMPIC GOLD!!!!


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