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The Legend of Durian

Updated on May 1, 2020
precy anza profile image

Precy loves reading about Filipino folklore. She also enjoys helping others speak and appreciate the Filipino and Ilocano language.

Durian - The king of fruits.
Durian - The king of fruits. | Source

The durian fruit is known for its unpleasant odor. Well, some might disagree with that as there are those who find the smell appealing. I haven't tasted the fruit myself but the smell sure intrigues me. I know some couldn't take the smell, which repels them from even trying the fruit, or not having the fruit for the second time once they tried it. But I also heard that some didn't mind the strong smell as the fruit was delicious despite its odor described as having similarity to a rotting onions or someone's wet gym socks.

Here is an interesting legend from the Philippines about the durian also known as the king of fruits that might just have the answer on how the durian came to be an unpleasant, yet delicious fruit.

The Legend

Many, many years ago, there was a Sultan who fell in love with one of their servant. And not long after that, he ended up marrying her.

The wife gave birth to their daughter and they named their baby girl Duri. Duri grew up to be, well, a kindhearted young lady. But she hadn't inherited her mother's beauty. No one ever tried to court the Sultan's daughter.

Duri lived a lonely life. No one befriended her because of her appearance. She had a luxurious life but it is indeed true that one can't have everything. All the ladies her age now are married and starting their own families happily.

And then, Duri suffered depression and got badly sick. They have tried all sorts of medicines and healers of the land came to see her and tried their best but to no avail, Duri didn't get better.

Duri heard a beautiful song one evening while lying in her bed. Whoever was singing out there has a really sweet voice, Duri got curious on whoever that was and she forced herself to get up despite her weak body. She wanted to know who's singing and so she followed the melodious voice.

Early the following day, Duri was found lifeless near the riverbank. It was such a sorrowful day for her parents to find her that way. Duri was buried on the side of a mountain near their village.

Many years had passed after Duri's death and she had been forgotten. How could she be remembered by the people that don't want her anyway? Or if she could be remembered, that would be because of her appearance and her kindness for those who knew how good she was despite of how she physically look.

One day, the people noticed a young tree sprouted on where Duri was buried. Soon the tree bore flowers and the flowers soon became fruits. The fruits have near similarities to jackfruit, only that, the fruit emits such an unpleasant smell and is covered in prickles.

One day a Sultan from a neighboring village happened to passed by the area and noticed the strange tree. He thought the fruits are something he hadn't seen before, and it looks strange covered in spiny skin and has an unwanted smell. But that didn't deter the ruler from picking and tasting the fruit.

That tasted so good! The people could hardly believed that something looks awful to them could tastes so good. This made them believed that despite the unsightly form of the fruit which is covered in prickles and the unwanted smell, the flesh is loaded with goodness, just like their Sultan's daughter Duri.

Since then, the villagers decided to call the tree, and its fruit, durian in memory of Duri, who, despite her appearance and wasn't loved by all, was blessed with a pure and gentle heart.

I know some who swears on how good durian fruit tastes like once the smell didn't discourage one from trying. To this day, duruan fruit is made into candies, chips, and even coffee amongst some other durian products.

Durian fruits, used in flavoring and making sweets such as candies, cakes and ice cream. Also gained the title "King of Fruits" and is rich in fiber, minerals and vitamins.
Durian fruits, used in flavoring and making sweets such as candies, cakes and ice cream. Also gained the title "King of Fruits" and is rich in fiber, minerals and vitamins. | Source

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