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The Legend Of Kanyakumari

Updated on February 26, 2016


According to Hinduism there are many Gods and Goddess born in the earth but for only one reason to destroy the evil surges around the mankind and the universe. And we people believe in those legends and gods who born in this world and also pray them by building temples for them, to destroy the evil around us as well as the evil surges inside us. And here is the legend of the Goddess Kanyakumari who stays in the southern part of the Tamil Nadu in Kumari point.

Rise of Baanaazure

It is the time of war between Angels (Deva's) and Demons (Azures). Azures began to win the war and finally the Azure Baanaazure won the great battle over the Deva's. Wrong became right all over the world, Evil ruled over the universe. Deva's scattered due to their fall in the war, Lord Indra was captured and striped from his throne. Baanaazure became unchallengeable ruler of the universe, the five elements lost their control and the earth got savaged by the evil ruler. Sages were killed and the people were savaged by his demon army. No one is able to stop him due to the boon he gained from Lord Brahma. According to his boon only a unmarried young girl (Kanni) can kill him, as he thought not a Kanni would like to touch an unknown men and she is vulnerable. So Baanaazure did countless unbearable bad and rough things to others. Deva's ran to the aid Mummoorthi, as they all advised to pray to Goddess Aathi Sakthi the one and only god who can save them from their trouble. Deva's along with Mummoorthi, they all prayed to Goddess Aathi Sakthi to kill the Baanaazure.

Temple of Kanyakumari

Rise of Aathi Sakthi

Aathi Sakthi revealed herself in front of them and promised them that she would end the misery of Devas by Slaying the Baanaazure. So she born in the southern most part of Kumari with the name Kumari were the three seas mingle as one with rocks and cliffs. At from her small age she began to undergo penance towards (Thavam) Lord Shiva, in order to marry him. Time flew like a fast wind; Kumari became a young girl (Kanni) and still in prayer. Lord Shiva also began to love her and accepted to marry her. But, according to a boon of Baanaazure only a Kanni can slay him, if Kumari got married to Lord Shiva; she could not slay the Azure and bring peace to the universe. So they went to Sage Narathar son of Lord Brahma for ask help and Sage Narathar also accepted to help them. He went to Lord Shiva and asked him to make the marriage before the sun rise of a very fine day which is the only thing that would bring happiness and peace to entire universe. Lord Shiva understood his plan and accepted Narathar’s ideal advice with a smile. On a very fine day Lord Shiva went to Kumari tip to Marry Kumari to marry her. But, Narathar transformed himself into a cock and preached the sound of the new day beginning. So Lord Shiva returned back to his place so that he could go back and marry her on the next fine day.

End of Baanaazure

This made Goddess Kumari Angry, she promised that she would be Kanni for her rest of the life and she again began to pray by standing on one leg. The food prepared for the marriage was changed into different colored sand at the seashore. At the same time, Baanaazure learned about the beauty of Kumari and came to fetch her. But Goddess Kumari refused him and began to continue her penance. Baanaazure tried to take Kumari by force; this made her angrier which ultimately led the way to the battle. At her nerve of angry Kumari used her “Chakrayudha” to slay him and stood at the very place as “Goddess Kanyakumari or Bala Soundari”.


Kanyakumari is one of the best places for sages, since it is considered that Goddess Kumari destroys the evil in us and brings peace to our heart. Swami Vivekananda meditated in the near by rock to the temple now which is elaborately called as Swami Vivekananda rock, a world renowned landmark of southern India. There has been a saying “Visit Kanyakumari before you travel to the north (Kaasi)”. There are nine sacred water looms in the sea, which said the one who dip deep in these 9 looms loses his bad karmas.

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