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The Landscape Zodiac of Britain Part 7 Imbolc/Aquarius

Updated on June 8, 2012

After the 12 days of Christmas have passed, the Yule log has spluttered, guttered-out and smoked its last, the New Year revel is only a memory and slowly, slowly, 'normal routine' gets under-way once again.... what now? The next cross-quarter day in the Ritual Calendar to look-forward-to comes six-weeks after Winter Solstice and Yule, and falls on the 1st/2nd or 13th of February (in Eastern Europe), a holiday, festival or rite called Imbolc by the ancients and later renamed Candlemass by the Christians (precise calculation shows that this year 2012 it falls on the 5th).

The Mass of the candle.....

All the darkness in the Universe cannot put out the light of a single candle....

Little Light

In the last article in this series we looked at Sagittarius and Capricorn and how these two signs play-out onto and influence the landscape in the UK. As well as the entire, whole, wide World. Most of what we've looked at so-far though is within the UK part of the 2 wheels and we've more-or-less skimmed lightly over the rest of the globe, now-and-then pointing to a few obvious zodiacal or astrological synchronicities.

And I'm going to carry-on more-or-less like that in this article - starting with the perspective as seen at and from the astronomical device positioned on the Plain Of Salisbury - Stonehenge (hereafter called Stone Hinge to reflect its actual function as a Hinge on which the Sun Moon and planets are suspended and swing - and the trivial fact that Hinge is the intended meaning of Henge)

And when we've got the UK bit sorted we'll have a butcher's-hook at the other little bit - the World.

Aquarius: Super-Conscious

Planets: Uranus, Saturn, and Moon

Symbols: The Human Being. The Water Bearer. The Jugs or Pitchers.

Orientation: South, Southeast

Body: The Shins and Circulation

Time Of Day: 2 - 4am

Time Of Year: Jan 21st - Feb 21st. Candlemass. Shrove Tuesday. Valentine's Day.

Eleventh House: The Collective or Group Consciousness

Element: Fixed Air

Metal: Uranium

Tarot Arcana: 17, The Star

The Star Of Hope

But first, a little about the cosmic-background - the Sun will be moving through the sign Aquarius from January 21st, and so, on Imbolg or Imbolc or Candlemass, the Sun is in Aquarius. Aquarius is the sign of the circulatory system and the shins.

Aquarius is opposite to Leo, and Leo is Self-Consciousness. Aquarius then 'rules' the opposite phase in consciousness, Group-Consciousness, which is the ultimate, though mostly unrealised, goal of the human-race, and the evolutionary process in its present phase (according to Alice Bailey in Esoteric Astrology).

As well as ruling this particular time of the year, Aquarius 'governs' the hours from 2-4am. The two things- time of year and time of day- correspond to each other - the connecting link, in this case, is Aquarius. Darkness fell about 5 o-clock the previous evening and even now, 10 hours later at 3am, there is no sign of its end - it's fixed firmly in place..

Aquarius is a fixed-air sign, meaning, on one level at least, that the season and the night and its rotten weather have a certain unchanging-ness about them. The preceding sign, Capricorn and midwinter, remains fixed firmly in place by Aquarius until a sign of mutation, in this case Pisces, allows the ice to melt and a new season to take this one's place. And it's still a long way to Spring, the morning of the year. This is one of the best times to tune-in to Aquarius' Super-Conscious. At this time of night all the world is sleeping, conscious minds are extinguished and the barriers to the super-conscious have disappeared (this is true for the month too).

The Tarot Arcana associated with Aquarius and by extension Imbolc or Candle-Mass, is XVII, The Star Of Hope. How appropriate a symbol is that? The stars that twinkle in the heavens are little lights, like candles. Yet each is a Sun.

To quote Biddy, of Biddy The Star Tarot card brings renewed hope and faith (...) over the long-term, (...) have faith and trust in the Universe. A better future is waiting for you but in order to reach it you must trust that it is indeed possible. As The Star follows the Tower, the meaning of the Star Tarot card suggests that you have endured life’s challenges and have been through a difficult time but you are now open to healing and transformation.

And that's a fairly precise description of Imbolc's inner meaning, its intent. Imbolc is the time to make a wish upon the star. To have hope in the future.....

I don't know if you've noticed it, but everyone seems to be more knackered - er - more tired than usual at this time of year - this is because as far as the local-cosmos is concerned, it's the middle of the night - all the time. I've heard it said by night-shift workers that three-o'-clock in the morning is the most difficult time of the night to get through, the time when the lure of sleep gets quite hard to resist z zz.

In the olden days at 3am the monastery bells would call the brothers and sisters to prayer, for this is the ninth hour of the night (night starts at 6pm in astro-think) and great vigilance is required - 9 was a very significant number to the ancients - there are 9 levels to the Underworld for instance. In Aquarius we and the whole of Nature are in the Underworld.

Explains a lot, methinks.....

The Cosmic Clock

In the previous articles, parts 5 and 6, Samhain and Yule, I demonstrated how certain things out there in the landscape - things formerly viewed as 'stand-alone' mysteries - are in fact very-much connected. The 'things' in question are the Long Woman of Wilmington (formerly the Long Man), the Rude Man of Cerne Abbas and their connecting link, the Hinge on Salisbury Plain. If you've no idea what I'm on-about then you haven't read those articles, and you should do.

The gist of it (see my diagram below) is that for the observer at the Hinge, at Samhain the Sun aligns with the Long Woman, and as I suggested there, this represents Sol's entrance to the Underworld. Six weeks later at the Winter Solstice Sunset, as he settles onto the horizon just before his final extinction of the year Sol aligns with the Rude Man of Cerne Abbas, for three nights. He can go no further than the Rude Man and thus reverses direction, heading back toward the staves of the Long Woman.... where, six weeks later, at Imbolc, Sol once again aligns with her, and, passing through those staves again Sol is leaving the Underworld. This is the true meaning of Imbolc.... escape from death, a return to the world of light, of love, of life...hope.

Dressing-Up Day for The Goddess

And what this means, I say, is that we now have a hope of actually identifying who the Long Woman IS! I believe she is none other than the Great Goddess Brigid.


Well... Imbolc has been associated with Brigid since very ancient times. The Christian St. Brigid is based on the far older 'pagan' goddess, Brigid ("exalted one"), who was the daughter of the Dagda and one of the Tuatha Dé Danann.

She was associated with perpetual, sacred flames, such as the one tended by 19 nuns at her sanctuary in Kildare, Ireland. It is believed that the tradition of women maintaining the sacred flame is much older than Christianity, and that before the nuns came along the flames were kept by priestesses. Her sacred flame at Kildare was said by Giraldus Cambrensis to have been surrounded by a hedge, which no man could cross; men who attempted to cross the hedge were said to have gone insane, died, and/or to have had their lower leg wither.

How about that then? The lower-leg is the shins unless I'm mistaken.... and as I've mentioned, already, Aquarius' 'body-part' is the shins.

She opens the flood-gates

Romance and spring have always been, and still are, inextricably intertwined. Old pagan ideas speak of 'love-birds' pairing up and mating on or about the14th of February, Every year, when the sun rises in 24 - 26 degrees of Aquarius human beings do the Valentine's thing. How old this tradition is, nobody really knows, but suffice to say - it's pretty ancient.

This awful though beautiful time of year, twelve weeks from the spring fertility rites of Beltane and May Day, the ancients thought most appropriate for rites or customs of courtship. Which is typical of the way the ancient's did things... here in February, coldest, bleakest month of the year (in the northern hemisphere), in the sign Aquarius, described as emotionally detached, cold even, they set a 'courtship' rite or holiday, whatever the right term is.

In some parts of Europe Imbolc is celebrated on the 13th rather than 1st or 2nd of Feb. And as we know, that also happens to be Valentine's Day Eve. This has led me to consider the notion that the two rites were related..... perhaps they are or were actually the same thing?

But anyway, Imbolc or Imbolg has been investigated from all the usual angles by other writers and as you know, it's the landscape I'm interested in - partly because no-one has ever written about these things in the way I'm interested in looking at it. So I've done it myself, ain't I.

So, we're checking-out a few of the place names that the Sun aligns with as it (appears to) moves east along the south coast, which suggests quite powerfully (as always) that the people who named these places were completely aware of the alignments with the Hinge. For the place-names spell-out the cosmic facts..... the Sun is getting brighter, stronger, and heading east, amongst other things. I've put another copy of the alignments pic here (above) so you can more easily see what I mean.

Concise Anglo Saxon Dictionary

Climping Beach at Sunset


Of course, I can't mention every single village or town that comes-into alignment with the rising Sun.... there's dozens and dozens to choose. So I've decided to stick along the coastline to a couple of miles inland.

The Sun enters Aquarius and aligns first of all with Arundel, which stands on the River Arun in the district of Arun- this is undoubtedly based on the Anglo-Saxon word 'arung,' meaning honour, respect and reverence. But, 'arun' is another way of saying (in olde-speak) run, which is a verb. This will make perfect sense to you in a few moments.

Littlehampton appears in the Domesday Book as the hamlet of Hantone. The prefix 'han' means a boundary-stone. This seems to be referring to the change from one zone of the landscape to another - and from one part of the zodiac to another - it's about here that the Sun changes from Capricorn to Aquarius (going north). The suffix 'tone' was, I think, meant to be writ as 'stone' but those Norman Scribes.... what can I tell ya?

Lyminster. I've scanned a page from the Anglo-Saxon Dictionary and stuck it hereabouts just so you can be sure that I'm not inventing any of this. It's quite difficult to trace any historical antecedents to this village's name. so I have to do this my way. I suggest that the Norman scribes that compiled the Domesday had no idea how to spell Anglo. Lym the preffix would have been spelled 'leom' pronounced the same. And when we look to the dictionary we find 'Leoma,' and 'Leoman' which suggest to me the villages' name was Leomansteorr, corrupted into Lyminster over time. I say this because then we have some very appropriate meanings emerging from the villages' name: ray of light; beam; radiance; gleam, glare and even lightening. Steorr, the suffix has several appropriate meanings, the first is incredible really.... 'steorr' means star. Do I have to remind anyone which Tarot Card governs the season, and the rites of Imbolg? But if we take one of the 'R's' off of the end of 'steorr', we have 'steor,' meaning steering, direction, to steer; guidance, regulation, rule, and finally, 'steor' is also a young bull or cow, a steer. I ought remind you that in the olden days, stars were the means of navigating, how one found one's direction. But there's something else to consider here, ain't there?

Err, about now I'll have to bring-up the other bit, you know, the giant baby that the English and Welsh live within.... that bit, the Humanoid Landscape bit that I've written a book about. I almost forgot to mention it.

In our ancient tongue, the prefix 'lym' was how they wrote limb, and as you can make-out from the picture I've put-in somewhere around here, these alignments along the south-coast are also aligning along the back of the National Angel's legs - or limbs. These thigh muscles are amongst the strongest in the human form, like a bullocks, a steer's.So now, you see, Arun or running make a bit more sense eh? As does steering and bringing-up cows.... referencing strong muscles.

Ford- is probably forward! This refers to the slow passage of the season, and the giant cherub's legs, and where to...? Forward! .

Climping- So.... what is the Sun doing at this time of the year? Of course, Sol's climbing, rising higher in the sky each day, all the way to the Summer Solstice where he'll stop, turn round and fall-back this way going in the opposite direction. And, in our multi-layered reality that is the UK, this refers too to, those massive legs, 'cos climbers need legs, don't they?

Concise Anglo Saxon Dictionary

Angmering is another mind-blowing place-name when you look at it. The nearest Anglo-Saxon word to that name is 'anginn,' beginning, intention, enterprise, and here's the one that really gets me - 'anginn' means the rising of the Sun!

Patching is a corruption of 'paething' meaning path, track; to traverse, travel over- relevant in all the ways above mentioned - solar and human.

Ferring is an easy one - 'fering' means to depart, go (ferry) journey and wandering.

Worthing is another easy one, for 'worthig' means (among other things) street.

Sompting Abbots- 'samtinges' means forthwith, immediately, all at once.

Portslade a 'slaed' is a valley. A 'port' is an entrance or exit.

Brighton this is one of my favourites, 'cos it's just perfect. The Sun is rising higher in the sky each day and getting brighter into the bargain. It is going to, from this day forward, brighten, because we're heading for the Spring.

Lewes is a corruption of 'leowes,' meaning ham, thigh.

Eastborne.... it's too easy to get them when you know why they were named. Err, what or whom is going east? Told ya, it's too easy.

Hastings has long been interpreted as 'the place of the angry men...' as 'haesta' the prefix means indignation, anger. But I'm having none of it - it's really about the year speeding up, hastening, and it's a description of what our giant angel does on those big-ol'-legs.

And that, more-or-less, covers but a few of the alignments that occur as the Sun moves eastwards through the sign Aquarius. There are hundreds and hundreds more, these were all found within a couple of miles of the coast but there's much else to look at yet. There's the other spindle of this zodiac, centred in Canterbury, and we ought go and have a look at that.

Global Aquarius

So there it is (above) as seen from way-up-there in the sky. See how the red line marked with the wavy-lines of Aquarius, runs along the length of Italy, down that leg and through the.... shins. Yes yes, I know, that seems like far too much of a convenient alignment doesn't it? But as I'm about to show, that really is the Aquarius alignment, I'm not shifting lines about to make it look right - it does that all on its own. So, to Canterbury, the hub or spindle of our second wheel, at St Augustine's Abbey.

... at the crux of power, the cantilever.... the ankle. How bizarre it is, don't you think? That a globe-wide zodiac emanates from a bewinged infant's ankle....? I mean come-on, this is real-world stuff, innit? That angelic cherub is as real - if not more so - than you or me. Oh yes he is/she is.

Suit y'self, baby's real to me. You should hear his voice/her voice. Sounds like thunder - like underground explosions that shake the windows and make dogs howl and cower. Oh yes, real enough.

But onward.

As you can see from the image, the Aquarius alignment heads south-east directly for Dover, its port, and the world famous castle atop the cliffs.

The Castle of Dover

But before we take a more-or-less proper gander at Dover, it's probably proper to have a brief(ish) look at a few of the places and their names that we, and this alignment, pass through or near-by on the way there - and beyond. Way beyond.

The first one to draw your attention to is the village called Bridge... hmm... Aquarius, Imbolc, Valentine's.... now who was that goddess that was so important to the ancient Brits? Oh yeah, it was that bird, that chick, that bride, that Bridget. How about that then...? - a village named after her. No wonder they kept quiet about it and took the last letter of her name off of the village (this IS a patriarchy you know)?

One of the 'coincidentals' that convinced me I'm right about Bridge being named after Bridget (there's not a single bridge anywhere near-by either), is the fact that it's in the parish of Patrixbourne, near the village of Patrixbourne. D'ya geddit?


Bridget is one of the three patron saints of Ireland. Yeah?

One of the others is called Columba, and the other one is called Patrick, innit!?

Bridget and Patrick are part of a team. They are both saints and they are both name-checked here on the Aquarius alignment just outside the 'holy-city' Canterbury.

For me, the presence of their names, Patrick and Bridget, on this bearing, confirms this theory.

The River Souce

Moving on along the alignment we come across a few interesting places, and their interesting names. Like this:

Temple Ewell (pronounced U-L) means the temple of the river's source, as Ewell originally came from the Old word 'æwell,' river-source. Temple was a later addition, due to its possession by the Knights Templar. History and historians tell us that the village was granted to the Templars by a grateful king. But that was only because they wanted it. The king wouldn't give them some place they didn't want. They wanted it for occult, astrological reasons.

Wikipedia gives the orthodox view of the villages' history: In 1163, the Knights Templar was granted the manor of Ewell by the crown in recognition of their role in the Crusades, and the word Temple became prefixed to the village name. The Templars founded a Preceptory in the village, and around 1170 built the Norman church of St.Peter and St.Paul.

In 1213 King John surrendered the crown (and England) to the Pope and it is thought that this may have taken place at the Preceptory in Temple Ewell ( possibly Dover). The village first appears on record as Æwillem in 772.

This place-name can be read though, as Temple 'U-L,' that is, in Hebrew - Yod Lamed. I believe that the place-name - allied with the fact that the River Dour rises here (at Watersend) are a big part of the reason they desired the location for their temple.

Ewe is the Hebrew letter Yod (sounds like Yo) Yod is the smallest of the letters, has a value of ten [10] and represents a divine point of energy and the all pervasive presence of cosmic energy, or God. As a dot it is the base of all the letters, yet is a picture of humility.

The meaning of the second letter L or Lamed (value: 30), probably was to prick, sting, incite, goad, as a shepherd might prod cattle to perform some action. Hence the ancient pictograph was that of a shepherds staff or goad, representing authority, meaning to learn or teach (surely the intent of the Templars?). Taken together these letters “U” & “L” (10 + 30) have a value of 40. Candlemas or Imbolc comes 40 days after Solstice/Yule, and Equinox comes 40 days after that..

40 is one of the most recurring numbers encoded in the Bible - meant a great deal to the Templars, I'm sure. For example(s) - in Exodus, the tribes spent forty years wandering in the wilderness. Moses was atop Mount Sinai for forty days. Noah's great flood was forty days and nights. Jesus was tempted in the desert for forty days and nights. But it’s not only in religious texts that the number is significant, having much to do with conception and birth. From the moment of the sperm fertilising the ovum to the initial formation of the foetus is forty days. And the gestation period till birth is 40 weeks.

In gematria 40 is the value of the 13th letter, Mem, and its pictograph is a wave of water, precisely half the Aquarian symbol. Mem is the letter of water, symbolising a spring. As the waters of an underground spring rise upwards from an unknown source to reveal themselves (aewill), so does the spring of wisdom rise up. This flowing stream of inner wisdom can be expressed through human-speech.

The name of the letter Mem probably signifies water itself, and the most ancient forms look very much like waves of water, like the Aquarius symbol. Mem means waters, people, nations, languages and tongues.

It's because of these kabbalistic ramifications that the Templars wanted this place. That and the Aquarius alignment. It goes all the way to and includes Jerusalem, as you'll later see.


There are a couple of towns and/or villages on this alignment which introduce the motif 'white.' There's the former mining village of Snowdown and not far away is Whitfield. The only explanation I have for this, at this moment, is that as Aquarius rules late January and 2/3 of February, these place-names must be references to the weather at this time of year? I might be right, I might be wrong.

As you drive into Dover you bypass another 'water-bearing' place-name- the village called, simply,River. But we'd better move on to Dover. The Romans called it Dubris, a name taken from the River Dour, they say, a Celtic name which meant the waters, which is another way of saying Aquarius- called the Water Bearer today... well, what IS a river if not a bearer of water?

Dubris may well have been - as the experts say - taken from the Dour. But in the tongue of the indigenous locals Dubris would have signified the process of becoming a knight! Dub-ris: 'dubbian' to ‘dub,’ strike, knight (by striking with a sword); 'risan, 'to rise, stand up, be fit, be proper. Appropriate for those cliffs too, I suppose- 'to rise up.'

The theme of knights in shining armour fits very well into the Aquarius scheme - it's a very militaristic sign (as you'll soon see), and the castle up there on the cliffs tells it like it is. The wavy-lines of the Aquarius symbol represent defensive ditches and moats and imposing, grand architecture.

Historically speaking, cultural change and the wave of the future has always followed on the boot-heels of soldiers, by adaptation of military hardware for civilian use. A good example of this would be the Internet - originally a military device, later taken over by the civilian sector. You can follow the links - the Nazis developed rockets to kill people with, and then after the war the rockets were adapted for space flight and satellite technology. Satellite technology was developed by the military to guide missiles to targets, spying and military communications - but now it's in the hands of people like you and me. Everything about the web is pure Aquarius - it's the hard-wired, synthetic group-mind, enabling - eventually - the establishment of a global consciousness.

The Bronze Age Boat


As an air sign, Aquarius pervades everywhere - it rules the circulation and shins and this seems to translate into wide-ranging travel. Perhaps that's why International travel has, for an incredibly long time, been associated with Dover?

Dovers' Museum has the preserved remains of the oldest sea-going vessel ever found - it was dug up from a depth of 6 metres, very waterlogged, and has been radio-carbon dated to Bronze Age Britain, somewhere around 1550BC! According to the museums website:

A boat of this size would have been capable of crossing the channel, carrying a substantial cargo of supplies, livestock and passengers. It was probably propelled by at least 18 paddlers. A total of 9.5 metres of the boat has been recovered. This represents at least half, but possibly as much as two thirds of the original. It is 2.4 metres wide. The discovery of the boat in Dover strongly suggests early cross channel trade. The quality of the workmanship suggests a high degree of skill, specialisation and organisation. Much research work remains to be done but the boat is certainly of international significance.”

White Cliffs Of Dover

Star of Hope

I find it very appropriate that atop the cliffs is a nice spot from where to contemplate the great unknown, to stare out across the sea and muse about far-off lands and far-out ideas about the future..... and the spot is called Hope Point. Remarkable, no? Aquarius is the sign of the future and its tarot card is The star Of Hope.

But away now across the face of the earth we go, to see where Aquarius goes. What type of landscapes are we to expect? What types of cultures? What histories to reveal. What futures? We shall see for all is revealed in the light of the landscape zodiac of Britain. It explains everything. For me, this landscape zodiac explains the real meaning of the zodiac-signs. As the alignment radiates-out across the world, what I always discover is that the themes first seen in embryo in the UK, come to a far fuller expression out-there.

But, you'll understand, I'm sure, these excursions across the globe take in many landscapes and peoples, and of necessity we can't go into too much detail - there are limits on space, time, and attention-span. We have to lightly skip, sort of thing, so please forgive the astounding lack of detail - these are broad brush-strokes. But I'll give enough so you'll get the idea.

Let's see then.... ah yes, our Aquarius alignment includes a thin(ish) slice of Northern France and then goes straight for the high-places - those that call-to-mind with their appearance the wavy-lines or connected peaks of Aquarius' sigil. Our Aquarius alignment heads right across the Jura Mountains with its highest peak at 5,640 ft, standing on the border between France and Switzerland. Castles of note such as the Fort Joix are placed strategically here-and-there to defend the French from the Swiss, or the Swiss from the French (not sure which). And then we go on and up the Alps. Mont Blanc on the Italian–French border is the highest in the range at 15,782 ft . Hmm, Aquarius seems to have a definite 'thing' going-on with white, huh? I pointed out a few white things back in the UK, Snowdown, Whitfield and of course the White Cliffs. And now there's Mont Blanc, the 'White Mountain' in English. Even the familiar name Alps is from Latin Alpes, cognate with Latin albus (white).

I mean, if you didn't know about this alignment everything remains disconnected.... now we can see that the world is not as we thought. All places have hidden connections to other places - but the 'hidden-connection' is no longer hidden. It's the very thing I'm showing you - the British Landscape Zodiac.

Fort De Joux in the Jura Mountains


View of the Matterhorn and Dent d'Hérens


Mont Blanc


Now, as I've mentioned a few times already, Aquarius governs the coldest months of the year and the coldest time of the night, so the high mountain zones where it's always as cold as January and February are a perfect match for this sign, aren't they?

Our alignment takes in mountainous Switzerland, which was not invaded in either of the World Wars because it's just too difficult - a natural fortress, an unassailable castle... and they've maintained 'neutrality' since their last International war in 1815. Many International organisations base themselves there.... and international organisations illustrate the way that the 'group-mind' associated with Aquarius works-out onto the material plane and into our lives. Aquarius is the sign of The Human Being hence it is the 'humanitarian' sign, so it's appropriate that the Red Cross was conceived, founded and is based here - and that the Swiss City Geneva is name-checked every time the well-being (or mistreatment) of prisoners of war are mentioned. The 4th Geneva Convention is the name of the international law for the humanitarian treatment of the victims of war.

And it seems that Aquarius is also associated with vast wealth. We first saw this hinted-at back in England with the knights Templar- an international organisation that amassed a great fortune - the worlds first banking elite. And that's something the Swiss know a little about too - banking.

In 2010, Switzerland had the highest wealth per adult of any country in the world ($372,692 per-person). Switzerland was.ranked by the EU (in 2010) as Europe's most innovative country by far. Well, 'innovation' is a key-note of Aquarius - it is the sign that governs science and the New Age.

Military action is supposed to be the last resort, when talking fails. Therefore it is extreme action, and, given the Aquarius association with military (as you'll see) action.... Aquarius then, ruled by Uranus, is, in the final analysis, and extreme and extremist's sign. It is the sign that has a 'higher vision' of humanity - functioning as a unity, a group - and is ready to take drastic action to bring-about that higher ideal society.

Austria, another Alpine region, is also in the Aquarius zone - only 32% of the country is below 1,640 ft, and it rises all the way to to 12,461 ft.

Remember the coming of the Master Race? They were all to be blue-eyed and blonde - it was just a little matter of exterminating a few of the 'not-master-race' types first. Many of the top Nazis were Austrian, Adolf Hitler and Adolf Eichman among them, as well as 40% of the staff at the extermination camps. Aquarius is a cold, unemotional sign, a trait associated with the Nazi's and their plans for the brotherhood of man. By the way, one of the physical traits associated with Aquarius.... is blue eyes and blonde hair.

The ruling planet of Aquarius, Uranus, is revolutionary, scientific, occult and perverse at the same time - in the Greek Myths he was the sky-god who constantly raped and impregnated his mother and wife Gaia, and took to imprisoning and later eating his own children because they displeased him with their ugliness. His wife colluded with their son Kronos and he, Kronos, castrated his father with a flint sickle blade.

It seems the Uranian archetype explains a lot about the Nazi's.

Though my map-making doesn't show it too clearly - bordering Austria is the Balkan Peninsula. That's Kosovo, Serbia, Albania, Montenegro, Macedonia, Bulgaria and Greece. Clearly I'm no historian so ain't going to elaborate too much here, but those Aquarius archetypes of 'better society' took a bit of an extreme turn, down this-way a few years back, as I'm sure you'll remember, in Bosnia-Herzegovina?.

Sarajevo was once noted for its tolerance - sometimes called the Jerusalem of Europe or the Jerusalem of the Balkans due to the fact that there was a traditional religious diversity with followers of Islam, Orthodoxy, Catholicism and Judaism coexisting in peace here for many centuries. That's the kind of thing New Age guru's talk-about innit? And then it all went wrong. The 'group-mind' went schizo.

In March 1992, Bosnia-Herzegovina declared its independence from the former Yugoslav federation. The Christian Serb's who lived in the area didn't like the idea of being controlled by the Muslim Slav's who were in the majority. The Serbs armed-up and began to fight them. Most of the towns and villages fell - but not Sarajevo.

On April 6, Serb's opened fire on peace demonstrators in Sarajevo, killing five and wounding 30. This began the siege - it was called the worst in Europe since the end of World War II. All roads leading in and out of Sarajevo blockaded, the airport shut down. Some 400,000 civilians trapped in the city, cut off from food, medicine, water, and electricity. Thousands were killed and wounded, and every Human Rights offence committed - ethnic cleansing and rape, mass executions and starvation.... the Sky God Uranus imprisoned his children and his own son castrated him, with the collusion of ma....

So, to put it mildly, Bosnia Herzegovina has had quite a bit of bad-press in recent decades.

But you never hear or read much about the ‘other’ Bosnia in the media, which is quite-odd considering the scope, scale and import of it. I mean, have you seen the incredible thing on the news? Read about it in the papers?

Nah, me neither. Odd that...

Some 20 miles or so north-west of Sarajevo a history-changing discovery has been made - a pyramid complex with pyramids BIGGER than the more famous ones on the Giza Plateau in Egypt. And older, much, much older. The man who made the incredible find is Doctor Sam Semir Osmanagich, a serious dude, also a Foreign Member of the Russian Academy of Natural Sciences, and Professor of Anthropology at the American University in Bosnia-Herzegovina.

It’s an incredible thing he's brought the worlds attention to. A massive thing. A very, very important thing.

I’ve put a few photo’s hereabouts. As you can see, it’s still partially covered with soil, vegetation and trees - so much so that the local farmers and country-folk thought it - they - were entirely natural hills.

These things are mind-blowing. The different pyramids are connected via a series of underground tunnels. The tunnels contain rooms and branching connections going off to no-one yet knows where. Some of the tunnels are very deep below the surface, 1 148 feet, and deeper.

These pyramids are somewhat different to the Egyptian’s. They were built in layers of clay and an ancient concrete made so as to last for thousands of years and still be as good as new today. The beauty of the clay being used is that it contains organic material - and that can be accurately dated. Not only that, boulders and stones (massive weight) have been found deep in the tunnels with carvings on them - one of the carvings turned-out to be, on close analysis, a map of the pyramid and tunnel complex!

The famous Egyptian Egyptologist Dr Zahi Hawass was invited and visited the site and remained there a few weeks and agreed that this pyramid complex was indeed about to change the history of the world. He returned to Egypt and after a few weeks had passed was asked in an interview about the Bosnian Pyramid. Something weird had occurred in the intervening time, and he now dismissed the idea and said the Bosnian Pyramids were just natural hills.

Oh dear, hadn’t anyone noticed the symptoms before? He shouldn’t be allowed out on his own, bless his cotton socks (aside- too many magic mushrooms or early onset dementia?)

Bosnian Pyramid of the Sun, Visoko, Bosnia-Herzegovina

Dr. Osmanagich

To quote the good doctor Osmanagich (from the website linked):

This discovery is historic and changes the knowledge of the early history of Europe for several reasons:

  1. These are the first pyramids discovered in Europe
  2. The site includes the largest pyramid structure in the world—The Bosnian Pyramid of the Sun with its height of over 220 meters is much higher than the Great Pyramid of Egypt (147 meters).
  3. The Bosnian Pyramid of the Sun has, according to the Bosnian Institute for Geodesy, the most precise orientation towards cosmic north with the error of 0 degrees, 0 minutes and 12 seconds.
  4. The Bosnian Pyramid of the Sun is completely covered by rectangular concrete blocks. The properties of the concrete, including extreme hardness (up to 133 MPs) and low water absorption (around 1%), are, according to the scientific institutions in Bosnia, Italy and France, far superior to modern concrete materials.
  5. The pyramids are covered by soil which is, according to the State Institute for Agro-pedology, approx. 12,000 years old. Radiocarbon dating from the paved terrace on Bosnian Pyramid of the Moon, performed by Institute of Physics of Silesian Institute of Technology from Gliwice (Poland) confirmed that terrace was built 10.350 years ago (+/- 50 years). These finding confirm that the Bosnian pyramids are also the oldest known pyramids on the planet.
  6. Beneath the Bosnian Valley of the Pyramids there is an extensive underground tunnel and chamber network which runs for a total of more than ten miles.
  7. Ceramic sculptures have been discovered in the underground labyrinth with a mass of up to 20,000 pounds which makes them the largest found so far from the ancient world.

Bosnian Pyramid of the Sun, Visoko, Bosnia-Herzegovina

A team of physicists detected an energy beam coming through the top of the Bosnian Pyramid of the Sun. The radius of the beam is 4.5 meters with a frequency of 28 kHz. The beam is continuous and its strength grows as it moves up and away from the pyramid. This phenomenon contradicts the known laws of physic and technology. This is the first proof of non-herzian technology on the Planet. It seems that the pyramid-builders created a perpetual motion machine a long time ago and this “energy machine” is still working.

In the underground labyrinth, in 2010, we discovered three chambers and a small blue lake. Energy screening shows that the ionization level is 43 times higher than the average concentration outside which makes the underground chambers into “healing rooms”.

You don't see that blazoned all over the newspapers do ya? HISTORY REWRITTEN IN BOSNIA.

It's almost as if..... nah..... but it's almost as if.... nah - I mean - why wouldn't they want you to know about it? That's a ridiculous idea....

A little further south is the ancient land of Macedonia - birth-place of the worlds greatest-ever military commander, Alexander The Great. Ever since he was around in 356BC (20/21 July Leo) , megalomaniac Caesar's and Kings have styled themselves on Alexander. He was proper tuff. and kicked ass all over the ancient world - was probably a very nice man..... and he definitely had something of the Uranus weirdness about himself, and Greek historian Lucius Flavius Arrianus 'Xenophon described Alexander as the strong, handsome commander with one eye dark as the night and one blue as the sky. And he had a crook in his neck so looked askance at everything - rulers even mimicked that physical defect, looking up at the ceiling whilst conversing, squinting sideways at you.

Alexander was a busy boy, and while he was out-and-about on his tour with his army(s) he founded 20 cities that bore his name, among them the first and greatest, Alexandria in Egypt- noted as the biggest and most famous book repository in the ancient world. And as Aquarius is the sign that governs science in all its guises that's highly appropriate. We'll be having a glance at Egypt a bit later as it's also in this Aquarius sector.

Alexander's escapade over almost 1/3 of the planet and uniting many diverse cultures under one rule, shows Aquarius' 11th House desire or even compulsion to collect people together into groups and form a synthetic group mind.

The Albanian Alps


Also in the Balkans is Albania. It's that white thing again - alba means white, so Alba-nia is the White Land, or some-such. I must admit I haven't entirely sussed out this white motif associated with this Aquarius segment of our Landscape Zodiac... yet. It'll probably entirely dawn-on-me about one nano-second after I've pressed the 'publish now' button. So, what else can I tell you about Albania...? The indigenous folk around here call it Shqipëria - usually interpreted as Land of the Eagles. Well... Aquarius is an air sign, and the air is the Land Of The Eagles...? I can't think of much else to say about Albania - Norman Wisdom was very, very popular here.... 70% of the country is mountainous and rugged.

Montenegro too is full of mountains - and does something - with its name - quite perverse 'cos it means Black Mountain (typical Aquarius). I'm having trouble finding else much to tell you, though I'm sure there's plenty... err... a very important dimension of Montenegrin culture is the ethical ideal of Čojstvo i Junaštvo, 'Humaneness and Gallantry.' Well, that's kinda Aquarian, I'd say...... but moving on now

Bulgaria is also a very mountainous country because it too is on the Balkan Peninsula.

Now, the next two places we've got to look at are of major league importance in culturally affecting the big-group - the world. Both cultures were as big (if not bigger) an influence as Alexander on the direction of mankind. The Italians and Greeks.

It is because of this that I'm skimming right over both Italy and Greece with hardly a word. For what can I add to what's already been said? Nought.

Well, almost nought. There IS the very interesting synchronicity of Italy being shaped like a booted leg. Interesting because this is Aquarius and Aquarius' 'body-part' is the shins. I should probably have put an exclamation mark there - I'll do it again:- the shins! I know. It's crazy innit? I really used to wonder if I was crazy - but now I know it's The Landscape that's crazy - not ME!. A great big leg. The shins. Aquarius. What also tickles me is the name of the capital city, Rome. D'ya geddit? A great big leg - roam (as in walk about). I should get out more. But the irony (if that's what it is) of it for me is that, before that big Italian leg could go marching-about around the globe, kicking castle-doors in and conquering the inhabitants, they had to lay-down some roads. So they did. All over the place. And then they roamed, from Rome. And I s'pose it's well-understood that road-construction was very much - at the time - cutting edge technology along which came the future. And travel is circulation - and Aquarius governs the circulation.

Ho ho ho. Then there's the Italian style thing, especially Italian shoes. and their reputation for making good sports cars. You know, pedal to the metal? So, I won't mention the Roman's military prowess nor their building of castles and walls.... no point. Nuff said I think. Oh yes.... on another - but related point - that of Valentine's day and Romance. The word romance is a derivation of romans.....

Map showing the major regions of mainland ancient Greece, and adjacent "barbarian" lands


Hard for me to say much about ancient Greece too, it's all been said before. But....

Military? Well, they left us a tale about a siege that makes the one on Sarajevo look like a picnic.

Troy was besieged for ten years and it finally fell to the ruse of the Trojan Horse.

Group mind? They invented Democracy.

Technology? Do me a favour. Archimedes mathematician, physicist, engineer, inventor and astronomer was inventing things- left right and centre - that we still use today.

Water Bearer? The Greeks are and always were a maritime nation. Ships were of huge import. And when I think of Greece, I can't help but think of Greek Urns and vases - water bearers.

I can't do this ancient civilization any justice with my musings but as I said, there's nothing I can add to the data base on Ancient Greece except to say - Greece is right in the middle of the sign Aquarius, the water-bearer.

Olympias, a reconstruction of an ancient Athenian trireme.


Oh ohh.... you can see from my diagram that this cone of Aquarius, like a light beam, is falling on some very big, important, meaningful, culturally, historically, politically.... important regions. just look where it goes. Turkey, Syria, Egypt, Ethiopia, Iraq, Arabia, Yemen..... phew... where to begin? Clearly, I'm going to leave most of it to your imaginative faculties. But you've gotta consider each one of these nations as part of an overall whole.... Aquarius is that 'whole,' and each of the individual nations expresses or represses certain aspects or parts of that whole. Think I'll start with Turkey....

The Aquarius Sector

The Remains Of Troy?


A very, very, very old civilization, formerly the Ottoman Empire - the People are a blend of Oguz Turkik, Anatolian, Ottoman (itself a continuation of both Greco-Roman and Islamic cultures) and Western Culture.

From Wikipedia: The Anatolian Peninsula , comprising most of modern Turkey, is one of the oldest continuously inhabited regions in the world. The earliest Neolithic settlements such as Catalhoyuk, Cayonu, Nevali Cori Hacilar, Gobekli Tepe and Mersin are considered to be among the earliest human settlements in the world.

Old - and noted for their military erections (fortresses) and prowess in combat, in days of yore. The city of Troy - scene of that 10 year siege - was in Turkey - so the themes previously noted throughout this Aquarian region are very strongly represented here in Olde Turkey. We've got amazing architecture, fortresses, scientific learning.... and the tendency to join together as the collective - the Ottoman Empire was comprised of many diverse cultures, able to work together as a whole, under one mind.

Obviously having done no good for the Turkish nation, I'll turn now to Syria.

Archaeologists tell us that Syria - next door - was the center of one of the most ancient civilizations on earth. Around the city of Ebla in northern Syria, a great empire spread from the Red Sea to Turkey and east to Mesopotamia from 2500 to 2400 B.C. The city of Ebla had a population of 260,000. Scholars believe the language of Ebla to be the oldest Semitic language.

Syria was occupied successively by Canaanites, Phoenicians, Hebrews, Arameans, Assyrians, Babylonians, Persians, Greeks, Romans, Nabataeans, Byzantines, and, in part, Crusaders before finally coming under the control of the Ottoman Turks. St Paul was converted on the road to Damascus and established the first organized Christian Church at Antioch in ancient Syria. Damascus, settled about 2500 B.C., is one of the oldest continuously inhabited cities in the world.

Rushing onward, next port-of-call has got to be Iraq.... but I don't know where to start - can you blame me?

Alright then, I'll start with the rivers - two major rivers, the Tigris and Euphrates, run through the centre of Iraq, flowing northwest to southeast. Iraq was known as Mesopotamia which translates as Land Between The Rivers..... hmm, have to remind you of the Aquarius symbol about now - two rivers. And also that way-back there in Blighty, at Dover and in nearby places, we discovered the meaning of their names to be quite definitely related to rivers.... the village called Temple Ewell source of the river, the village of Watersend, the village called River. and of course Dover itself - Dubris, taken from the River Dour, a Celtic name which means the waters. And of course the Dover Boat.

I think it's absolutely mind-boggling. I still don't know what to make of it. These connections between places separated by thousands of miles. And as I think I've said before, the connections are completely unseen, unknown, unimagined - 'tis only through this incredible landscape-zodiac spindled in the ankle of a winged baby in Canterbury, Kent, England, that those hidden connections can be known - esoteric,innit?


Iraq is known as the Cradle Of Civilization, home to the Sumerians - earliest known civilization. It was here in the late 4th Millennium BC, that the world's first writing system and recorded history itself were born. The Sumerian civilization flourished for over 3,000 years and was succeeded by the rise of the Akkadian Empire in the 24th century BC.

Now then.... given that Aquarius and Uranus are the archetypes of the far-out, the quantum, time-travel, space-travel, astronomy, astrology, the collective, architecture yada yadda..... I cannot go any farther without mentioning Zecharia Sitchin (R.I.P), the first modern person to be able to read the writing of this oldest culture on the earth. I've put a short interview with him somewhere nearby and a link to Amazon to get his works. What is written on the clay-tablets he deciphered, and is depicted in the images they left us, has changed Human History forever. Amazing that they don't teach this to children, or preach it in the churches across the world. But 'they' would rather you didn't know.... ah well, Uranus is the planet that won't stand for that old-nonsense! This IS the Age Of The Human-Being. The Age of the little-lights- the stars in their (our) heaven. Hurrah!

As it says in the Bible.... Rev 10:6 (...) that there should be time no longer:and as most of us are aware, time does indeed come to an end, on a certain Mayan calendar, any day now.

Rev 10:7 But in the days of the voice of the seventh angel, when he shall begin to sound, the mystery of God should be finished, as he hath declared to his servants the prophets.

On the tablets the Sumerians wrote the history of their civilization, where they had come from. They told a story of our Solar system, they drew it on clay relief's, and they had some information way-ahead of the times, depicting the Solar system with the Sun at the centre. They showed all of the planets including Uranus, Neptune and Pluto, in their correct orbits - not only that - they showed them in true scale and proportion. And they put an 'extra' planet in their clay images that we know nothing of, except what they (the Sumerians) have told us. They called the 'extra' planet Nebiru (the crossing) and they showed its orbit to be 3,600 years.

They said that this other planet Nebiru was an inhabited planet and that the Beings that lived there were regular visitors to our planet. They come here roughly every 3,600 years because the elongated orbit of their planet brings it closer to the earth - close enough for them to come here.

Their first recorded visit was 450,000 years ago, to Mesopotamia - they were hunting for gold. According to the Sumerian tablets (not one but many, many of them) these visitors - the Annunaki - took some pre-human hominids and messed-about with their DNA to create a semi-intelligent slave-race called the Adam, and they dwelt in the land called Edin (Mesopotamia). After a while the visitors planet Nebiru grew farther away and they had to depart or miss the boat. But they promised the Adam's they would return.

And according to the Sumerians, 3,600 years later they did. And by now the Adams had intellectually, spiritually, culturally evolved, and they were a lot prettier to look at too. The Annunaki couldn't resist the lasses, they were gorgeous! So they did what they couldn't resist, and got quite a few of them in-the-club, with-child, up-the-duff, bun-in-the-oven.

This was a bit naughty and the cause of a lot of trouble. Thing was, the offspring were a bit... er.... mutant-like. they were giants and they had bad habits. After a while the Annunaki decided that they could easily enough sort out the problem, and drown the lot of them. But as some of the Adams hadn't sullied their blood-line nor fallen into those bad-habits, it was decided that one fella and his family were worth saving - and why not - while they were at it, save a few of the animals too? So the Annunaki told Noah how to save himself and his family and all the animals, and the future of mankind.... and then they drowned all the other buggers.

They were saved in a water bearer.

Enki Speaks


Sasha Lessin, Ph.D.

Based on the works of Zecharia Sitchin

Cultures express their understandings of the cosmos in their idiosyncratic metaphors. Sumerian scribes left clay-tablet writings and drawings they say were dictated by the "gods"–tall, long-headed goldmining expedition personnel from the planet Nibiru who engineered our species some 300,000 years ago, hybridizing their genes with those of Homo Erectusdevolved from ancient human settlers of Earth.

The Sumerian "god" Thoth/Ningishidda, actually a son of Enki (the Nibiran goldmining and science boss on Earth). Ningishzidda was known in Mesoamerica as Quetzlcoatl. He dictated the Mayan Calendar, which shows 2012 as a time of Nibiru's return to Earth's vicinity. Thoth based the Mayan Calendar on the cosmological tale, the Enuma elish--the Creation Epic--below.

The cosmology the "gods" dictated anthropomorphized the planets (as do Lovelock and Russell nowadays). That is, the Nibirans regarded planetary bodies as having consciousness, will and ability to act. I extracted the tale below from clay tablet inscriptions Mining Chief Enki and dictated to his scribe, Endubscar. My late teacher, Zecharia Sitchin, translated Enki's tablets. You can peruse the tablets in detail in "The Lost Book of Enki," 2002, pages 46-55.

Six thousand years ago, Nibiran astronauts dictated Enuma elish--the Creation Epic--to the Sumerians (folk in Iraq 10,000 years ago). The Sumerians pressed the Enuma elish into clay tablets how the Nibirans said our solar system formed.

The Creation Epic says Solaris, our Sun (then a solitary star) first created a planet the Nibirans called Tiamat. Tiamat, the proto-Earth, orbited Solaris counterclockwise.

Next, Solaris, which the Nibirans called Apsu, created Mercury and propelled Mercury with water and gold to Tiamat. Planet-pairs formed: Venus with Mars, Jupiter with Saturn, Uranus with Neptune. These planetary partners orbited the Sun counterclockwise, the same direction Tiamat followed.

Tiamat lacked a partner-planet, but one of her moons, Kingu, enlarged. Kingu prepared to partner with Tiamat. Then Kingu could orbit the Sun, rather than Tiamat. But, four billion years ago, before Kingu could attain planetary orbit around Solaris, the planet Nibiru, adrift since the star around which it had been orbiting, exploded, invaded our Solar System clockwise.

The vitational pull of Nibiru pulled a piece of Neptune into space. That’s how Neptune’s moon, Triton, formed. Triton, unlike other moons in the System, orbits its planet clockwise.

As Nibiru pierced our Solar System, Nibiru lost three of its moons but Nibiru gained four from Uranus. Nibiru tore four moons from Uranus. Not only that, but Nibiru's passing also tilted Uranus’ orbit.

Nibiru pulled Gaga, Saturn’s largest moon, into clockwise orbit (between Neptune and Uranus). We call Gaga Pluto.

On one of Nibiru’s orbital perigees around Solaris (four billion years ago), one of Nibiru's moons slammed into Tiamat and gouged out huge chunks. These chunks of Tiamat careened into space. We call the gouge in Tiamat where Nibiru’s moon hit "the Pacific Basin," the chunks of Tiamat "asteroids and comets," and the remainder of Tiamat "Earth".

In the Pacific, waters and life-seeds of Nibiru and Tiamat evolved together.

Nibiru's gravity took with it all Tiamat’s other moons; these moons now circled Nibiru, not Tiamat. kept

Nibiru stabilized into a clockwise orbit (Nibiru at the time revolved around the sun once for every 3,600 times Earth circled the Sun; one Nibiran year equaled 3,600 Earth years).

Uranus, tipped on its side to this day, is the ruling planet of the new era, the Age of Aquarius. How incredibly appropriate that the creators of mankind performed their scientific manipulations and created humanity in this Aquarius zone. I think the Aquarius influence coming-in to strength is the cause of so much 'stuff' occurring in these particular zones of the landscape. I also believe that we truly have come full-circle. Much is to be revealed by coming discoveries and events in the Aquarius zones. Many 'signs' are due to be shown to the human-race.

There were some weird hybrids in the earth in those days.Y'see, a lot of the clay-tablets show beings with birds beaks and wings, or sphinx-like with various animal parts and a human-head and face. Such hybrids would be a piece-of-cake for the extra-terrestrial culture that made the human-race. According to the tablets, Babylon (and human civilization) was founded by these various Beings from Nebiru. One of their earth-bases was at a place now called Sippar, and Sippar translates as Bird City in Sumerian. Hmm...

Nippur in Sumerian is almost the same name as the planet of the visitors: Nibiru - it's the city of Nebru - often recorded as Enlil City.

The birds motif is one I've hardly mentioned but I think it's time I bring it-up again

I've slapped an image above showing insets of certain of the national flags of nations in this sector of the zodiac. The nations in this Aquarius, Air zone have a liking for birds on their emblems. Some of them have two heads so we're not talking about any-old birds here, are we? Each of the nations in question have their own explanation for the birds.... but the truth of it is of an occult (hidden) nature, and the populations in these nations have no real idea why they have supernatural birds as their totem.


While we're on the subject of flags and what they really reveal, a number of the nations within the cone of influence chose instead the other Aquarius symbol - The Star of Hope in various combinations and configurations. Again I'll say, that the nations in question have their own explanations for the stars on their flags. None of them knows they're in a great-big landscape zodiac, centred in the ankle of a bird-man extraordinaire more often known as England- that places their country in the rule of Aquarius, sign of human brotherhood.

OK, I'm fully aware that I'm moving-on again before you've had time to think about it... but you can think about it later, can't you? I've gotta get on.

The Aquarius archetypes: military power, brotherhood, the group-mind, cultural improvement and various misguided and abortive attempts at birthing a 'new humanity,'... the themes we've seen all the way through this Aquarius sector, and now Jerusalem, hard to say in words what that ancient city means and has meant to the world... the epicentre of the Holy Land, destination of the Knights Templar who came via Canterbury, through their shrine at Temple Ewell and aboard ship at Dover heading off for Jerusalem and Solomon's Temple (Now the The Dome On The Mount).

Aquarius is an Air sign and in the Tarot deck Air is represented by the suit of swords - one of the reasons the sword has been so prevalent in this Aquarius region, I think. And though they always tell us that such things as mass imprisonment and genocide were 'seen-off' with the Nazi's we have seen in this Aquarius zone that that is very, very far from the truth. And here we have Palestine and Gaza to prove the point - 'nuff said?

As I write this it is the 1st of February and I've gotta get this published tonight. I've been writing this since about mid-January and so my skimming-over of very important and relevant data must continue - sorry about that. But you can watch the news if you want to see it for yourself, in more detail.

between the waters

So we've got the Arabian Peninsula in the zone too... and there's not much I can tell about this culture except that to millions and millions of Muslims worldwide, the holiest place on earth is here, Mecca. When Muslims pray, it is to Mecca they turn.

Mecca is the location of The Ka'ba (comes from the Arabic word for cube). According to Islamic belief, God ordained a place on Earth to be like his house in Heaven.and that the cubic Ka'ba is it. According to the Koran, the Ka'ba was built by the Biblical prophet Abraham.

Mecca is also home to The Haram, a 7th Century mosque complex that can accommodate up to 820,000 Muslim pilgrims during the Hajj, the mass-pilgrimage to the Ka'ba and the black stone. Some believe that the black stone fell from the sky during the time of Adam and Eve, and that it has the power to cleanse sins by absorbing them from the sinner. They say that it was once a pure white and turned black from soaking-up sins.

The Haji, Mecca

Vast reserves of oil has brought great wealth to the Arabian Peninsula. And of course, wealth is another one of those things I've mostly overlooked in my desire to squeeze everything else in. The majority of nations in this Aquarius sector have been historically, are now, or will be in the future, stinking rich. Austria, Switzerland, Italy and Rome, Greece, Turkey, Iraq, Macedonia etc etc. and where we're going to have a brief look-at next, Egypt.

Er, I hate to state the obvious but it's my job. The peaks of the pyramids put me in-mind of the Aquarius sigil.... what about you?

I know they can't possibly be related, but blimey, it's some kind of coincidence, innit? And there's the white thing again.... the three pyramids were finished with polished, white limestone. Jeepers, apparently you could see them from very far away, gleaming brilliantly in the desert light, dazzling to the eyes. I wish I could have seen that.

So.... it's known that 'they' used these bizarre buildings to make certain astronomical sight-lines, for what ever reason. I'm not about to offer any speculation about what they were up-to. It's way-beyond my tiny mind. I have watched quite a lot of vids on Youtube about pyramid effects, and it can't be denied that they are scientific devices - correction - it can and is and will be denied by orthodox 'science,' but they deny everything, including crop-circles, acupuncture, homoeopathy, herbalism, cannabis is good for your health etc etc. Pay them no mind, for pyramids do indeed generate, enhance, stabilise and harmonise forces and energies we don't have many names to describe.... that have health benefits, environmental benefits... and do things we don't understand to other things we know little or nothing about.

As far as I'm concerned, Human Beings had virtually nothing to do with the three Giza Pyramids nor most of the others in Egypt. The three smaller pyramids in the picture were built by Humans, and that's why they're falling down. Certain megalomaniac rulers tried to prove they were as mighty as the Gods that'd built the big, perfect ones, and in these cases slaves were used, and cruelly.

And so, being as this is the morning of a new-era, the Age Of Aquarius, and as we've seen here, the Aquarius alignment and sector contain the oldest civilizations and the greatest works..... and, since in recent decades many ancient things have been unearthed such as the Bosnian Pyramids, and new understandings have been reached regarding mankind's real origins re:the Sumerian's and their clay tablets, and all within this Aquarius zone, well...... all I can opine really is that I think that much much more is to be revealed - and soon. I read somewhere recently that more pyramids have been discovered in Egypt..... they were discovered by ground-penetrating radar from satellite, seem to be in perfect condition (still with their outer-skins intact), and are completely buried in the desert sands! Due to the revolutionary turmoil in recent times they cannot be safely excavated - yet.

Much amazement and genuine awe awaits the Human Race... the influence of the stars will be felt on earth, more potently and positively than ever before.

Nubian Pyramids


We're going to have to finish this article any moment now.... though of course the Aquarius sector doesn't end there. It also includes Sudan, Eritrea and Ethiopia, and it doesn't end there either... though I have to. Just to say that there are pyramids in Sudan too. The Meroe Pyramids are located in the north-east of Sudan in the area known as Nubia. There are close to two hundred pyramids in a relatively small area, the ancient burial site of the Merotic Kingdom (sometimes known as the Kingdom of Kush). I think that this is where those 19th Century historians and archaeologist's got the silly idea that the Egyptian pyramids must-be tombs - despite the fact that no body has ever been found inside one of them.

And we can't say goodbye to this Aquarius line-up without mentioning Haile Selassi I, Emperor of Ethiopia (ruled 1930–1974), worshipped by Rastafarian's as God Incarnate, the Second Advent, or the reincarnation of Jesus. Hmm, methinks.... quite a few messiah's born in this Aquarius zone.

Awareness of the Rasta movement was spread throughout the world chiefly through the medium of reggae... which makes it the Aquarian Age version of church-music. By 1997, there were around one million Rastafari worldwide

The church of St. Mary of Zion contains - they say - the Ark of the Covenant. The legendary Queen of Sheba was an Ethiopian monarch, you see. The legends say that when she made a journey to Jerusalem, she got pregnant by Solomon and produced a son - Prince Menelek - who in later years stole the Ark and brought it to Ethiopia. Where it still resides in the church of Saint Mary of Zion to this day, guarded by a priest who will remain there until he dies, to be succeeded by another priest, who will also never leave the church until he dies, and so-on. This has continued since Menelek nicked it and brought it here, and will go-on until the end of time, whenever that is.

the Church of the Ark, Axum, Ethiopia

Church Of St George, Lallibella, Ethiopia


ancient space flight

And so, in the final analysis, summing-up this Aquarius sector of the British Landscape Zodiac (all my own work) is no easy thing.

As this is the sign of the dawning New Age, I didn't really know what to expect out-there in the big-wide-world.

We certainly found extremes and extremists - fanatics in pursuit of a vision, willing to do ANYTHING to achieve their - on the face of it - utopia, their promised land, their Star Of Hope. And woe-betide you if you fail to match the criteria.

We found the very creation of war as we know it.

And we found - in the sign of the Human Being, creation stories in abundance. Creation of Humanity. Creation of civilization. Creation of gargantuan works. Creation of religion as we know it.

And science as we know it also finds its origins and rebirth here. Astronomy and astrology. The Renaissance. And it would seem, if the Sumerians and Egyptians were telling us the truth, the Aquarius zone is the birth of Space Flight.

And as I remarked earlier, due to the fact that we're now within the New Age of Aquarius, all these things are due to dawn anew, but bigger.

And on that little light of hope and on the eve of Imbolg, I wish you a Happy New Age.


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      There appears to be too many signs pointing to this year. There will be a point when "revelations" will be looked at in more detail,mark my innocent remarks.Your work is always insightful .You will always be remembered as a prophet Joe.x

    • fen lander profile imageAUTHOR

      fen lander 

      6 years ago from Whitstable

      Cheers mate... I've been thinking a lot about what you said the other day... I'm going to do it with a lot more emphasis on the global aspects of it. Thanks for the links, I'm copying it.

    • CJStone profile image

      Christopher James Stone 

      6 years ago from Whitstable, UK

      I still think this would make a great book Fen. Here's the link I was telling you about:


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