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The Libra Zodiac Sign-- Is This You?

Updated on September 21, 2015

Everything You Want to know about the Zodiac Sign Libra

The Libran is anyone born on the days of September 22 till October 24. This is the seventh astrological sign in the zodiac calendar and is one of the air signs, aside from Gemini and Aquarius. It is ruled by the planet Venus and represented by the symbol of the golden scales of Justice held by Themis, known in Greek history, as the Lady Justice who personifies divine law and custom.

Zodiac signs follow an astrological and astronomical calendar. It is based on the course or route of the Sun in relation with the celestial sphere. The paths of the moon and other visible planets are a factor too and in the tropical zodiac it means that the sun is traversing this celestial plane during September 23 till October 22; thus, Librans.



Shades of Blue: Sapphire, Navy, Inigo Blue

Shades of Green: Emerald, Aquamarine, Jade

Touches of Pink

LUCKY METALS: Copper & Quick Silver

LUCKY FLOWERS: Daisies, Roses, Cosmos, Daffodils and Hydrangeas

LUCKY STONES: Diamonds, Sapphires, Lapiz Luzali, Opal, Tourmaline

LUCKY DAYS: Wednesday, Friday & Saturday

LUCKY NUMBERS: 2, 3, 6 and 9



It is commonly presumed that the Libran’s are easy going and fun-loving individuals. Yes, this is true but there is actually more to them than meets the eye. They are very complex and intricate individuals than what they actually exude in public. Consider that they are ruled by the planet Venus. Venus is a symbol of love and beauty but, at the same time, this zodiac sign is symbolized and represented by the scales of justice held by the strong Lady Themis. These are two completely opposing characteristics. The Librans are constantly at the center of a swirling desire for what is beautiful and artful but at the same time need to fulfill that overwhelming sense of justice and what is right. They are known to be balanced individuals but before this balance actually happens, the scales continually dip one way or the other to reach that heavenly plateau. It can be tiresome and confusing for the Libra… taking into consideration all aspects of a certain topic or confronted by different situations. Before the calm and resolution, they tend to go through one extreme or another. They constantly crave love and seek approval from others. They also want to give love and seek for peace and merriment from everyone. The Libra is a people person and loves a crowd but once they have fulfilled this need they tend to retreat into their place of solitude. They want to be surrounded by pretty objects and artwork set in a serene and calming environment. When things are haphazard or out of place they will continuously putter around, straightening that crooked painting and putting order to the mess before unwinding. If chaos and mess surrounds them it is quite difficult for them to relax. They continuously long for that inner peace and calm internally as well as with their external environment (i.e. home, bedroom, kitchen, house, office or desk area).


Librans carry symmetrical features. Proportioned and balanced eyes to nose and mouth ratio are generally bestowed upon them attributing to their beauty and pleasant outward appearance. This is the strong Venus influence in this celestial sign. They are highly intelligent people but due to the swinging of the scales they sometimes appear to be wishy washy and indecisive. Though they are intelligent they are naïve and gullible at the same time. They have a difficult time taking orders from authority due to this high intelligence quotient, but then again, they also carry the same level of emotional quotient. At times the Librans are busy-busy bees, vibrant and full of energy. At other moments they can be still and downright lazy. This is when the Libran recognizes the need to restore energy to the body. They are well mannered and gracious. They are kind, gentle and fair. They are peace makers too. They are often never rude and can be extremely charming and loving individuals. On the other hand, this zodiac sign can be sulky, moody argumentative and stubborn. Don’t be confused by this sign. Keep in mind that they are just as confused by the many emotions and characteristics that need to be dealt with at the same time. This is the enigma of the Libra… they can be everything pleasant then all of a sudden out of sorts….peaceful then a time later seem completely and wildly irrational. This just means that the scales are swinging high and low, dipping and rising finding that perfect harmony. After that harmony is realized the Libran is heavenly with all positive attributes coming into perfect balance.


The Libra man will sweep you off your feet. Again with the ruling planet Venus at his side, he is loving, charming, handsome and strong. Unlike the Scorpion who is hypnotic, he is dreamy. A good listener and will constantly seek your approval. He will shower you with kindness and consideration to get you to love him. And once this is achieved you are hooked and it is magical. He will dress well and project a high sense of refinement and taste. He is serene and since he is a pleaser, the love making will be astronomical. He is a generous love maker.

On the other hand, he will be won’t be as decisive as you want your man to be or have that take charge attitude with everything. Decisions will unfold in its own time while the Libra Man is constantly playing and replaying pros and cons in his mind. Since he is highly intelligent, he may seem arrogant. It is just his way in covering all bases of different topics. It is logical for him to present the many facets of different topics brought up for discussions that sometimes can be frustrating to the Libra man’s partner. Though he may be a good listener, he will likely talk your ear off too. This can be considered a plus for men since they are considered less extroverted than women in general. Unless he is not in that introverted mood, he will also wear his heart on his sleeve. High patience and tolerance are strongly suggested in dealing with a Libra Man.

Keep that Libra Man around once you’ve connected with him. He won’t disappoint you. Since he is dictated by a strong sense of fairness and order he will strive for that calm and peace in life. A diplomat of love and gentleness he is definitely one to behold.


All too often women are repeatedly described as fickle or uncertain. Maybe they have come across many a Libran by chance. It’s the many conflicting emotions and thoughts running through them at a relentless rate that cause them to appear so. It is funny how that Libra woman’s desire and quest for harmony, leads the observer to deduce her as downright changeable and gullible. It is actually because they strive hard to reach that very practical and impartial decisions, as best as she possible can. Some simple tasks as choosing a restaurant, movie or wall color can become quite complicated depending on the mood of the Libran. Often, they would rather have someone else decide for them just because coming to a decision is too taxing. Never the less it is her burden and ultimate goal to attain that blissful and melodious conclusion to appease anyone and take comfort in knowing that she strives for the absolute best for everyone in all sincerity. The process may just take more time than usual.

Love, beauty, and more love. This is Venus in play to the Libran woman. She is constantly looking for love and to give love. Since charm and grace are strong characteristics at the core of her being she is the perfect partner as she won’t stand up her man or outshine him but instead offer herself and her help with pleasure. She will provide him that quiet strength and support. She will continually look for ways to shower him with love and as she is intelligent, she can give substantial insights to matters at hand, whether it be financial or practical. Motivated by love and romance she is extravagant under the sheets and will always aim to go above and beyond the call of duty to give maximum ecstasy.

As a mother, she is nurturing and kind. The comfort, ease and peace of the children and home are utmost priority. As an artist and beauty loving Venus, the Libra mom will make sure the home is pretty, neat, serene and yet at the same time warm and fun. She makes every effort to create a haven away from the hustle and bustle of the outside world. She can be a hard disciplinarian one moment then swing to a complete softie the next moment. Here go the dipping scales again. Not to fret because it’s the ultimate goal for that Libran Mom to find that harmonious balance. And as she strives to attain this balance she showers the child with as much adventure and learning experiences from museums, music fests, gastronomic experiences to picnics and playdates equipping her child with the most well rounded skills and values needed to survive in the world.


The Libra child is known as the golden child because of their happy disposition, gentle demeanor and natural charm. At an early stage they are sociable creatures ready to partake in any activity. They easily adapt in groups with ready smiles and cheer. Time management is a weak point for this zodiac child. Being generous, it is a joy for them to share their toys, and even at a young age they are the peace makers at the playground and trouble shooters. Time management is a weak point for this zodiac child because playing and socializing are tops on their list. They crave love and lap up every hug and kiss and affection given to them. This could be quite tedious for parents with multiple children because the Libra child will vie for your undivided attention and this can be an annoyance to their other siblings. At times, the Libra child tends to hide their true feeling with fear of troubling their parents with burdens or sadness. As a product of divorce this child will need to be reminded over and over again that they are loved. Failing to accomplish this, they may become hardened and bitter that they will carry through till adulthood.

Highly intelligent the Libra child is exceedingly creative. They ask a lot of questions, impatient to learn more and more. With a strong sense of balance and justice, they are always at the pursuit of what is fair. Be it with their school work, at home and at play they try to the best of their capabilities to play fair. Kudos to the Libra child!

In summary, it is a roller coaster ride for the Librans. They think too much and feel too much. They go from one extreme to another as fast as tides breaking on a shoreline. The strong influence of Venus gives the Libra an edge and can be the greatest edge of all- Love! Yes, this may mean the love of anything beautiful and artistic – clothes, furniture, cars, paintings, music and food. But on a deeper note, the desire and willingness of the Libra person to be loved and give love is rooted to this zodiac’s innermost soul. They are positive, honest and loyal. Equipped with intelligence, they approach challenges and problems in such a unique and resolving manner. They are people persons and strive for harmony in all aspects of life. Aside from being that social person, they are also extremely socially aware and would like to impart fairness and justice in every practice. Diplomatic, idealistic and peace-loving, the pursuit for integrity and amity are never ending making them natural leaders.


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    • FlourishAnyway profile image


      3 years ago from USA

      No one who is close to me is a Libra but let's just say that based on your description, I know some folks who missed a great chance. Enjoyed.


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