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The Living Soul In All

Updated on February 16, 2013

The Soul Lives In All

I was in deep meditation, thinking about the miracle of existence. I was chanting the Maha Mantra or more commonly know as the Hare Krishna Mantra, and I had a realization. Instead of trying to move faster mentally, human beings should be moving slower mentally and taking time to think through all their actions.

I was thinking that if humans were more inclined to recognize the value of the living soul in all living beings, living in the world would be so much more pleasant and peaceful. The world may be temporary, and have over seven billion people trying to share resources and fulfill their own dreams. The struggle for resources have become so great that there is great pain and suffering in the world that needs to cease.

The message is that there cannot be true progress in humanity if we are not able to recognize the fact that all living beings have a soul and the cosmic right to live without any other being trying to cause them harm.

The soul or the spirit is the essence or any living entity and it is priceless, it cannot be created by human beings, therefore there is no amount of money that could purchase a soul. This is the great knowledge that we should all know. Though I believe that most people know this in theory, if more of us would internalize this knowledge and take action, thinking that what I do will impact the life of another living entity, then people over all would be more careful. A greater level of care in the world would reduce many of the challenges we face today as a human species. One possibility is sociological, economical, and political leaders would be more careful in their decision making and they would make better decisions, they focused on this line of thinking.

From my own experience I have to admit that even though I know that we are all living beings with souls and all life should be valued, I still have done things that were not thought through to a conclusion. I have to share that I learned the hard way that not recognizing the true sacredness of life in others and making selfish decision, that were not fully thought through causes such unpleasant ramifications in life. This also answers the question why "bad" things happen to "good people. Sometimes a person is blind to the consequences that will follow he actions that they have taken. Until a person's eyes are opened by the knowledge that they need to grow as a human being, they are blind.

I sincerely want to encourage all others to remember that all living beings including animals have a soul and the right to exist in peace. Please keep in mind that we are all connected by the life force provided to us by the source of existence. It really is up to all of us as individuals to see the life in others as valuable, and not see others as just instruments to satisfy our own selfish motives.

I hope you all are well.

Dhira Krishna Das


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