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Dear Hearts, Gentle People

Updated on October 5, 2021

Are there any out there who get to feeling discouraged? Do you feel dary and unfruitful and you wonder why? A feeling of loss and emptiness, even in the midst of friends and family? You've felt like you've come up short as you've sought change. I have been there myself and I know what a lonesome feeling that is.

We all have times in which we need a helping hand, like a light to guide us out of dark places. I want to share that I finally discovered such a place in my search for the Lord Jesus Christ. I want to share that it's a light that will guide us with great love. In the heart of our God there is a plan and a life purpose for every man. He is so good and so kind to all, and especially to those who seek to know him. He gentles us and comforts us and guides us into truth that redeems our lives from destruction. Life in him, living under his favor, is so wonderful. All men are invited to seek him, to know him and experience the reality of life renewals and eternal blessings. If we call out to him with a sincere heart he will show us the way.

In the brotherhood of believers we're especially blessed with more abundant life. The wonders of the love of God's family. Now I'm not talking about pew warmers who just sit in a church and do not know God. You should know for sure that there is "religion" and then there are true Jesus people. This is a revelation I learned as I felt dry and useless. Religion, presnt in many churches, called Bible Belt tribes, is powerless and harmful Legalisms and humanistic.

But thankfully, God uses messengers of grace to reach out to us. God is Creator and source of all good and perfect things and it's all found in relationship in love with the Lord Jesus.

His goodness lives in varying measures in his children of faith

God gave his son so that we could trade our sorrows and griefs for his joy and deliverance. No man, including the godly, loves us like he does or is able to care for us like he does. His fatherly heart is always jealous to do good and lay the strong foundation for our lives that will keep us secure and safe in all of the storms of life that all men walk through. We learn how to become overcomers of all that would come to harm us and to labor with the Father to care for his people. As he leads, we follow. It's a life that is peaceful, powerful and eternally secure. We are privileged to live it out before men. Not to lord it over men, but all for the good of men and for the glory of God.

Real Christianity is about everyday life lived in the vine of Jesus, the life giver. It's for the common man yet the common man has been recreated into a vessel of light to guide others to Jesus. The deep strength of his joy keeps us and the power of his love changes us as we submit to his Lordship. By being faithful in little things as the Lord directs we progress through his processes into new faiths and new glories. Training in righteousness and loving and tender purgings as needed keep spiritual fruit healthy and prospering. Truth and mercy kiss one another and peace reigns.


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