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The Lord and His subtle ways of correction!

Updated on April 1, 2013

Mary and the Child Jesus!

Ways to remain calm!

He is the invisible guide seated in our spiritual heart which is different from the physical heart. The spiritual Heart is taken to be on the right side and many scriptures talk about a spark between two vertebra near the right side. Sometimes i used to wonder how our past actions bring fruit now? How these cause and effect takes place in the inner realm? How the various emotions that pester us agitate our mind? We lose our precious peace in this process. I had come to certain conclusions. Like the wireless mobile networks, certain invisible forces acts on the brain producing different chemical reactions which rouses our anger or lust or other negativity within the human sub conscious mind. When we reflect on this deeply, we will come to know that without our awareness, there are several bouts of changes in our mood within a day. Some times we feel a subtle calmness that pervade our being. In no time, this calmness is disturbed by some outer noise or angry voices. At other times, without our being aware, we start shouting at others unable to tolerate their rhetoric. What causes this sudden mood changes within our psyche. Definitely, it had origin in some unknown reasons!

When we try to preserve our precious peace, some external forces disturb the peace. The mind is agitated for quite a while and we are unable to bring it back to peace. I feel that the external events which trigger our mood changes are not in our control. Even a small event is not controlled by us. If at all we are intelligent, we should preserve the inner peace, insulating it from the outer circumstances. This is possible only when we start rely on the Self instead of our intelligence. Events will happen whether we like it or not. It is not within our power to control them. But we have an inherent power to remain 'unaffected'. To remain as a mute witness. To remain indifferent to the external pulls and pushes. Yes, this much is really within our capacity.But we fail to turn to this since we are not aware! Reactions, resistance and other emotional outbursts could be avoided when we focus on our inner serenity.

Every one shall know that 'unless we allow none can harm us or disturb our peace". The fact is that we are allowing them and become a willing partner to their stratagem.. For instance, some body abuses you on your face or spread wrong news about you.The intelligent one will never react to that. He will just move away without replying the commentator. This is one way of tackling the issue as though he is deaf. The other way is to think, "He is abusing me(my body). One day it will be cast into the fire or it will be buried. Are we going to react to that. Then why should we bother when others choose to defame our body by their abuse when we are sure that the body will perish one day? Second, his abuse will not hang on our body. It melts in the ether. There is one example" Lord Buddha after getting enlightenment started moving from one place to other in order to illumine the minds of his followers. There were some agnostics who planned to abuse Buddha for his preaching. Hence, they gathered in the middle of the road and started abusing Buddha in the vilest language! Buddha was serene throughout. He never uttered a single word. When they have exhausted their vituperation, they become tired and asked Buddha why he is silently listening to all their abuses without any reaction? To this Buddha replied, "Dear one, I am on my way to another village. Those people are highly devoted to me and my teachings. If they come to know that you all abused me here they would have finished you all. In order to save you from those people, i stayed here silently till you exhaust your harmful words. With this reply, he left the scene. They realized their folly of abusing such saintly one and pleaded his pardon!

Once Saibaba told a story. Some one has sent a registered post. If you do not accept the envelope or post, the same will be returned to the sender as per rules. Likewise Buddha has not acknowledged their abuse and simply kept quiet. In turn, the abuses will boomerang on the wicked man! Hence it is fully within our power to preserve our calmness in spite of severe provocations! It is our sweet will 'not to take them in"


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