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The Magnetic Nature of the Kingdom of God

Updated on June 11, 2017

The kingdom of God is the activity of righteousness, peace and joy within a heavily dedicated Christian who is determined to fulfill the mission of God. Christ used the kingdom of God and the inner kingdom interchangeably because God’s kingdom is within all saints. Contrary to the belief the kingdom of God is some physical place in the sky, the inner kingdom is found within every Christian.

Since I have found the inner kingdom, my life is never the same. Every day is new and difference. The biggest difference in my life is the joy and peace I feel daily. Sometimes the joy and peace is so profound that I can hardly contain the deep intensity of vibrations.

In addition, the peace and joy of the inner kingdom doesn’t depend on the state or condition of the outer world. I sustain the presence of God regardless of my mental, physical or spiritual state.

As a result, I can overcome all obstacles and challenges to my spiritual wellbeing. Regardless of what is happening on the outside, I walk in constant newness. Thanks to the magnetic Nature of the Kingdom of God within man.

The Benefits of the Inner Kingdom:

Constant flow of outer abundance

Those who possess the kingdom of God and His righteousness attract a constant flow of opportunities and abundance. All needs and even good desires are fulfilled. Whatever you need or want seems to find its way to you. Such is the magnetic nature of God’s inner kingdom.

Bible Belt of America

Constant Joy, peace and grace

When you find a place for the inner kingdom in your life, you will never have to experience gloom and despair every again. The power and presence of God will dwell in your soul and spirit, clearing the way for deep joy, peace and grace. Grace, the unmerited favor of God, will open doors for you that were previously closed.

Great Inner and outer Healing

Those who possess the inner kingdom are constantly delivered from all sickness, diseases or affliction. These toxins cannot co-exist with a person filled with the power and presence of God’s kingdom. His kingdom is everlasting. Nothing dark or evil can dwell in it.

The Misconception of the Inner Kingdom:

Many believers come into the family of God believing that the inner kingdom is something that is automatically giving to them upon salvation. Nothing can be further from the truth. Sacrifices must be made in preparation for receiving the kingdom of God.

The Kingdom Must be Earned

Nothing divine comes easy, especially not at the elevated level of the kingdom. First, you must be born again, but spiritually through Jesus Christ. To be born again spiritual is to acknowledge that Jesus Christ is the Son of God and then accept him as you Lord and Savior. After this you are ready to pursue the inner kingdom of God.

Next you must be willing to go through the trials and tribulation which dedicated Christians must go through. The ability to go through rejection by family and friends who don’t understand or appreciate the change in you is the mark of a Christian who is very near to obtaining the kingdom of God.

The Sacrificial Stage of Seeking the Kingdom

You may have to let go of toxic friends, cherished family members, or pleasurable activities that do not represent the peace, joy and glory of God. However, everything or everyone you must sacrifice for the kingdom is well worth it.

The kingdom of God will give you much more than you can ever give up for the sake of Christianity. Once you receive the kingdom you will be surrounded by new friends, spiritual families, elevated peace, joy and righteousness. Your life will be surrounded by both spiritual and natural wealth and abundance.

The kingdom of God will produce every good thing within your life, but not only you, he will bring health, healing, happiness and wholeness to the lives of those who you love the most: family and friends.

“Seek the Kingdom of God and His Righteousness, and all things shall be added to you,” the words of Christ stated from the King James Version of the Bible.

Embracing the Kingdom of God

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