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The Main Events in the Book of Mark

Updated on November 28, 2012

Gutenberg Bible


The Gospel of Mark

The Book of Mark is the second book found in the second half (also known as the New Testament) of the Christian Holy Scriptures called the Bible. The Book of Mark also known as the Gospel according to Mark is the shortest of the biographical accounts of the adult life and ministry of Jesus of Nazareth. Many scholars believe that the Book of Mark was written by John Mark with the help of Simon Peter.

The Events of the Life of Jesus Found in the Gospel of Mark

Mark 1

John the Baptist baptizes at the Jordan River for the forgiveness of sins and testifies of another who will come after him who will be more powerful than he. Jesus is baptized by John and commissioned by the Father and the Spirit. The Spirit leads Jesus into the wilderness to be tempted by Satan. John the Baptist is put into prison. Jesus begins traveling throughout Galilee to proclaim the good news of the kingdom of God. Jesus calls Simon Peter and his brother Andrew as well as James and John the sons of Zebedee to follow him as his disciple. Jesus teaches in the synagogue in Capernaum and drives out an evil spirit. News spreads about Jesus. Jesus heals Simon Peter's mother-in-law and many others of diseases. Jesus prays in a solitary place. Jesus travels to other areas of Galilee to preach in the synagogues and drive out demons. Jesus heals a man with leprosy. The crowds following Jesus grow so large he cannot conduct his ministry in the towns, but had to stay out in the lonely places.

Mark 2

Four men bring a paralytic to be healed by Jesus. Jesus forgives the paralytic for his sins. The Jewish religious elite in attendance condemn Jesus for blaspheme for only God can forgive sins. Jesus healed the paralytic. Jesus calls Levi (Matthew) the tax collector to follow him. Levi hosts a feast for tax collectors and other disenfranchised peoples. The religious rulers complain about Jesus eating with "sinners." Jesus teaches that he came to save sinners, not the righteous. Some people question Jesus why his disciples did not fast like the disciples of John the Baptist and the Pharisees. Jesus' disciples pick and eat grain on the Sabbath; the Pharisees complain about it; Jesus teaches the true meaning of the Sabbath and declares that he is Lord of the Sabbath.

Mark 3

Jesus teaches that it is alright to do good on the Sabbath and heals a man with a shriveled hand. Large crowds follow Jesus. Jesus appoints his 12 apostles. Jesus' family attempts to restrict Jesus' ministry, declaring him insane. The Jewish teachers of the law claim that Jesus drives out demons because he is possessed by the prince of demons. Jesus proclaims that the only unforgiveable sin is to blaspheme the Holy Spirit. Jesus' mother and brothers call for him; Jesus teaches that his family is made up of those who seek to do God's will.

Mark 4

Jesus tells the parable of the sower and explains the parable to his disciples. Jesus tells the parable of the lampstand. Jesus tells the parable of the groing seed. Jesus compares the Kingdom of God with the growth of a mustard seed. Jesus directs his disciples to go to the other side of the sea of Galilee and calms a storm.

Mark 5

Jesus heals a demon-possessed man in the region of the Gerasenes. Jesus and his disciples leave the region of the Gerasenes and cross back over the Sea of Galilee. Jairus, a Jewish synagogue ruler, petitions Jesus to heal his daughter. On the way t Jairus' home, a woman who experienced bleeding for 12 years is healed by touching Jesus. Jesus raises Jairus' daughter from the dead.

Mark 6

Jesus is rejected in his home town of Nazareth. Jesus sends his twelve disciples to minister village to village. John the Baptist is beheaded by Herod Antipas. Jesus feeds 5000 men with five loaves and two fish. Jesus directed the apostles to go back across the sea and then went up on the mountainside to pray. Jesus walks on the water in the midst of another storm. People around Gennesaret recognize Jesus and carry the sick to be healed by Jesus.

Mark 7

Pharisees and teachers of the law question why Jesus' disciples do not wash their hands before eating. Jesus teaches it is not what goes into the body which makes a man unclean. Jesus points out the hypocrisy of the Jewish religious leaders and teaches it is the attitudes of the heart that make a person unclean. Jesus and his disciples travel north of Israel to the vacinity of Tyre; Jesus heals the daughter of a woman from Syria. Jesus travels south to Decapolis east of the Sea of Galilee and heals a deaf mute of demons.

Mark 8

Jesus feeds four thousand. Jesus warns against the teachings of the Jewish religious rulers; the Pharisees and Herodians. Jesus heals a blind man in the town of Bethsaida. Simon Peter proclaims that Jesus is the Christ (the promised Messiah). Jesus predicts his death; Simon Peter rebukes Jesus for predicting his own death; Jesus rebukes Simon Peter for acting as Satan's emissary. Jesus teaches his disciples the cost of discipleship.

Mark 9

Jesus takes Peter, James, and John up a high mountain. Jesus is transfigured while on top of the mountain and visited by Moses and Elijah. Jesus is commissioned by the Father. Jesus rebukes his disciples for lack of faith and heals a boy with an evil spirit. Jesus teaches the value of prayer by faith. Jesus' apostles argue about who is the greatest; Jesus teaches that to be considered great in God's kingdom is to be as a servant to all. John the apostle asks Jesus if they should condemn others who attempt to do good in Jesus' name; Jesus welcomes all who would do good in his name. Jesus warns against causing believers to sin.

Mark 10

Jesus teaches against divorce and reiterates the purpose of marriage. Jesus welcomes and blesses little children. Jesus discourses with a rich young man about the path to eternal life. Jesus teaches about the difficulty for rich people to get to heaven. Jesus predicts his death for a second time. Jesus rebuffs brothers James and John request for the privilege of sitting at his left and right in the Kingdom of God; Jesus reiterates that leaders in God's kingdom must approach leadership as servants. Jesus heals a blind man named Bartimaeus.

Mark 11

Jesus enters Jerusalem and is given a king's welcome. Jesus drives merchants out of the temple. Jesus curses a fig tree and the tree immediately withered. Jesus teaches the apostles that if they have faith in God and pray believing, they will be able to do anything. Jewish religious leaders question Jesus' authority.

Mark 12

Jesus compares the actions of Jewish religious leaders to his own actions in a parable about tenants in a vineyard. Jesus is questioned about paying taxes to Caesar. Jewish leaders of the Herodian sect (who do not believe in the resurrection of the dead) ask Jesus about Marriage after the resurrection; Jesus rejects the premise saying there will not be marriage in heaven. Jesus is questioned about which of the commandments are the greatest (most important). Jesus stumps the religious rulers with a riddle about David and the Messiah.

Mark 13

Jesus and his disciples discuss the destruction of the temple; Jesus warns his disciples about persecution and the opportunity to stand before governors and kings as witnesses. Jesus talks about signs before his second coming. Jesus tells that the end of all things will come at a time known only to God the Father. Jesus warns that only those who are spiritually awake and alert to God's activity will be saved.

Mark 14

The Jew chief priests and teachers of the law plot to capture Jesus. Jesus is anointed with a jar of expensive perfume by a woman (Mary of Bethany). Judas Iscariot goes to the chief priests to betray Jesus. Jesus celebrates the Passover with his disciples and tells them that one of them will betray him. Peter denies he would betray Jesus, but Jesus predicts that Peter will deny him three times before the morning. Jesus leads his disciples to the Garden of Gethsemane where he prays in agony; his disciples fall asleep. Judas leads the authorities to Jesus; Jesus is arrested and his followers run away. Jesus stands trial before the Jewish religious rulers. Peter denies knowing Jesus, breaks down, and weeps out of remorse.

Mark 15

Jesus stands trial before Pilate the Roman governor of Judea. Pilate attempts to free Jesus but the crowd demands that Pilate crucify him. The Roman soldiers mock and beat Jesus. Jesus is led away to be crucified; Simon the Cyrene is forced to help Jesus carry the cross. The crowds and soldiers continue to mock Jesus while he hangs on the cross. Jesus cries out to the Father and then dies; some of Jesus' women followers watched from a distance. A man named Joseph of Arimathea who was member of the Jewish ruling council and a secret believer receives permission to take Jesus off the cross and prepare his body for burial. Jesus is placed in a tomb and a large stone was placed at the mouth of the tomb.

Mark 16

Mary Magdalene and other women go to the tomb to anoint Jesus' body. When the women arrive they find the large stone rolled away from mouth of the tomb. A man dressed in white robes told the women that Jesus had risen; the women run to tell the apostles. Jesus appears to Mary Magdalene, to two men along a road, and then the eleven remaining apostles. Jesus commissions the disciples to go out into the world to proclaim the good news. Jesus is taken up into heaven.


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