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The Many ways to Walk by Faith

Updated on April 4, 2017

Levels to faith

There are many levels to walking by faith and not sight. When you first get saved and transition over to having a relationship with God, your Faith may not be as big as someone who has walked by Faith for some time and who have encountered the storm and the rain. Your faith should never stay the same, it should grow as you grow. As your relationship with God gets more intimate your Faith should expand on another level.

Your Faith should grow with your walk. You should have the same level of faith if you have been in Christ for years and God has manifested in your life. There are three levels to faith: No faith, little faith and great faith. The question you should ask yourself what level of faith are you walking in?

Inspirational Quote

What level of faith are you walking in?

1. Hoping and praying but not really sure?

2. Saying you have faith but doubting yourself or what you are in need of?

3. Walking as if it is so because you have Faith that God will deliver?

4. Knowing that everything he has promised will come because he spoke it?

So many times we say we believe but we doubt or have fear during the process. When you have faith you walk by it not by sight meaning you believe even if you don't see.

Fear and doubt is what kills your Faith and have you missing out on the very thing God intended for you to have.

You say....God say.......Bible Versus


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