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The Master plan or the Master's plan

Updated on December 12, 2013

More than mine

I spent the majority of my life, trying to make it work. It was only when I realized there was no way I could, that Jesus stepped in. I wanted to work, MY job. I wanted to fill, MY life. I wanted to dream, MY dream. In doing so I have learned the art of failing miserably.

When I first "came" to the Lord, I did anything but truly "Come" to Him. Oh sure, I played the part. I went to church, I did bible studies, and in my defense I really did TRY to live a Christian lifestyle. Once again, in trying to save, MY soul, I failed miserably.

It wasn't in one instant that I realized I truly belonged to Jesus. It took many, many, painful years to come to terms with the fact that I wasn't my own. I wasn't in control of, MY destiny. It was a tormented road of grief and despair, which led to my own disappoint in, MY life.

Once I DID realize that I belonged to HIM, things started going a little smoother. Now don't take me wrong, the minute I discovered I belonged to him, was not the same minute that I completely surrendered and said Take me Lord I'm yours. Oh no, I had to go through many more bitter and heart broken years, before I would give Him ME. And even then there was some I held back.

If I'm honest, there is still some of ME, that I haven't given. I get better everyday. The more I pray and seek Him, the more my life begins to make sense. The More I give Him of ME, the less I desire to be my own. His love is so amazing, His joy and peace is well above understanding, His comfort is like no other.

I truly believe that He will give me the desires of my heart, if I truly seek out His desires for me first. If I give Him MY desires, and trust Him with them, He will develop them into something so much more worthy, and He will place them in my hands.

I am so thankful for a God so merciful and patient.

God bless you all

In the name of JESUS


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