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The Meticulous Jubilee

Updated on July 26, 2014
The Reysh-shaped Newspaper Clipping
The Reysh-shaped Newspaper Clipping | Source

My Jubilee

This year, 2014, has been the year I’ve been looking to for almost four years, in hopeful anticipation of being my year of Jubilee. It all began in 1964, when my dad cut an article out of the newspaper on Saturday, July 18th. I found that article and Dad’s garden book in 2010 just after I had planted a garden in my back yard. I had added a symbol to my garden to commemorate a special upcoming event, and ironically, my dad’s newspaper clipping was cut in almost the same exact shape as what I had added to my garden; it was the Hebrew letter Reysh.

My Jubilee anniversary date, July 18, 2014, came and went, and that was pretty much it. There were more things that happened in the days leading up to the big day, than what happened on the actually day itself. But it wasn’t until about an hour ago when I was rereading a poem I had just written this morning, about an old music book that I have. It actually played a role in one of the things that happened during the days leading up to my Jubilee date.


The Old Music Book

On Monday, July 14, 2014, I made a significant discovery while listening to my Bible on CD. The word “Watchmen” was the key to making the discovery of a date that was written, on just the right page, in the old music book. The date turned out to be the birth date of someone who I recently (in June) have become friends with. I was so focused on the confirmation of that friendship, that I missed something else of importance, until about an hour ago when I finally caught it.

The date in the music book is in Pisces, which is connected with the Hebrew letter Kuf. The letter Kuf would be the opposite of Reysh (The 1964 newspaper article shape.) Kuf could be likened to being as the back of the head, to the face of Reysh. The key to my Jubilee didn’t have to do with the 1964 newspaper article, it was hidden in the old music book all this time, until now. There's a quirky tie between the newspaper article and the music book dates. The music book harbors the birth date of my new friend, and the date of the 1964 newspaper article is the birth date of the sibling, of my new friend. What are the odds of that? I had nothing to do with either scenario, I simply came in to possession of both books, the garden book with the article, and the music book with the handwritten date.

Just the newspaper article itself, and everything that took place in 2010, was a once in a lifetime experience in Divine Intervention that I will never forget, ever! But to couple it with the chain of events that goes with the old music book, is almost more than I can comprehend.

For one thing, the “Watchman’s Song,” on page 50 of the music book, was the only reason why I took out the music book to look at (while I was listening to the CD), on Monday July 14th. And had my new friend not have already established contact with me, the date in the music book wouldn’t have meant anything to me, and I might have missed the bigger picture.

Back in 2006, the only reason why I was at the antique store, where I bought the music book, was because my husband was on the committee for his upcoming 50th class reunion, and they wanted to buy a 50’s-style jukebox for the event. I didn’t even want to go to the store with him, but I might have been needed to help load the jukebox, should they have had one.

The Teacher who wrote the birth date of my new friend, on just the right page in correlation to the “Watchman’s Song,” she wrote that date in the music book two years and ten months before I was even born. And to factor in that the date in the music book and the date on the 1964 newspaper article belong to a brother and sister, is over the top unbelievable for me.

There is no way that I will ever question how Divinely planned out our lives are. And my Jubilee, that I thought pretty much nothing happened on, well it was so meticulously set above my comprehension level, that I almost missed it, and no telling how long it’s going to take for me to figure things out.

My Jubilee wasn’t what I was longing for, I‘ll admit that, but I don’t believe I’ve ever felt that my life was more purposeful than I do now. I may have been an “Oopsy” baby to my parents, but I was very much on purpose to my Heavenly Father. And He has absolutely let me know that He’s at the helm and we’re going to do things His Way and in His Timing.

Now that I look at the situation with the music book and my new friend, maybe the date in the music book wasn’t as much confirmation of the new friendship, as the new friendship was confirmation of my very meticulous Jubilee.


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