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The Moral Danger Of Allowing Politicians On Our Christian Pulpits....

Updated on August 20, 2015

The Moral Danger Of Allowing Politicians On Our Christian Pulpits....

I know that not all Christians think alike or have the same belief system that I do; so therefore, I have to qualify the term 'Christian' referenced in the caption above by saying the "Traditional Christian" churches that allow politicians to come and go up on the pulpits and campaign for political office. It is true that, for me, I am speaking mostly of the Democratic politicians right here in Brooklyn, New York, who frequent my church, among others, during the Election circle seeking votes. However, what we blindly ignore, and moreover, engenders no righteous chastisement from our preachers is the political proselytizing on our pulpits on behalf of the Democratic Party and their ideals, which are fraught with moral danger for Traditional Christians and others. Perhaps, here, I should define 'Traditional Christian' by saying that it is a belief that if a given behavior was a Sinful trespass when Christ Jesus walked the earth in the flesh, it is still so now. To that end, there is no way that the principal ideals that the Democratic Party have stood for - Abortion, same-sex-marriage and the pending, formal betrayal of Israel - are morally acceptable to Christ Jesus.

Some three years ago, most of the local Democratic Party politicians in New York, following their secular messiah, President Obama, voted to allow same-sex-marriage. Only one Latin politician, if I recalled correctly, up in the Bronx, voted against same-sex-marriage. The problem in that vote is that those politicians who voted for same-sex-marriage, and who are ideologically walking in immoral lockstep with President Obama, were still allowed to come to our pulpits during the interim Election circles - I want you as a Traditional Christian who attends these churches think of what I am saying. Politicians who voted for same-sex-marriage are still welcomed by our men and women (Priests and Priestesses) of God on our pulpits. In what you know of the Word, imagine the New Testament's Apostles or the Judges in the Old Testament allowing such abomination by allowing advocates for the singular most Sinful behavior, punctuated by the Lord raining down fiery destruction on those who were engaging in homosexuality, now having influence and prominent voices in our houses of worship?

Even worse than voting for same-sex-marriage are those same politicians who vote year after year to murder babies via Abortion. Case in murderous point, three week ago, the New York Assembly voted overwhelmingly - some of those same politicians we are going to allow back on our pulpits cast their respective murderous votes - to inject babies in the wombs with poison to murder them. This too will be overlooked by the churches because the politicians provide succor and other perks seemingly only Albany can provide. As a young Christian and one who is woefully flawed... how come those questions come to my mind and not the seasoned men and women of Christ Jesus who have being eating the solid food of the Gospel? Can anyone among these preachers justify allowing these politicians on their pulpits by quoting the Word of God... where does it say that it is morally ok to allow these secular politicians to vomit on our pulpits, bringing along the conspicuous taints of their demonic voting records?

Honestly, there are those of my Christian brothers and sisters will say cogently that they are not allowing these politicians who support immoral behavior and enact laws to codify said behaviors in the churches for those issues - but for what the politicians can do to help the churches in other areas. Now you see how clever Satan is because in allowing these politicians on our pulpits, we are saying that we have no faith in God to provide our needs; we are told we have to be 'practical' because these politicians who come on our pulpits can reward us with perks only they can provide. If this is so, then what is the difference in taking money from mobsters and drug dealers? The latter two professions kill and maim many in our society... and yet, you are telling me you are going to frown on their money, but take from politicians who blatantly, not only vote for immoral laws, but for authoring laws like Abortion which murder babies? How do we as Traditional Christian churches juxtapose what these politicians say and do... as opposed to what the Word of God says? You have seen where some pretty woman will poses nude and then gives the funds generated to charity - that money is no good notwithstanding what supposed hardships these funds may address!

We knew that President Obama and the local politicians in New York voted for same-sex-marriage and to murder babies, yet we would vote for President Obama again and will still allow these politicians on our pulpits. Concerning the Gospel, what do we say to God or are we not responsible for the physical and spiritual deaths that these laws caused? Can it be that the problems that we are facing in the houses of the Lord stem from our casting our votes for these politicians and giving support by letting them come on our pulpits? I recalled in the Bible that the Centurion was asking something 'good' of the Lord, yet the former did not think he was worthy for the Lord to come to his house... here we are allowing those whose votes and Satanic advocacy that are anathema to the very Word of Christ to come and taint our pulpits that belong to the Lord. Even now, in reading this blog, some of you are hating on me for writing the 'truth,' but if I am wrong in what I wrote... do let me know by way of Scriptures where I am in error. As usual, I have no ego to be bruised when it comes to being corrected concerning the Word of God... so enlighten me!

I am saying that whatever help that these politicians provide to our churches will not amount to much for it is better to suffer following the teachings of the Lord than to accept the blessings of Satan; and know this, there are mega-churches who have the blessings of Satan. You know them because they water down the Gospel and when we allowed these politicians to come on our pulpit, we are in essence accepting Satan's blessings. It is because we accept these politicians' 'help,' which is ours to be had, regardless of our Traditional Christian beliefs, why they have ungodly license to parade on our pulpits, and moreover, why the churches are in much trouble today. Incidentally, I am not, at this juncture, going to address the coming betrayal of Israel by the Democratic Party and its politicians - but watch and see that most in the Traditional Christian churches are going to be quiet and find an excuse for these politicians too.

We have lost our First Love for the teachings of Christ or at least it has waxed cold... so we water down the Gospel so not to offend. The ultimate love is saying and trying to do what the Word says to do with help from the Comforter, the Holy Spirit! In the legal world, there is a concept in the law that is known as 'willful blindness,' whereby, there is no excuse in the secular world to bury our proverbial heads in the proverbial sand - so it is more so in knowing the Word of God, yet letting those who make perverted laws that are polar opposite to Christ' teachings on our pulpits. I have posed these questions before and if you are honest, you will answer truthfully: was the Biblical King Herod, Adolf Hitler, Pol Pot, and Bin Laden, who murdered many by way of edicts, guilty of their respective Sins/crimes? Most of you, if honest, would say yes, and if this is so about these historical murderers... then how come President Obama and the politicians who come on to our pulpits and who pervert the Word of God via speeches and laws not guilty? And What about we Christians who vote for them out of racial pride or for filthy lucre?


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    • Verily Prime profile imageAUTHOR

      Verily Prime 

      3 years ago from New York

      Thank you Sister.... I shall not be weary in well doing for in due time I shall reap the blessings of God.

    • MsDora profile image

      Dora Weithers 

      3 years ago from The Caribbean

      "How come those questions come to my mind and not the seasoned men and women of Christ Jesus who have being eating the solid food of the Gospel?"

      Seems that you, Verily Prime, have a prophetic calling which you are following. Don't give up (Galatians 6:9)

    • Verily Prime profile imageAUTHOR

      Verily Prime 

      3 years ago from New York

      Indeed 501 (c) ( 3) I am familiar with - but you know it is not as blatant but more subtle.

    • tsadjatko profile image

      3 years ago from now on

      "churches that allow politicians to come and go up on the pulpits and campaign for political office."

      Am I to believe those churches in Brooklyn who do that are 501(c)(3) tax exempt organizations? Because if they are they are violating the prohibition against political campaign activity. Violating this prohibition may result in denial or revocation of tax-exempt status and the imposition of certain excise taxes.

      Do you know if the churches that put politicians in the pulpit to campaign are 501(c)(3) tax exempt organizations, because if they are you can put a stop to it by reporting their activities.

      BTW VP I believe that law to be unconstitutional, how do you feel about this?


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