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The Most Unlikely Thing

Updated on October 5, 2013

Amazing is the word I use to describe how God uses the most unlikely people to accomplish things. It is unlikely that David would be chosen King because visually he did not fit the appearance of a king being a little frail kid. He was a small shepherd boy who tended to the sheep and appeared to be the least of his brothers but it was David who slew the Giant Goliath and became a Great King indeed.

How unlikely that the King of Kings would be born in a manger, instead of in a royal palace with all of the amenities to bring Him comfort at every whim. Instead, they wrapped Him in swaddling clothes as He lay in a manger with very little fanfare of His arrival.

How unlikely Saul, who persecuted the church with every ounce of his being would become Paul the Great defender of the church and follower of Christ our Lord.

Appearances Can Be Deceiving

Each situation is important to examine because it provides a learning tool for us to consider and evaluate. It is indeed common for us to look upon things that appear less and underestimate the value of it. Yet, it is equally important for us to understand that to judge things by there appearance can be dangerous.

There appears to be a pattern established in each case mentioned. Each case undermines our expectation of how and what our intellect would commonly perceive as logical. Consider this when dealing with people you would assume to be the Most Unlikely.

How do you treat people who appear to be odd or different

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