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The Mystery of Conception

Updated on December 11, 2014
Love is divine
Love is divine | Source

What Love Is

Love is one of the deepest emotional, spiritual and sincere experiences. Love is divine light, it represents the dimension of light in a person. Love in our hearts is a projection of god's love in heaven.

Divine spirit resides inside us in the form of love. Love in one's heart is God's place on the Earth. Blessed are the ones who carry God in the wholeness of love in their hearts.

Doors open in the proximity of love, which carries unity and harmony, spreads happiness around like a flower spreads its aroma, attracts all good things. Let your love nourish you, and your life will develop more easily and naturally. This kind of life will become true joy.

Before arriving to this world a baby selects its parents
Before arriving to this world a baby selects its parents | Source

Cosmic Gratification

Universe reacts to the revelations of love between a man and a woman by offering the beloved couple the soul of their future child - its highest purpose and essence and thus providing for evolution, growth and progress through posterity.

A lot in the destiny can be changed by the will of a person, but marriages and children are predestined. It is not parents who choose children - but children who choose their parents. The soul of the future baby hovers near the mother before conception.

Whether you get ready or not for the childbirth but for the future parents who are sensitive to destiny's signs there is no secret that the soul of the little one shows up and warns about its arrival. A thought crosses one's mind about the desired gift of love - your child. Or you may have a dream about a baby and have a strong presentiment. Be sure - it is here. Some time before their conception babies make signs.

The Beginning of Life

Life begins at the moment of conception or even earlier - when future parents make a wish about a baby. Being inside mother's womb the embrio begins to hear, see, show signs of miscontentment.

Starting from the 16th week you can talk to it, even teach it. If you bring a bright lamp close to mother's belly, the baby will start moving. It will try to adjust itself so that the light doesn't bother its eyesight. It reacts to music in a very peculiar way. When Mozart or Vivaldi is played, the baby gets quiet and starts listening to them. But Beethoven, Brahms provoke negative reaction. It begins to show its miscontentment and push. But the worst reaction is provoked by rock music. The baby's pulse becomes very quick, which means negative perception.

Where do all these things come from? After all the baby's nervous system only starts forming. It's not that simple. When two cells - mother's and father's - meet, one more part is present. This part is called human spirit.

A child can give signs before conception
A child can give signs before conception | Source

The Baby's Spirit

The spirit of the baby knows everything that it has learned in previous lives, and foresees its upcoming life. The spirit knows what things it needs to study and according to the purpose of its life it chooses parents with great love. It selects the ones who can provide for its best spiritual growth, which may not seem beneficial from the common point of view.

Everybody comes to this world to work on their parents' karma and become better. If this purpose is attained, then the lesson is learned. The child comes to this world to correct all that his parents did wrong. Parents want their child not to repeat their mistakes, to do everything correctly. Thus both parents and the child have the same goal. If parents were aware of this, they would not force their child to do something he or she will do anyway.

Compulsion provoke rebellion, and the struggle between parents and children begins. The real reason for this struggle is the fear of not being loved.

Children blessing mantra

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© 2014 Anna Sidorova


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